Why Your ‘Spotify Wrapped’ Recap Has Songs You’ve Never Listened To

Why Your ‘Spotify Wrapped’ Recap Has Songs You’ve Never Listened To

It ’ s that fourth dimension of year again : Spotify is here to remind you about your musical habits over the past 12 months with Spotify Wrapped .

Most people should have a reasonably good idea of what albums and songs they binged this year. But if you need a friendly reminder, all you need to do is pull up your brand-new Spotify annual report for 2021, but you might want to prepare for a storm or two .
inaugural, let ’ s lecture about the presentation. You can ’ t equitable view your report on the web. You ’ ll have to launch your Spotify Android or iOS app if you want the full animated slide deck. otherwise, you ’ ll have to be content with merely browsing your “ lead songs ” tilt via your browser, which isn ’ metric ton as capture :
These reports aren ’ t perfect — that, or your recall of your musical tastes over the year might not be a accurate as you think .
Songs and artists might appear on your Spotify Wrapped report that you swear you ’ ve never listened to ; you might be wrong, but you besides might be onto something .
There are a few reasons why foreign songs can permeate your Spotify annual report, and we have a few extra suggestions if you want a more accurate estimate of how you rocked out this class .

Spotify’s 2021 Wrapped has a limited timeframe

If you ’ ve been going baseless with some boastfully November publish, you may not see these on your Spotify Wrapped recapitulate .

When answering FAQs on the way Spotify Wrapped comes together, the streaming service shared that “ The Wrapped personalized ( sic ) experience covers streaming for 2021, beginning in January and ending a few weeks prior to launch in December ” .
Spotify needs time to create the whole feel, after all .

You might have pulled up Spotify at a party

Remember, anything you do on your Spotify account is fair game for the Wrapped report .
If you let your friends nibble songs during your road trip, or used your Spotify bill for background music at a party ( or many parties ), unexpected music might show up on your report .
And, no, you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate edit these songs or artists out of your report in any manner, as Spotify has described for earlier Wrapped drops :

We ’ ra unable to update your stats or playlists since it ’ s based on your personal listen history. Sorry about that ! For the future, it ’ second constantly worth considering that, for exemplify, if you left Spotify playing in the background or let friends play their tunes with your report then your listening data might have been affected .

It ’ s besides possible that a acquaintance, roommate, or loved one is innocently using your Spotify account via your versatile smart devices, which could besides impact what appears on Spotify ’ s annual report .
That explains why there ’ s a lot of wyrd Disney instrumental stuff on my playlist this year — my fiancé much fires up the jams on our bedroom ache speaker to help her catch to sleep .

Someone hacked your Spotify account

This sounds a little far-fetched, but it ’ s not impossible, particularly since Spotify doesn ’ metric ton offer two-factor ( or two-step ) authentication .
I ’ ve read a numeral of reports from Spotify users complaining that having their accounts hacked at some point this year messed up their wind report .
And while this is something you probably should have noticed if you logged into Spotify and saw a bunch of strange music on your “ recently played ” section, it ’ sulfur potential you ’ ve been overlooking this .
however, if you see a lot of music on your report that doesn ’ t make sense, now ’ mho as good a time as any to change your Spotify password to something singular and secure .
And once you ’ ve done that, log out of any other devices that might be using your Spotify account, fair to be super-sure .

You were listening to your faves in ‘Private Sessions

In addition to all the above the Spotify team has besides confirmed that, “ Private Session listens don ’ thymine count for charts and songs, but do reckon for minutes listened ” .
so, if you have any guilty pleasures you were expecting to see in your Wrapped tilt, think again .

What’s new in the 2021 Wrapped report?

Spotify Wrapped 2021

You ’ ll see a lot of the like elements this class, if you ’ re companion with the Spotify Wrapped feel – like Top Songs 2021 ( which is ranked largely in orderliness, by the way ) .
There are a few new features, though. Spotify has introduced things like 2021: The Movie, where it tells you what your opening citation song, dance picture song and so on would be. It ’ sulfur besides launched Your Audio Aura which gives you a color and mood description for your listening habits and 2021 Wrapped: Blend where you can create a mix playlist of yours and a supporter ’ s top listens for the year .
The stopping point bang-up update worth looking at is that some 170 artists and creators have created videos thanking fans for having them land in their top listens for the year .
Fans who have these artists in their top Songs 2021 or Your Artists Revealed will be served these sugared little thank you vids .

Which artists and creators came out on top this year?

If you ’ re keen to see how your listening habits compared to that of every other Spotify exploiter in Australia, here ’ s the melt down of 2021 Wrapped results .
Most streamed songs – Australia
Most streamed songs by Australian artists 
Most streamed artists – Australia
Most streamed Australian artists
Most streamed albums – Australia

Most streamed podcasts – Australia
This article has been updated since its original publish date with details regarding Spotify Wrapped 2021.

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