I Tried the Coital Alignment Technique From Netflix’s ‘Sex/Life’

In case you missed it, Netflix ’ s new serial Sex/Life is horny as hell. Billie ( played by Sarah Shahi ) is a sex goddess. She spent the entire season not-so-humbly bragging about her electric chemistry with ex-boyfriend Brad ( played by Adam Demos ). not alone is Brad hot and rich and wears a leather jacket while riding a motorbike, but he ’ second besides very good in bed—and by a pool …and against the wall …and in an elevator. Did I mention he besides has a penis the size of an elephant proboscis ? here ’ south where it gets interest though : A very well-fucked Billie doesn ’ thymine credit rating Brad ’ s sexual art to his giant schlong. alternatively, she credits it all to his cognition of the coital alignment proficiency. It ’ s this sex move shown in episode 5 that basically makes it impossible for her to stop fantasizing about Brad. immediately, as person who is very happily married to her own “ Brad, ” I knew I had to try the celebrated proficiency to see if it would give me a Netflix -caliber orgasm. Knowing it provided the “ ultimate connection ” for Billie and Brad, I was in.

Learning How TF to Do the Coital Alignment Technique

much like everyone else in the world, I had no idea WTF the coital alliance proficiency actually was. Billie never truly explains how to do it either, she just says this in her lil voice-over :

“There are whole books written on the subject, which either Brad read or never needed to. But when done right, it provides the ultimate connection, both physical and emotional. I felt closer to him than I had to anyone.”

After talking to a long ton of experts and watching a lot of pornography ( you know, for research ), I learned the coital alignment technique is like an upgrade interpretation of missionary. “ It ’ s a very little and particular magnetic declination that focuses on clitoral stimulation to achieve higher rates of orgasm, ” sex therapist Rachel Smith previously told Cosmopolitan. basically, the receiver lies on their back and the penetrator gets on circus tent of them, sweating and thrusting and grunting as per usual in missionary. The difference, however, is that alternatively of the normal in-and-out throw, only the tip off of the penis is inside the vagina as the establish of the penis rub against the clitoris. And thanks to all the extra clitoris stimulation, orgasms are supposed to be both easier and better. Since I ’ molarity part of the 82 percentage of vagina-havers who can ’ metric ton get off with penetration alone, I figured this was the perfective test to see if Brad ’ mho proficiency is bullshit or a game changer .

Trying Out the Coital Alignment Technique

To set the scene, I decided to up the romance of my bedroom. flush though I ’ megabyte not a fan of having sexual activity on the go to bed, that ’ s how Billie and Brad did it, so that ’ s how I was gon sodium do it besides.
After lighting multiple unlike scented candles and throwing some leftover faux rose petals from my wedding all over the quilt and floor, I shouted for my husband to meet me in the bedroom. Upon walking into the gorgeously lighted, atomic space, he looked at me perched on the layer and said, “ Oh, damn, you want some of this cock ? ” not a great start, but after applying a whole bunch of lubricate and offering a brief explanation of what we were doing, my conserve mounted me à la Brad .
Since the whole point of the coital alliance proficiency is to—you think it—align your genitals, my hub had to scooch up higher than his common missionary position. As per the experts ’ instructions, he laid his burden on me and slowly moved his body on top of mine, offering only slight penetration but a solid lotta clash. The consequence : Because of our altitude deviation ( I ’ molarity 5’2 ” and he ’ s 5’11 ” ), I felt like I was merely looking at his chest hair’s-breadth and not his eyes like I normally would in missionary. When he asked me how it felt, I realized I was so perturb inspecting a mole on his clavicle, I forgot I was supposed to be paying attention to the fact that I was literally having sexual intercourse with my conserve. “ When ’ s the last time you went to the dermatologist ? ” I asked, reaching out to touch the fishy position on his neck. “ You have some wyrd moles. ” Without skipping a pulsate, he grabbed my hands and pinned them above my steer, his weight unit and movement causing a abstruse ripple to shiver down my pelvis. Leaning back ever therefore slenderly, he leveled me with an intense stare, his blue eyes making me forget about moles and Netflix shows and the fact that I was trying to have a specific character of sexual activity.

With each stab, it felt like we melted into each other .

With each push, it felt like we melted into each early. My toe dig into his calves as he shifted his weight unit over my body, and groans kept catching in my throat, carnal and trench. For five hours ( fine, more realistically, five minutes ), we had some of the most intense arouse of my life. Between the slow, brace thrusts and the manner my wrists wriggled in his grasp—it was hot. not hot enough to make me orgasm, which is why I finally flipped over, grabbed a vibrator, and got down on my elbows, but still, it was better than normal missionary .

The Verdict

ultimately, I ’ megabyte going to toss the coital alignment proficiency into the “ it ’ s an matter to way to feel connected to your partner, but it didn ’ triiodothyronine give me the explosive orgasm I thought it would ” class. To be fair, though, it credibly takes more practice to *actually* orgasm from this motivate. But even knowing that, the chances of me opting for it in the future are slender to none. sure, the connection was dainty, but if I ’ thousand in the temper to get off, it ’ s decidedly not going to be my go-to. I don ’ thyroxine know what Billie ’ second magic trick is, but I ’ megabyte calling talk through one’s hat on her coital-alignment-induced Netflix orgasm. good-for-nothing ! ! !
Rachel Varina
Rachel is a full-time freelance writer covering everything from the best vibrators to the best television receiver shows to watch with your family .
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