57 Best Love Songs of All Time – Most Romantic Songs Ever

When you picture a quintessential love song, a certain type of ditty probably comes to mind : something decelerate, cloying and sappy. The songs on this list prove that romantic tunes do n’t have to be. The best love songs of all meter actually audio nothing like each other. There are the slow-dance jams, for sure, but there are besides wellbeing, thank-God-I-found you songs ; yearning ballads that capture what it feels like to pine for another person and even a couple of dissolution numbers for if you ’ re trying to get over a separation Whether you ’ ra looking for a song to use because you ‘re searching for your foremost dancing at your wedding, putting together a playlist for Valentine ’ south Day or making a boldface contract of love a la Lloyd Dobler holding the radio over his principal in Say Anything, these recording artists have been there before — and they ’ ra able to put what you ’ re feeling into words better than you can. ( Just do n’t use “ In Your Eyes ” by Peter Gabriel. Dobler has ruined that one for anyone who comes after him — it ‘s not on this list. ) And, if your No. 1 is n’t on this list, let us know your favorite in the comments below .nat king cole   best love songs

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“ unforgettable ” ( 1951 )

Nat King Cole ‘s sleep together birdcall about an indelible romance was such such a strike that it earned a topographic point in the Grammy Hall of Fame. dean martin - best love songs



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“ That ‘s Amore ” ( 1953 )

The lyrics in this authoritative italian song are reasonably bum : “ When the moonlight hits your center like a big pizza pie, that ‘s amore. ” But with his Rat Pack charm, Dean Martin makes it work.
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“ What Is This Thing Called Love ? ” ( 1955 )

Speaking of Rat Pack, Frank Sinatra could fill a whole classify list of his best love songs — he tied has ! — but this tune stands out for it slowly, soulful charisma.
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“ One In A million ” ( 1956 )

This birdcall by The Platters touches on beloved, destiny and eden. And it lives on : The Platters are still performing today ( when pandemic precautions allow ), albeit with with new members.
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“ twelfth of Never ” ( 1957 )

A flashy amatory song by Johnny Mathis, is a play on the idiom “ one-twelfth of never, ” which means a date in the future that will never occur. Let ‘s hope your Valentine has a fiddling more room in the schedule for you.
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“ At last ” ( 1960 )

This soulful Etta James track about the moment you find your genuine sleep together besides made its direction into the Grammy Hall of Fame. Beyoncé even sang this song for the President and First Lady at Barack Obama ‘s first inauguration.
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“ Can ’ t Help Falling In Love ” ( 1961 )

You ‘ve probably heard this ballad a thousand times ( it ‘s been covered by batch of other artists ), but Elvis Presley ‘s classical never gets erstwhile. It was actually the concluding song he performed in concert before he passed away. the temptations - best love songs

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“ My Girl ” ( 1965 )

not only was this upbeat birdcall by The Temptations the group ‘s most well-known tune, it was recently added to the Library of Congress National Recording Registry, so it ‘s saved forever. nat king cole - best love songs

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“ L-O-V-E ” ( 1965 )

This classical jazz birdcall by Nat King Cole was such a reach that he recorded it in respective other languages, including spanish and japanese.
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“ Unchained Melody ” ( 1965 )

This beloved birdcall is omnipresent — remember the pottery fit in Ghost ? — to the point where Simon Cowell has warned contestants not to audition with it during his shows. ( Sorry, singers, no matchless can outdo the Righetous Brothers. ) Beach Boys Best Love Songs

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“ God only Knows ” ( 1966 )

From the Beach Boys ‘ legendary album comes this flimsy, beautiful track, which features the abstain, “ God lone knows what I ‘d be without you. ” jackie wilson

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( Your Love Keeps Lifting Me ) Higher and Higher ( 1967 )

It ‘s hard not to feel uplift when you hear Jackie Wilson ‘s R & B hit — it precisely makes you want to jump about. This song has besides been covered by everyone from Dolly Parton to Bruce Springsteen, proving it ‘s loved across all genres of music. best love songs - the beatles

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“ All You Need is Love ” ( 1967 )

