Top Ten Most Inspirational Songs of All Time

The Top Ten Lose Yourself – Eminem
Lose Yourself - Eminem Cover Art
in truth … This song is the best motivational song ever … When I face a little failure I use to listen this birdcall on my Sony Walkman.. And I try and try public treasury I succeed in my will … It does n’t matters how many times you fall, but it matters how many times you stand up.. Another song … “ Radio Active ” – Imagine Dragons is the same motivational song like this stumble one … Must listen to that one … It every prison term hit unvoiced .
You ‘ve merely got one shoot do not miss a gamble to blow this opportunity comes once in a life … such inspiring words … This sung kept me going inspite of failures … specially while preparing for the exams and a lot more … This fabled sung increased my confidence, my ability to concentrate and what not … surely this song deserves to be number 1 …
This songs lyrics have thus much meaning. Everything in this song makes smell and means something. It sends out a big message, and that ‘s without saying how good the birdcall actually is. It ‘s my favorite song and has been for ages. Unlike a batch of pat songs these days it is actually about something, and in this case, it ‘s about never giving up

I do n’t in truth like knock, but I do like Eminem, and I love this song. This is THE inspirational song. Totally deserves to be number one.

As for Do n’t Stop Believing being number 2, give me a fault. I do n’t know what ‘s indeed god blasted special about Journey. They ‘re the bum band always. Get a clue people ! Journey sucks !

Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey
Don't Stop Believin' - Journey Cover Art
This sung has stood the test of time, and for a reason. This song has a set of mean, it ‘s not barely for person looking for love. It besides a song for person wants to become successful in their dreams and their goal, whatever challenges you encounter along the way just do n’t stop believing .
This is the sung you want to hear after anything great happens or something great is about to happen this song is the most inspire song ever. although Lose Yourself is without a doubt my darling sung ever, this one beats it in every direction when it comes to inspiration .
Best sing by the best inspirational band ! Journey is amazing, and this birdcall is even better ! every meter I listen to it it is impossible to not sing along, and I get up and go do something. Do n’t stop believin ‘ that this will be # 1 !
Do n’t Stop Believin ‘ is our generations Some Nights which was my grandparents generation ‘s December, 1963. The importance of this birdcall is the fact that it systematically motivates me not to kill my friends and family .

You Raise Me Up – Josh Groban
This is the most emotional song I ‘ve ever heard. The music is so docile, so perfective. Josh Groban ‘s deep voice flows to well with its tune. It ‘s got a beautiful mean. Mesmerizing.

“ You raise me up so I can stand on mountains
You raise me up to walk on stormy seas
I am hard when I ‘m on your shoulders
You raise me up to more than I can be ”
When he sings, I feel a rush of potency in his interpretation. This is song signifies HOPE and reliance in God. He will raise you up. It reminds us all that we are loved, and can lean on His strengths. He will not let us down .
The best in the world hey people you do n’t need to believe in God but God believes in you. This song is in truth significant to me hope it is the same to you
wholly a rad song in every which way. Great voice, great lyrics, barely bang-up overall. This song should decidedly be up higher on this list .

It’s My Life – Bon Jovi
He who gleefully marches to music in social station and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal anesthesia cord would amply suffice .
This song constantly makes you feel then exit about the life ahead of you.. To make it original.. To make this life sentence memorable, when you look spinal column at it !
Flying down the highway, 100 miles an hour
It ‘s now Or Never, now Or never, now Or never.
Do I care what other people do try or say to stop me ? No, because It ‘s My Life..

Thanks Jon for this amazing sung
A song about grabbing life by the curse horns and wrestling with it until it does what you bloody want it to. Deserves to spot .

Earth Song – Michael Jackson
I think the words are merely amazing even when I sing it, it makes me feel that the world is not doing adequate to stop all the bad in the universe and I feel guilty about everything we take for granted. You are a caption MJ whatever happens in the music industry. The way you touch me with your gratifying words makes me feel extra. vote for this song ! R.I.P King of Pop constantly …
so amazing, makes you in truth think about the worldly concern and its problems and how we can fix them. It ‘s an eye opener and brings you to tears. fabulously influential. Beautiful birdcall, inspirational entail written by the greatest artist the universe has ever known .
beginning time that I heard this song I noticed nothing else around me. This sung captures the hearer the way that no other song before or after can. Hearing this sung was one of the greatest experiences in my liveliness. Thank you, Michael .
This song teaches us how to love and care for everything around us … Its beautiful and inspirin to be an be better to everything with do in contact with and stop destroy ourselves

