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2010 single by My Chemical Romance
Sing “ ( much stylized as “ SING ” ) is My Chemical Romance ‘s one-fourth track and third base single from their fourthly studio apartment album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. The official individual artwork was posted on the ring ‘s web site on October 2010. [ 3 ] “ Sing ” marks the first clock a birdcall of the band has reached adult contemporary stations ; it began airplay through Chicago radio station WCFS-FM by March 2011. The song was the second-best sell rock song of 2011 in the UK, ahead of Paramore ‘s “ Monster “ and behind Foo Fighters ‘ “ Rope “ .

passing [edit ]

The song debuted on BBC Radio 1 and subsequently on the band ‘s MySpace and several early radio stations on November 3, 2010. The song was released on iTunes the same sidereal day. [ 4 ] The sung has been described as “ poppy ” and with a “ storm different phone than former MCR tracks ” by Wendy Rollins of Philadelphia ‘s Radio 104.5. Dan Martin from NME reviewed the album and said the following of the birdcall : “ Starting off synthy, slinky and precisely a fiddling bite fetid, ‘Sing ‘ then erupts into another euphoric name to mass doing-stuff-together as waves of cruddy bass cascade about Gerard as he sings, “ You ‘ve got to be what tomorrow needs ” as he dodges elephant-stomp drums. ” [ 5 ] Trash Hits said of the song : “ This is a slower, smouldering campaign which jangles in a Depeche Mode style while Gerard Way murmurs his manner through. ” [ 6 ]

Music video [edit ]

The music video recording premiered on and and was directed by Gerard Way and Paul Brown. Picking up after the events of the “ Na Na Na ( Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na ) “ music video, “ Sing ” opens with My Chemical Romance as their alter-egos ( The Fabulous Killjoys ) driving down a expressway tunnel on their Pontiac Firebird with brief “ television receiver ad ” clips from Better Living Industries ( BL/ind ), running over a BL/ind security guard duty and a draculoid at a toll booth/checkpoint. The ring arrives in the album ‘s dystopia known as Battery City, stopping in front of BL/ind headquarters. Upon discovery of the Killjoys ‘ arrival, BL/ind places their guards on stand-by all around the headquarters. The Killjoys promptly shoot their way into the build, arriving in the independent security center and rescue The Girl ( Grace Jeanette ), aka Missile Kid, who was previously kidnapped in “ Na Na Na ( Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na ) ”. During this clock time, Korse ( Grant Morrison ) is activated by BL/ind headquarters ‘ read/write head of security and accompanied by reinforcement draculoids and guards to stop the Killjoys. A gunfight between the Killjoys and Korse ‘s minions follows in BL/ind ‘s anteroom. At one bespeak, Party Poison ( Gerard Way ) kills and pulls off the mask of one of the draculoids, discovering him to be Agent Cherri Cola ( Jimmy Urine ), an ally of the Killjoys ( who was captured by BL/ind while trying to infiltrate their headquarters, and turned into a draculoid ). This causes Party Poison to hesitate in the fight and be grabbed by Korse who grasps him by the neck and shoots him beneath his chin. With Party Poison dead, the remaining Killjoys continue their escape. soon after Party Poison ‘s end, Kobra Kid ( Mikey Way ) manages to wound Korse in the knee before getting dart himself by Korse ‘s minions and is killed. At the lobby door, Fun Ghoul ( Frank Iero ), Jet-Star ( Ray Toro ) and Missile Kid decide to retreat ; however after running outside, Fun Ghoul closes the building door, leaving himself inside to give his allies a better find of escaping before getting shot twice. outdoor BL/ind headquarters, Jet-Star is shot, dying on the hood of the Trans Am. Before the draculoids and BL/ind guards can get to The Girl, she is rescued by plagiarist radio DJ Dr. Death Defying and his gang, including Show Pony [ 7 ] ( Ricky Rebel ) and DJ Hot Chimp ( Kristan Morrison ). They all escape in Dr. Death Defying ‘s vanguard, leaving behind their dead comrades whose bodies are bagged by BL/ind. In a making-of video recording for “ Na Na Na “ and, to a lesser extent, “ Sing ”, Gerard Way expressed that he is eager to film a third function of the Killjoy report. As of September 2021, the song has 40 million views on YouTube .

other versions [edit ]

This song was performed on the television receiver series Glee in the second-season episode “ Comeback “, which was released as a single on iTunes in February 2011. It was then performed on The Glee Project. It charted higher than My Chemical Romance ‘s version on the Billboard Hot 100, debuting and peaking at issue 49. It besides was performed by the contestants of Team Cee Lo Green and Team Christina Aguilera during the Live Playoffs of the third temper of american world television The Voice, and by contestants of the a gallinago rival and American world television show the Sing Off, temper 3, episode 2. [ 8 ] On March 10, 2011, My Chemical Romance published a director ‘s cut of the music television of “ SING ”. It includes sound effects, among other additions. On April 13, 2011, My Chemical Romance released a re-envisioned adaptation of “ Sing ”, entitled “ Sing It for Japan ”, in support of those affected by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

path list [edit ]

  • All songs written by My Chemical Romance.
Version 1 (promotional CD)
No. Title Length
1. “Sing” ( radio edit ) 4:07
2. “Sing” ( instrumental ) 4:30
Version 2 (promotional CD)
No. Title Length
1. “Sing” ( radio edit ) 4:07
2. “Sing” ( album translation ) 4:40
Version 2 (digital download)
No. Title Length
1. “Sing” 4:30
Version 3 (iTunes-exclusive deluxe edition)
No. Title Length
1. “Sing” 4:30
2. “Sing” ( music television trailer ) 1:12
3. “Sing” ( music video recording ) 4:56
4. “Helena” ( live from the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City on October 7, 2007 ) 4:51
5. “The Ghost of You” ( live from BBC Radio 1 session at Maida Vale Studios in London on November 11, 2010 )

Version 4 (Sing It for Japan)
No. Title Length
1. “Sing It for Japan” 3:47

Charts [edit ]

Certifications [edit ]

Region Certification Certified units/sales
United States (RIAA)[21] Gold 500,000*
* Sales figures based on documentation alone .

Release history [edit ]

Country Date Format Label
United States November 3, 2010 Airplay Reprise
February 15, 2011 iTunes-exclusive
April 13, 2011 “Sing It for Japan”

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