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Multiplier Man Slot Machine

You are probably familiar with the crime-fighting adventures of Batman, Superman and of many other super heroes. But Multiplier Man is a alone character that fights crime and besides helps you win big ! This is the fun and original premise for this raw Revolver Gaming video slot, a parody of the omnipresent ace champion franchises. This fourth dimension about, our protagonist is actively seeking to make you richer, while making the city a safer place for all, of course. sol without further bustle, let ’ s dive into the universe of Multiplier Man and fight crime in the name of judge – and cash bonuses .

Guardian of the City

Multiplier Man is, like many other super heroes, keen on fighting evil where you find most of it : the sprawl urban centres that pop up like mushrooms of steel and concrete all over the universe.

The background of the game shows a modern cityscape, full of tall skyscrapers extending all the way to the horizon. The 3D graphics give off a cartoon-like playfulness atmosphere, without looking cheap or besides much like a caricature. The final examination result is filled with wit, particularly when it comes to the audacious, impregnable and pathetic Multiplier Man himself. The music is just as grandiose and heroic as the perch of the game, a arrant fit for the writing style. In a nutshell, Multiplier Man stands out because of its design quality and its humour-filled population. Let ’ s immediately take a consequence to review the actual gameplay therefore that you are fully organize to take on the ambitious challenge of saving the city from the many villains that hide within its walls !

A Classic and Easy Gameplay

Multiplier Man is accessible to every player, regardless of their grade of have with video slot games. You will be playing on a 3×5 frame-up, which corresponds to a layout featuring five spin reals with three displayed symbols on each of them. The 20 available paylines of the game are fixed, so you will not have the possibility to bet on less than 20 paylines at all times. All the commands and displays you will need to play the game are located at the bottom of the blind, right under the reels. The jaundiced Bet switch is there to let you adjust the sum of your bet, that is to say how much you wish to bet per payline. Remember that the size of your future cash rewards depends on both the nature of the symbols appearing on the paylines and the size of your bet. But the final choice is yours to make, and you are rid to adjust your settings at any time in order to fit your play style. once you are cook, plainly click the green Spin buttons and the reels will start spinning immediately. Cross your fingers for many winning combinations, and possibly Multiplier Man will come to the rescue ! And as for the stagger symbols themselves, let ’ s take a closer look at them in the future section.

Villains and Heroes

The paytable of Multiplier Man can be approximately split into two different groups of symbols. The first group consists of classical poster symbols, from number 10 to the Ace. These reel symbols do not pay out much, but they show up very frequently on the reels so your chances at scoring several winning combinations with them is much higher. The rest of the menu is more original : Passports, a Couple looking at a function, a Cocktail on the beach, a high-speed Train… All that you will need or will discover once your holiday has started ! And the tilt is not over so far .

New Special Powers

The last symbols in Multiplier Man will give you access to fun and rewarding bonus games. The Multiplier Man symbol triggers the roentgenogram Bonus game. Faced with three lock condom, our here will have to use his x-ray vision to see correct through the compact metallic element doors and discover what the safe contain. Pick one to have Multiplier Man use his powers and take the reward base with you.

The Quick Change Bonus symbol lets you access the eponymous bonus game, where your undertaking will be to help Multiplier Man flip cards over and guessing whether the future is of higher or lower rate. Keep going through the three game levels to increase the multiplier up to x150. last, the Free Spins symbol awards, logically, free games for you to enjoy risk-free, and Multiplier Man himself acts as an expanding crazy icon .

Super Fun and High Stakes

Multiplier Man ’ s wit and rewarding bonuses make it stand out from the push. Give it a sample and you will soon become addicted !

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