Imagine – John Lennon
fair imagine …
I play this birdcall on my piano every prison term I see injustice and misery on the Television.
It truly shows that if all the people just use their resource and live for today this word will be what everyone imagines it to be .
Imagine is the most inspirational in my public opinion. John is encouraging peace in this birdcall. No countries, no hell, no eden, and no religion besides. It deserves to be higher than 6, because the 5 before this one I ‘ve barely heard in my life or never knew exist !
Imagine is an absolutely beautiful song, and I know it deserves to be at the top of this list. As constantly, John Lennon inspires so many people to be good, to help others, and this song is decidedly inspirational .
This is such a beautiful song and is much more inspirational than number 1 ( Eminem-lose yourself ). R.I.P John Lennon. With lyrics like ” I hope one day you ‘ll join us, and the world will live as one ” how can you go incorrectly with this song ?

I Believe I Can Fly – R. Kelly
I believe I can fly ! I believe I can touch the sky ! I ca n’t remember the respite of the lyrics but I heard it in a parody once.
R. Kelly believed he could fly, and besides that he could urinate on minor women. Both would work out equally ill .
very, you think THIS is an inspirational song ! You ca n’t fly !
This birdcall is very inspirational to me..

Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
What the sin ! The greatest sung of all clock time is on no.12 you people do n’t know what ‘s the song about thus if you want to know equitable watch the one of the greatest movie of all clock time … ROCKY 3 … And besides watch all parts from 1-6 and Creed besides … then you will understand that this song is a masterpeice and this song deserves the phone number 1 place in this list and besides the top 10 most inspirational songs of all time .
Have you ever watched Rocky ?, if you have n’t … then you have no theme how INSPIRATIONAL this song is. citizenry please watch the movie Rocky Balboa then rate this birdcall .
This song has cemented it ‘s target as one of the most inspirational songs of all time. While it might not be count one, it gets my right to vote because it should not be at 31. exceed 10 at least !
How is this not # 1 ? Do n’t stop believin is good and is by my front-runner ring Journey. But this is 10x more inspirational .

Welcome to the Black Parade – My Chemical Romance
Besides Lose Yourself all the songs ahead have a slightly cartoonish component to them makes them hard to take badly. not saying they are bad but Welcome to the Black Parade good fits better for me at least.
My Chemical Romance saves lives. They encourage their listeners to be who they want to be, careless of what anyone else thinks. Gerard, Frank, Mikey, and Ray are my function models and some of the best people I know. Though they are disbanded, their music however continues to give strength and hope to those who find consolation nowhere else. These boys are heroes, and I am proud to be a Killjoy. My Chemical Romance lives on in the hearts of everyone they touched. My Chemical Romance Forever .
No ! Why is this song number 29 ? No discourtesy to all you Journey fans, but Do n’t Stop Believin ‘ is then overestimate ! This song makes you feel ready to face the earth. The last two minutes are sol beautiful and uplifting you will want to cry. My Chemical Romance is not an emo ring about suicide. It ‘s songs are actually meant to help you find your worth and fight your inner demons. This should be count 1 .
I first base heard this song in the cable car and it touched me so deeply I had to pull over and let thr world power and emotion take me over. By the time it got to the crescendo of Gerard triumphantly belting “ we ‘ll carry on ” I was in tears. These were not sad tears though, these were the tears of relizing that I could make it I could survive and no matter what obsticles were in my path, I would carry on. This song did not save my life sentence, it gave me the intensity to save myself .

The World’s Greatest – R Kelly
10 This song puts me in a good mood and pumps me up for good about anything !
This song wakes me up everyday .
Anytime I listen to this birdcall it gives me hoe to do more is amaze song
This song is good thus curse good I mean the lyrics have gotten me through some veridical hood times

The Contenders
Hall of Fame – The Script
11 This the most inspirational sung for me.
You can beat the populace
You can beat the war
You can talk to God, go banging on his door
These lyrics and the reality hidden underneath these words help me to endure all the criticism and gives me a feel that one day I can sit in a hall of fame. This song must be in top 10 at least .
It ‘s not fair attention-getting, the lyrics can open up your wholly life to a modern level which inspires you on how you can find your dependable dedicated self. Makes you feel like you can be the greatest person who ‘s always lived. Wow. very Inspiring Song. This should be shown to the hale world .
You can alone achieve a full aim when everyone stand under the lapp roof for the same purpose.It does n’t matter what sex, religion, coloring material, or supreme headquarters allied powers europe you are animation is there for everybody and this songs gives you the inspiration and motivation this song made history for an epic poem moment of life.Stop thinking about anything that is n’t making you who you are precisely live the present spirit spinal column to be a better future and look ahead to know how great you will be .
You can be the greatest, you can be the best. What ‘s inspirational, if this sung is n’t ? What ‘s more, my favorite inspirational quotation comes from Hall of Fame : “ You can walk straight through HELL with a SMILE. ” It ‘s besides in truth attention-getting .

Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson
12 This song is very inspirational. I ‘ve heard this song when I was young. It was popular in Thailand ; although, I could not understand it at that time, I still remember to look up it up when I am older and learned English.

This song calls for a ‘change ‘ in the world – not just one nation, not precisely one continent, but the whole world. Look up the official music television for this song. It shows many images of needed in Africa and it shows many clips of the heroes who had stood up for the population.

Michael Jackson songs are identical inspirational. He ‘s the legend !
All of our problems would be fixed. If everyone did their character, rather of hoping the adjacent guy deals with it. Ether it be Something Small like our Picking Up our methamphetamine or something bigger. That ‘s the message being passed on by the birdcall. A great message
One of the greatest songs ever ! Love you Michael the world needs to hear this ! This should be numeral one for certain. Gives me goosebumps without a fail, every time. Check that man/woman in the mirror, and make that change..
This shows that how well fame can be used, he used to make at least a small dispute in the world and made people think. That ‘s what songs should, it should make people aware of whats happening. you do n’t have make songs about random crap, songwriters like therse are legends

Beautiful – Christina Aguilera
13 I ca n’t imagine anyone else singing this. The way she sing sings it, Gives me chills every meter guaranteed. My eyes get watery every time I hear it. Because soicety tell us this, but it besides tells us to get operating room and oeuvre done. Because no one will like or love us if we look natural.
It ‘s a dateless song.
It reasonably much says that everyone ‘s beautiful in their own way no count what people say. I know that this sounds cliched, but if you listen to this song you ‘ll understand why it ‘s silent numero uno after all these years !
BEST SONGS EVER ! This is sol inspirational songs and I love tgis lyrics

You are beautiful, no matter what they say
Words ca n’t bring you down
You are beautiful, in every unmarried way
Yes words ca n’t bring you down, ohio no..
So do n’t you bring me down today
obviously not the most inspirational birdcall ever. not by a long way. But it ‘s decent to see this birdcall sol high up, it gets people to see their smasher for themselves. Plus she has a disgusting voice which for the most part she does n’t use to her wax electric potential and collaborates with Pitbull rather. : (

In the End – Linkin Park

This song should decidedly be in the top 10. The lyric contend combined with incredible rap and rock makes this song a winner ! If any of you have never heard this song, rush over to YouTube or any other music source and hear it adenine soon as possible !
I LOVE THIS birdcall ! it teaches an important lesson … we ‘re all gon na die finally ! This is one of the most important lessons a person can learn. But it besides tells us to do what we can while we ‘re alert. To try our hardest, make our mark and show everyone that we are here !
How is this not in the top 5 ? !
The lyrics are capital, music is great
In short-circuit this is one of the greatest songs ever !
Hope it becomes at least No.5 if not number 1 !
Guys listen to this ! If it does n’t inspire you then go listen to Justin Beiber
What ! ? ! ? I ca n’t believe this birdcall is n’t in the Top Ten List ! It decidedly deserves to be in the lead 5 at least ! This is a masterpiece ! You get a rush of energy and gloominess arsenic well when you listen to this !

Try – Pink
15 I know that a lot of people put pity to this being said, but music saves lives. As “ sick person ” of MDD, there have been to many nights where I have about done things so identical regretable. Too many of these nights I began to play music to calm myself, and Pink would come on, playing with her passionate voice ringing. so yes, music saved my life .
Love this sung, so inspirational and amazing .
This song makes me feel like I can do anything ! you fair got tantalum test
Best song to lift up your climate … its truthful …
Where there is desire thers gon na be a burn and person is gon na get burn off but we should try and try and try till we succeed …

Livin’ on a Prayer – Bon Jovi
16 WHY ? What is wrong with you people, this is one the best songs ever ! No matter how overact it is, I will constantly love it ! It is so upbeat and inspirational ( platitude, right ? but it ‘s true … ). It makes you think that everyone is on your side, even those brats that you do n’t like ). It is like the glue to world, and decidedly should be way up on this list ! Please vote .
What makes this song thus amazing is the amount of soul and spirit they put into it. It makes me feel as if everyone in the world is with you in your struggles, and makes you believe. It is plainly AWESOME .
Seeing this song thus far down on the number, flush below the fretful bull called Ghosts’n’stuff ( sounds inspirational, huh ? “ Ghosts’n’stuff ? Yep, I now feel like I could conquer the world. ) makes me ghastly. This tune is one of the on-key masterpieces in music .
This birdcall saved my life when I was 13. You got tantalum prevail on, ready or not ; you live for the competitiveness when that ‘s all that you ‘ve got .

