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Baby Shark “ is a children ‘s song and associated dance. Originating as a campfire song, “ Baby Shark ” became very popular in 2016, when Pinkfong, a confederacy korean entertainment party, released a interpretation of the song with a YouTube music video that went viral across social media, on-line video and radio receiver. In November 2020, Pinkfong ‘s version became the most-viewed YouTube television of all fourth dimension, with over 9 billion views. [ 1 ] [ 2 ]

Origins and early history [edit ]

2018 photograph of a four-year-old male child doing the “ Baby Shark ” dance during his birthday.

“ Baby Shark ” originated as a campfire song or chant. The master song dates back to at least the twentieth hundred, [ 3 ] potentially created by camp counselors inspired by the movie Jaws. [ 4 ] [ 5 ] In the tone, each penis of a family of sharks is introduced, with campers using their hands to imitate the sharks ‘ jaw. unlike versions of the song have the sharks hunting fish, eating a sailor, or killing people who then go to heaven. [ 6 ] assorted entities have copyrighted original videos and audio recordings of the song, and some have trademarked merchandise based on their versions. however, according to The New York Times, the underlie sung and characters are believed to be in the populace world. [ 7 ]

Alemuel version [edit ]

A dancing version of “ Baby Shark ” was popularized in the 2007 YouTube video “ Kleiner Hai ” ( german for Little Shark ) published by Alexandra Müller, besides known by her stage name Alemuel. [ 8 ] This version is set to the theme of Jaws and tells the report of a baby shark who grows up and eats a swimmer. [ 9 ] The television promptly gained popularity [ 10 ] and led to EMI offering Alemuel [ de ] a record share. [ 11 ] The single peaked at 25th in the german charts [ 12 ] and at 21 in the austrian charts. [ 13 ] The german translation of the sung remains popular among german young groups and multiple variations ( besides in different dialects of German ) [ 14 ] have been published .

Johnny Only adaptation [edit ]

Johnny merely, a children ‘s entertainer based in Upstate New York, was a DJ at a kids camp and the counselors would regularly perform the song with their campers. He saw how hire and animated the campers were when “ Baby Shark ” was performed, sol when he became a full-time children ‘s entertainer, he released his own version. [ 15 ] This version was released in 2011, five years before the Pinkfong adaptation of “ Baby Shark ” became a ball-shaped phenomenon. [ 16 ]

Pinkfong translation [edit ]

“ Baby Shark ” was greatly popularized by a adaptation of the song produced by Pinkfong, an education brand owned by south korean entertainment company SmartStudy. The original music television for “ Baby Shark ” ( korean : 상어 가족 ; RR : Sang-eo Gajok ; alight. shark family ) was uploaded on November 26, 2015. All video recording related to Pinkfong ‘s song had garnered around 5 billion views by January 2020. [ 17 ] [ 18 ] [ failed verification ] The most popular of these videos, “ Baby Shark Dance ”, was uploaded on June 17, 2016, and went viral originate in 2017. On November 2, 2020, four years after it was upload, it became the most-viewed YouTube television of all time after surpassing Luis Fonsi ‘s “ Despacito “ with 7.04 billion views. [ 1 ] On December 21, 2020, it became the first YouTube video recording to surpass 7.5 billion views. On February 3, 2021, “ Baby Shark Dance ” had received more views than the Earth ‘s integral human population, according to assorted estimates, becoming the first YouTube video to do so. [ 19 ] [ 20 ] [ original research? ] This version of the song was performed by then-10-year-old Korean-American singer Hope Segoine. [ 21 ] The music video featured two child actors, one of whom is child actress Elaine Johnston, a 9-year-old New Zealander of Korean – Scottish origin. [ 22 ] The song starts with bars from Antonín Dvořák ‘s Symphony No. 9 to which music from the film Jaws sounds alike. The song features a family of sharks which hunt a school of pisces which escape to base hit. [ 23 ] It became a viral video in Indonesia in 2017, and throughout the year it spread to many early asian countries, peculiarly those in Southeast Asia. The relate mobile app was among the peak 10 most downloaded in the kin apps category in South Korea, Bangladesh, Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia in 2017. [ 24 ]
A speaker during the tenth Bikol Wikipedia anniversary in 2017 doing the “ Baby Shark ” dance Participants do the “ Baby Shark ” dancing at the tenth Bikol Wikipedia Anniversary AdNU Philippines, November 2017 As of 2 November 2020, the most popular video of the “ Baby Shark ” song ( labeled as “ Baby Shark Dance ” ), uploaded on June 17, 2016, [ 25 ] has received over 7 billion views global, making it the most-viewed video on YouTube. [ 26 ] [ 1 ] Due to a 2013 change that the Billboard Hot 100 music charts made to account for on-line viewership of YouTube videos, “ Baby Shark ” broke into the Billboard Hot 100 at count 32 during the week of January 7, 2019. ascribable to its popularity, this version of the song has spurred an on-line dancing fad ( sometimes referred to as the Baby Shark Challenge ) while being cited as “ the future big thing after the domination of Gangnam Style “. [ 27 ] K-pop groups including Blackpink and Red Velvet have been credited with far spreading the viral birdcall through their coverage of the birdcall and dance, specifically on their have television shows and concerts. [ 28 ] [ 29 ] The song began to go viral in the western world in August 2018. [ 30 ] In 2019, it was announced that Baby Shark would be adapted into Baby Shark’s Big Show!, an animated television series aimed at preschoolers. [ 31 ] [ 32 ] SmartStudy ( the company that owns the Pinkfong trade name ) partnered with US cable network Nickelodeon, which premiered the appearance in the United States in December 2020. In South Korea, the Educational Broadcasting System ( EBS ) airs the cartoon. [ 33 ]

