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Leathermouth ( much typeset as LeATHERMØUTH [ 2 ] ) was an american hard-core punk rocker band led by Frank Iero. The ring formed in 2007, and in January 2009 released their first album XO. [ 3 ]

history [edit ]

Leathermouth was formed in 2007 by some friends of My Chemical Romance ‘s rhythm guitarist Frank Iero. [ 2 ] Iero had heard a few demonstration tracks from the band, and wanted to sign the band to his own autonomous label, Skeleton Crew. It was not until the former lead singer had failed to write any lyrics that Iero became a member. [ 4 ] He uses the isthmus as a way to vent the frustrations he has with the stream political and social climate ; he has additionally stated that writing the lyrics was a way for him to cope with anxiety and depression he had felt during his life sentence, with some of the songs written before the band had even formed. [ 4 ] As a penis of Leathermouth, this is the first stick out where he contributes lyrics and lead vocals since Pencey Prep ( who broke up concisely after My Chemical Romance was formed ). [ 4 ] [ 5 ] Leathermouth played their first shows in the summer of 2008 aboard Warship for the late 2008 Reggie and the Full Effect “ Farewell Tour ”. [ 6 ] Iero hoped to tour with Leathermouth when he was not working with My Chemical Romance. [ 7 ] In October 2008, Leathermouth signed to Epitaph Records. [ 8 ] Retrieved on January 20, 2009. as opposed to Frank Iero ‘s label as primitively planned. Iero thought that it would be difficult to promote the album himself, if released through his own label, with his stream obligations to My Chemical Romance and the other bands signed to his label. Epitaph Records president of the united states, Brett Gurewitz, was impressed with the band ‘s “ volume and songwriting of the music. ” [ 9 ] Leathermouth released their first base studio apartment album on January 27, 2009, through Epitaph entitled XO. [ 3 ] Although the album did not chart on the Billboard 200, it did reach No. 21 on the acme Heatseekers chart. [ 10 ]

In a 2012 interview with Iero, he revealed that many of the other band members turned to religion and decided not to be a depart of Leathermouth anymore. Iero besides stated he would like to continue Leathermouth, but is diffident if it will actually happen. He said, “ There ‘s silent function of me that would hate not doing that band again. There ‘s something brewing, but I do n’t know what it is. I very wanted that ring to go on long, but Jesus had early plans. ” [ 11 ] On May 19, 2013, Leathermouth performed at New Jersey ‘s Skate and Surf Festival along with Glassjaw, Rx Bandits, A Day to Remember and others. [ 12 ] On September 13, 2018 Frank Iero announced the band would last be releasing their debut album on vinyl via Epitaph Records on November 9, 2018. [ 13 ]

Band members [edit ]

Final Line-Up

  • Frank Iero – lead vocals (2007–2010, 2013)
  • Rob Hughes – lead guitar, backing vocals (2007–2010, 2013)
  • Ed Auletta – rhythm guitar (2008–2010, 2013)
  • John McGuire – bass, backing vocals (2008–2010, 2013)
  • James Dewees – drums, percussion (2008–2010, 2013)

Former members

  • Andrew Escobar – bass, backing vocals (2007)
  • Vincent Averelli – rhythm guitar (2007)
  • Steve Oyola – drums, percussion (2007)


discography [edit ]

Studio albums


  • “Bodysnatchers 4 Ever” (2008)

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