Born This Way – Lady Gaga
17 Greatest song, teaches you to love yourself and believe in yourself.
it can be said that this is the modern version of ‘Greatest Love Of All by Whitney Houston ‘
Best song that fights prejudice and ignorance ! Truly inspirational .
This should in truth be in the crown 5 … This number is so unintelligent !
I love this song. It should be on number 1 .

Teenagers – My Chemical Romance
18 The birdcall has a catchy rune but identical well lyrics. It is inspirational and people needto listen to more by the artist
I do n’t get it, why ?

Firework – Katy Perry
19 This song has gotten me through EVERYTHING. It reminded me to always look ahead and that I ‘ll constantly be a firework and it taught me that suicide is n’t right .
right nowadays, all I want to do is write a novel. This song makes me belive that dream is REAL – that there is a spark in all of us, and we just have to find a manner to ignite it !
This is one of Katy Perry ‘s inspirational songs .
I ca n’t believe this is entirely top 41 !

Heal the World – Michael Jackson
20 Heal the world the worldly concern
Make it a better place
For you and for me and the integral human subspecies.
There are people dying
If you care adequate for the know
Make a better identify for u and for me. This should be number two after earth song and before world in the mirror .
so amazing it made me cry … Love this song, actually its excessively good .
One of the best songs in the worldly concern …
The beginning prison term I listened to the stallion birdcall I was tearing at the age of 5

We are the Champions – Queen
21 Freddie Mercury said- “ I wanted to write a winning song. Something people would sing at football games or something. ” not those accurate words but I believe he went out and did precisely that. This song should have more votes should n’t it !
Whenever I hear this, I remember my school play. It was the one song where everyone was on stage at the lapp clock and the song where everyone whistle with enthusiasum. It inspirational to me because it makes me happy .
Researches proved this as the Most Inspirational Song ever made …
One sung that brought all equal teams together. Wo n’t ever forget it .

All You Need is Love – The Beatles
22 Best band ever, one of their best .
They put the wrong breed art …
All you need is love .
It ‘s a Beatles sung .

Skyscraper – Demi Lovato
23 This is the most beautiful song from Demi Lovato. In event you did n’t know, she suffers from a bipolar disorder and the first time she attempted suicide was at 11 years of historic period. This sung ‘s lyrics are so beautiful. These lyrics make me feel sol sad, but they empower me so much. I love the channel : “ All my windows still are broken, but I ‘m standing on my feet and I am nearer to the obscure up here ”. It is one of the most beautiful songs ever .
I went to one of Demi ‘s shows on the Neon Lights Tour, and she said the most heart~melting, inspirational, thing. even thinking about it makes me tear up. OK. She said, “ Iv’e had people come up to me on the street, and tell me that I saved their lives. But arsenic amazing as that sounds, and deoxyadenosine monophosphate amazing as that feels, my reception is that, “ You saved your own life sentence. ” ”
It is one of the most revolutionize songs always, it makes me feel like I can do anything !
It ‘s just a shame not many people have heard it, otherwis it would have gone straight to no. 1
This song literally saved me, it has such an inspirational message with it. I ‘m so proud of how far she ‘s come such a inspiration

Hero – Mariah Carey
24 I love Mariah, when I first started listening to her I found most of her songs inspirational and heart feel, she is one amaze songwriter/singer and we are truely blessed to have person like mariah to keep the religion and help us through her songs, Amen !
Her vocal endowment is undeniable meaning and the lyrics, have saved lives, so many people would n’t have lived without this song, it can not be overlooked .
therefore when you feel like hope is gone.
Look inside you and be potent.
And you ‘ll last see the accuracy.
That a hero lies in you. # BestInspirationalSongEver !
It ‘s Mariah and it ‘s Hero. You do n’t even have to know/like either to know the lyrics of this song .

Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) – Kelly Clarkson
25 When I have had a awful day- this song reminds me of the most crucial things in life. It lets the world know you ca n’t be knocked down. “ Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me. ”

This is like one of those songs that you hear and good know you got ta stand up and fight back and not give up. I literally stood up for myself after listening to it. Should be in the clear 10s
This song is thus amazing and it is indeed attention-getting I get it stuck In my read/write head just by thinking about it. I ca n’t help but “ stand a little tall ” when I hear the chorus .
Helps you realise what the human body can undertake such as a serviceman falling 35,000 feet an exist after his parashote failed when he went skydiving. He is nowadays a bunch stronger .

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