It ‘s arduous to pick just one from The Beatles, who produced an incredible number of love songs in the ’60s — and are a couple of other alternatives — but “ All You Need Is Love ” actually says all you need to know. best love songs tommy james and the shondells

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“ Crimson and Clover ” ( 1968 )

A tribute to love at first sight, when Tommy James and the Shondells sing, “ I do n’t barely know her, but I think I could love her, ” you truly feel it. marlon jackson and tito jackson and michael jackson and jackson five

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“ I ‘ll Be There ” ( 1970 )

If you want your meaning early to be ride-or-die for you, this should be your ballad — done either by the Jackson 5, or. Best Love Songs Kinks

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“ Strangers ” ( 1970 )

The lyrics to this birdcall by the Kinks include the refrain, “ We are not two, we are one, ” making it a popular song for weddings. elton john - best love songs

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“ Your birdcall ” ( 1970 )

Elton John ‘s beloved pop birdcall from the ’70s is silent thriving today — he performed it live arsenic recently as the 2010 Grammy Awards, and actor Taron Egerton sang it in a pivotal fit in John ‘s 2019 biopic, Rocketman.
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“ possibly I ‘m amazed ” ( 1970 )

Paul McCartney ‘s solo tribute to his wife, Linda, ranks up there among the best of the Beatles ‘ output. RELATED: 31 Iconic Songs That Will Transport You Back to the ’70sBest Love Songs Billy Joel

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“ She ‘s Got a way ” ( 1971 )

Though Billy Joel ‘s “ “ might get more care, this song from Joel ‘s foremost album has more of a vulnerable falling-in-love feel to it. roberta flack on the flip wilson show



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“ The first Time Ever I Saw Your face ” ( 1972 )

even though it ‘s technically a cover, the Roberta Flack version is hands-down the most definitive version of this birdcall, approximately love at first spy. She ‘s barely that legendary. al green - best love songs

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“ Let ‘s Stay together ” ( 1972 )

This birdcall is dateless, but legend has it that Al Green wrote the lyrics to it in fair 15 minutes. Recording it took a draw longer, NPR reports, because Green wanted to use a power station vocal on the track, and producer Willie Mitchell had to convince him to “ equitable let it ooze out. ”
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“ I honestly Love You ” ( 1974 )

This soft-rock strike by Grease star Olivia Newton-John won her two Grammy Awards in 1975 — one for criminal record of the Year and another for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. earth, wind,  fire on stage

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“ Shining star ” ( 1975 )

Would you love to have person call you their shining star ? This besides is an uptempo issue, in case you ‘re looking for a love song you can dance to. eric clapton - best love songs

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“ fantastic tonight ” ( 1977 )

Eric Clapton wrote this sweet ballad about his then-wife Pattie Boyd. She ‘s besides the discipline of Clapton ‘s hit song “ “ — even though Boyd was married to George Harrison when he wrote it. ( Yikes ! )
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“ Heroes ” ( 1977 )

here ‘s to all the romances that make you feel like a bomber, even if it ‘s just for one day. kenny rogers - best love songs

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“ She Believes in Me ” ( 1979 )

In this dear country song, Kenny Rogers sings about not knowing why his loved ones have so much faith in him. For this and his dozens of other hits, the singer has been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame — a stead that ‘s no strange to songs about love and grief.
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“ Keep on Loving You ” ( 1980 )

This rock song about love and relationship setbacks is one of REO Speedwagon ‘s greatest hits. It ‘s been featured in movies, television receiver shows and tied a commercial for Domino ‘s pizza !
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“ endless Love ” ( 1981 )

Lionel Richie and Diana Ross ‘s passionate R & B sung from the ’80s was named the biggest duet of all time by Billboard magazine. chicago - best love songs

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“ You ’ re The inhalation ” ( 1984 )

There ‘s no doubt this soft-rock birdcall is a classic, but it about was n’t Chicago ‘s : According to a 2004 consultation with lead singer Peter Cetera, the legendary band originally wrote the song for state star Kenny Rogers.

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“ I fair Called to Say I Love You ” ( 1984 )

Stevie Wonder ‘s affectionate ballad proves that it ‘s the short things in liveliness that matter : The ode to promptly declarations of sleep together won both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song for its appearance in the movie with Gene Wilder.

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