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College Football Revamped – XBOX 360 Download Instructions



If you send your console off to a send-in overhaul or buy a pre-JTAG/RGH cabinet, you will understand everything below much better. We know it seems identical confusing if you do n’t have your modded console in hired hand to try this out on. We promise, once you get the console back it is highly easy, the directions are just long and methodical to cover many different possibilities .

Prerequisites for using CFBR on Xbox 360

You need an Xbox 360 with an RGH or JTAG

You will need an Xbox 360 with an RGH/JTAG modchip and a mod menu ( Aurora or Freestyle Dash ). We recommend that Xbox users send their console in or buy a pre-modded comfort ( this limitation is set by Microsoft ). You can get your console table modded about anywhere on-line ( use Google, eBay, etc. ) but we recommend The Mod Shop since we have systematically heard well things about their business ( no affiliation any ). You can send your console table in or buy a solid console table that is pre-modded. If you are feeling adventurous or already know how to solder and want to save a few bucks, you can install the modchip yourself here .

You need a copy of the game

right now we can only 100 % confirm confirm for the DISC version of the game. We have had several reports of CFBR working good fine with the digital translation, but cipher on our team owns this version, so we can not validate this ourselves. If you own the digital version of the game ( bought on Xbox Marketplace ), let us know what your experience is, particularly if you have any perturb .

USB drive (8 GB or larger) formatted as FAT32

  • If you are on a Mac, you can see how do format your USB drive here. Make sure you select MS-DOS (FAT) as your format. DO NOT select ExFAT.
  • If you are on a Windows PC, you can format your USB properly by downloading Rufus here. Launch the program, (you can allow or disallow it to check for updates; this doesn’t matter) and select your USB device (usually device “D” but could also be E, F, etc. Then for Boot selection choose Non bootable. Finally, under File system choose Fat 32 or Large FAT 32, whichever pops up, and click start.
  • If you are on a Chromebook, simply follow the guide here.

Please uninstall any uniform packs when using this mod

We will fix this in the future, but for immediately, using uniform packs with our mod will cause issues with uniforms appearing falsely for certain teams. You can do this with the adopt directions :

  1. Go to system settings on original Xbox 360 dashboard (not Aurora or Freestyle)
  2. Go to Storage
  3. Select Storage device where the uniform packs are located (either xbox hard drive or external device)
  4. Find your uniforms packs and delete each one.

If you do n’t remember whether or not you purchased or downloaded any consistent packs, then you can skip this dance step for immediately. If you see some teams have faulty uniforms ( ignoring gloves ), then revisit this dance step at that time .

Please delete the title update for the game

We will try to fix this in the future, but for now the deed update will overwrite some of the modded helmets with the establish game helmets. To uninstall the title update, use the stick to directions from Microsoft found here .


For the best feel, download the latest roll down below. This roll is specifically designed and optimized for the College Football Revamped Mod. extra thanks to Vikesfan and his team for making great rosters year after class over on the Operation Sports forum .
An offline interpretation of the file can be downloaded, hera .

XBOX 360 Installation Instructions

1) If you have a disc copy, just follow the instructions in the following videos on how to get the game files in the correct format

  • Getting game files from disc on Aurora Dash
  • Getting game files from disc on Freestyle Dash


Download the CFBR mod files at the bottom of this page and move the files onto the USB that contains the bet on files you extracted from the magnetic disk. In order to see the game on your dash, check the instructions bellow:

Make sure to set the paths to “USB0”!!!

2) If you have an ISO file of NCAA 14

Download the “ Velocity-XEXISO ” software and press out using winRAR or 7Zip. double snap “ velocity.exe ”. Click on “ file ”, then “ open ” and click on “ ISO ”. In the following window, hit “ extract all ” and select an empty booklet inside of your USB. then, equitable download all the CFBR mod files at the penetrate of this page and move them into the same folder that you put the game files in ( replacing the files ). In order to see the game on your dash, check the instructions bellow:
Make sure to set the paths to “USB0”!!!

3) If you have the game on GOD format

  • Games on GOD format looks like this
  • Download GOD2ISO
  • Run GOD2ISO, Press “Add…” and select GOD game identification file (the small file of 44kb). Press “Browse…” and select output path for ISO file. Click “GO!” and ISO will be generated in output directory.
  • Now that you have the game on ISO format, follow the instructions starting at option 2.

If you are struggling at any point, you can besides try to refer to this video recording and try our support channel in our discord server linked below.

4) (NEW!!!) CFBR DLC Installation

  • IMPORTANT: If you previously installed CFBR using our other DLC file, you MUST delete that one and ONLY install the two provided
  • All users need to install these extra DLC files
  • Download the DLC files below (DLC #1 & DLC #2)
  • Locate the “Content” folder on your USB
  • Create the following path on your computer: USB: Content\0000000000000000\454109B6\00000002. (If you are running your game from HDD, you can create the same path on your Xbox using one of the various dashboards: XEX, Aurora or Freestyle, and then transfer the DLC file from USB to HDD)
  • Place the DLC files in 00000002 folder
  • You will know it worked if UTEP has all of their helmets

If you are struggling at any point, you can besides try to refer to this video recording and try our support groove in our disagree server linked below .

DOWNLOAD LINKS (you need all eight)

We apologize for having to use this locate to host our files. We know it has slower download speeds than Google Drive, but it is a authentic web site that offers exempt host. We had to stop using Google Drive because there were excessively many of you trying to download the files ! possibly someday we can host the files ourself, but for now, just use these links. There should be no messages about excessively many people downloading the file anymore .
For help or questions, join our Discord

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