How To Find Your Spotify Wrapped 2021 & Top Songs Of The Year

Since the Spotify Wrapped feature beginning launched in 2017, the arrival of December has become something of a personality judgment day for Spotify users. possibly you ’ ve been on your best behavior these past few months like a kid before Christmas, attempting to de- fawn your heed activity by switching your stream to pop hits — lest you end up on the cheugy number with all the other Hamilton -listeners. But, a lot like the big man in loss arrive late this calendar month, the Spotify algorithm sees you when you ’ re quiescence ( and listening to ambient white noise ), knows when your heart breaks, and knows that you ’ ve already listened to “ All Too Well ( 10 Minute Version ) ” for about 10,000 minutes. If you ’ re ultimately ready to face the reality of your listening data, you might be wondering how to find your 2021 Spotify Wrapped. In years past, Spotify has offered a dedicate web site to peruse your top songs of the year, but in 2021, your Spotify Wrapped will be available entirely on the app. It ’ s not the beginning prison term the platform has switched it up on us : In 2020, the feature introduced a new “ Missed Hits ” playlists of songs you ’ d probably like, an “ On Record ” playlists featuring episodes of your fav artists on podcasts, and a “ Best of the Decade for You ” playlist compiling songs from the past 10 years tailored your interests. In recent years, Spotify has typically rolled out annually Spotify Wrapped summaries of users ’ listening habits between November and December — and they typically prompt you to click on your “ top Songs ” playlist when it ’ s available upon opening the app. however, that hasn ’ metric ton stopped most of us from madly googling to double-check when our tailor-made year-in-review will arrive .

How to Find Your 2021 Spotify Wrapped

As of December 1, 2021, your Spotify Wrapped playlist containing your top songs of the class is available when you open the app. otherwise, you can find it on your “ Made For You ” pill on the home page, which besides houses your casual Mixes, Release Radar, and Discover Weekly.

This year, Spotify Wrapped will be entirely shared on the app quite than desktop. thus, if you ’ re ready to flip through Spotify ’ randomness far-out slideshow about your listening activity, you ’ ll want to open the app on a mobile device. Brace yourself. You might be the chief character in the eyes of Spotify Wrapped, but your report could be a champion ’ sulfur journey or a dorky coming-of-age due to that Bo Burnham phase.

How To Share Your Spotify Wrapped

once you open Wrapped on the Spotify app, it will tell you all kinds of concern facts about your heed in 2021 — not fair your top artists, songs, and genres, but things adenine specific as what the aura of your music listening habits is. ( Listen to largely Olivia Rodrigo this year ? Prepare for an air reading somewhere between “ melancholy ” and “ wistful. ” ) This class ’ randomness slideshow has fifteen skid for you to peruse, so you can besides take your blame at which slides to share — and which are best forget covered up. ( See : sharing in 2019 that you were in the top .2 % of Phoebe Bridgers listeners, but hiding the fact that your clear song was a Frank Sinatra ballad. )

At the slide of each empanel will be a button for you to share the empanel on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Directly share your summary dialog box on the chopine of your choose, or download the visualize for your future music-listening scrapbook. This year, you can besides parcel your Spotify Wrapped to TikTok. once you ’ ve worked up the coverage to wear your heart on your sleeve — aka, posting your Spotify Wrapped on main — brace yourself for the annual cynical naysayers who shame those who post their Spotify Wrapped. They ’ re credibly Apple Music listeners anyways. This article was originally published on Dec. 6, 2018

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