Controversies [edit ]

While the English adaptation simply lists the members of the shark family, the Korean version says Mommy Shark is “ pretty ”, Daddy Shark is “ impregnable ”, Grandma Shark is “ kind ”, and Grandpa Shark is “ aplomb ”. In January 2018, the south korean newspaper Kyunghyang Shinmun published a front-page column condemning these lyrics as male chauvinist. [ 9 ] [ 34 ] In May 2018, the Liberty Korea Party started using “ Baby Shark ” to promote its candidates, prompting SmartStudy to threaten legal action over copyright misdemeanor. [ 9 ] [ 34 ] Prior to this, the Liberty Korea Party had contacted american children ‘s entertainer Johnny Wright ( a.k.a. Johnny entirely ) to inquire about permission, as he had published a exchangeable interpretation in 2011. [ 35 ] [ 4 ] He had heard a version of “ Baby Shark ” 20 years early, and decided to make a children ‘s version by removing any fierce imagination from the song, alternatively focusing on the syndicate. “ I was the first gear one that did that, ” he told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. “ And basically Pinkfong ‘s adaptation does the same matter. ” lone has been working with a korean copyright lawyer and the case is before the korean courts. [ 3 ] In July 2019, officials in West Palm Beach, Florida, were criticized for playing a continuous loop of “ Baby Shark ” throughout the night outside the Waterfront Lake Pavilion as a room of deterring vagrants. [ 36 ] In October 2020, two erstwhile detention officers and a supervisory program at an Oklahoma County jail were charged with counts of misdemeanor cruelty to a prisoner and conspiracy for torturing inmates by forcing them to listen to the birdcall on a loop at loud volumes for an run period of time. [ 37 ]

bequest [edit ]

In July 2019, Kellogg ‘s announced that it had entered a partnership with Pinkfong to introduce a new Baby Shark cereal, a berry-flavored variant of Froot Loops with marshmallows added. It was inaugural available at Sam ‘s Club stores on August 17, and at Walmart in late September. [ 38 ] In October 2019, a 75-minute stagecoach melodious based on the Pinkfong song and characters, titled Baby Shark Live, made its debut at Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium in Spartanburg, South Carolina. By this clock, Pinkfong was besides marketing a wide kind of merchandise based on their song and video, including clothe, bed, toys and fish tackle. [ 7 ]

