How Did Michael Jackson Die? Everything You Need To Know About The Drug That Killed The King of Pop

Michael Jackson, known as the King of Pop, died by chance at senesce 50 in 2009. The news of Jackson ‘s death promptly went viral and started global reflection and mourning for his sudden loss. Jackson overdosed on propofol given to him by a doctor of the church. here ‘s everything you need to know about the drug and Jackson ‘s death. What Is Propofol? Propofol is an injectable drug that promotes relaxation and sleep before operating room. It ‘s typically used before an anaesthetic. It ‘s considered a ataractic, according to RX List. Side effects of the drug include first gear lineage press and pauses in breathing. It can besides have effects on the heart. Jackson allegedly referred to propofol as his “ milk, ” as it has a creamy, white texture and appearance, the BBC reported. Jackson used a variety of sleeping pills but returned to propofol because of his intense insomnia. When he used it, it was administered by a doctor.

Who Gave It To Him? The propofol was administered to Jackson by a certify doctor, Conrad Murray. Murray was charged with involuntary manslaughter for Jackson ‘s death and sentenced to four years in prison. He served two of the four years. Were There Consequences For Jackson’s Death?

The Jackson family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against AEG Live in 2013, who they claimed hired Murray as Jackson ‘s repair, according to ABC News. The Jackson kin asked for $ 1.5 billion from the company. It was proven AEG Live did hire Murray, but at the time of his employment, he was a reputable and responsible doctor. The Jackson kin lost the lawsuit. What Other Drugs Were In His System? Jackson is said to have taken a few pills of lorazepam the good morning of his death, according to BBC. The drug is a sleeping help and muscle relaxant. He besides had midazolam in his system, which acts similarly to lorazepam. It ‘s normally used to treat seizures. other pills found in his body include Valium, an anxiety and insomnia pill, Lidocaine, a dentist-used numb agent, and ephedrine, an appetite suppressant.

Is Jackson’s Death Widely Accepted? Most believe Jackson ‘s death rightfully was an overdose, but some conspiracy theories exist. Jackson ‘s own daughter, Paris Jackson, explained his death could have been an designed mangle. “ He would drop hints about people being out to get him, ” Paris explained to Rolling Stone in her first always interview in 2017. “ And at some charge, he was like, ‘They ‘re gon na kill me one day. ‘ ” She expanded. “ Because it ‘s obvious, ” Paris said on why she believes her beget was murdered. “ All arrows point to that. It sounds like a sum conspiracy theory and it sounds like bulls***, but all real fans and everybody in the class knows it. It was a frame-up. It was bulls***. ”

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