“ Baby Shark ” has appeared in media like films and video games. In 2019 and 2020, the song was featured in The Angry Birds Movie 2 and Rubber and was playable in Just Dance 2020. [ 39 ] [ 40 ] [ 41 ] The play along class, Pinkfong partnered with Bushiroad to include “ Baby Shark ” as a playable track in the English waiter of BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! from March 27 to April 17. [ 42 ] In March 2020, Pinkfong released a newly synergistic adaptation of the sung that encourages children to properly wash their hands during the COVID-19 pandemic. [ 43 ]

Charts [edit ]

hebdomadally charts [edit ]

year-end charts [edit ]

Chart (2019) Position
Canada (Canadian Hot 100)[57] 85
UK Singles (OCC)[58] 48
US Billboard Hot 100[59] 75
Chart (2020) Position
UK Singles (OCC)[60] 72
Chart (2021) Position
Global 200 (Billboard)[61] 48

Certifications [edit ]

Region Certification Certified units/sales
Italy (FIMI)[62] Platinum 70,000double-dagger
United Kingdom (BPI)[63] 2× Platinum 1,200,000double-dagger
United States (RIAA)[64] 11× Platinum 11,000,000double-dagger
double-dagger Sales+streaming figures based on authentication alone .

Baby Shark couple [edit ]

weekly charts [edit ]

Chart (2019–2020) Peak
US Rolling Stone Top 100[65] 73

early performances [edit ]

In September 2018, Ellen DeGeneres released her own interpretation of the song on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and James Corden performed a translation on The Late Late Show with James Corden. [ 66 ] The song was performed on The X Factor in early December 2018 because it was requested by Simon Cowell ‘s four-year-old son Eric. [ 67 ] The birdcall was besides performed on Lithuania ‘s X Faktorius by 16-year-old contestant Lukas Zazeckis. [ citation needed ] The song was besides used in the commercial of Shopee in Southeast Asia. Drag queen and dissenter on RuPaul’s Drag Race Yvie queerly adapted the song for alive lip-synch performances, including a choreography that draws inhalation from voguing. [ 68 ] Professional baseball player Gerardo Parra of the Washington Nationals, having discovered the sung through his young daughter, adopted it as his walk-up apartment music to energize the sag team on June 19, 2019. [ 69 ] The composition became democratic among both teammates and fans, who used the shark clap whenever the Nationals got a hit, and finally, at every Parra bat ; fans besides began wearing shark costumes to the stadium. [ 70 ] A stuffed baby shark was seen attached to the bunker railing during the 2019 National League Championship Series, which the Nationals won over the St. Louis Cardinals. [ 71 ] The madden culminated with the Nationals defeating the Houston Astros in seven games to win the 2019 World Series ; the joining was such that the Marine Band performed the sung during the team ‘s celebratory travel to to the White House. [ 72 ] Darts actor Mikuru Suzuki has used the sung as her capture music. [ 73 ] The song has besides been performed by anti-government protesters in Lebanon during the 2019–20 lebanese protests. [ 74 ] [ 75 ] popular Australian children ‘s music band The Wiggles released a translation of the song in March 2020. In the american comedy-drama television series Ted Lasso, fabricated soccer player Jamie Tartt ( played by English actor Phil Dunster ) uses the tune of the birdcall as his finish celebration anthem, in which the words “ Baby Shark ” are replaced with his diagnose. [ 76 ] Pomplamoose released an electro funk adaptation on April 1, 2021. [ 77 ] In Southeast Asia, the song was used in an on-line shopping chopine called Shopee, with unlike versions and renditions. It was first spotted in 2018 with Filipina actress Anne Curtis as subscriber. More recently, the doggerel to the tune of “ Baby Shark ” was used when Jackie Chan became external mark ambassador. [ 78 ] [ 79 ] [ 80 ] [ 81 ]

other media [edit ]

In November 2019, an officially accredited children ‘s book based on the Pinkfong characters was being marketed by HarperCollins, while five unaccredited children ‘s books offered by scholastic Corporation had sold over one million copies. [ 7 ] In June 2020, Pinkfong announced the television series Baby Shark’s Big Show!, which premiered on Educational Broadcasting System ( EBS ) in South Korea [ 82 ] and Nickelodeon in the United States in December 2020. On July 20, 2021, the series was renewed for a second season, and a feature film based on the series is presently in development. [ 83 ]

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