‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2’ release date, trailers, gameplay and everything we know

It ’ randomness official : The Legend of Zelda : hint Of The Wild 2 is very. And whilst that may not be the final name of the sequel to The Legend of Zelda : breath Of The Wild, that ’ s what everyone is calling the Nintendo Switch game at the consequence – Nintendo is being very coy about data for the plot, so much so we don ’ triiodothyronine actually know if that ’ s the title it will release with so far .
For now, Nintendo is sticking to calling the game ‘ Sequel to The Legend of Zelda : breath of the Wild ’. We imagine the entire title may just give something away…
During the company ’ mho Nintendo E3 2021 Direct yesterday back in June 2021, we were not only given a new expression at Breath of the Wild 2, but Nintendo besides supplied us with a fructify of screenshots – showing off more about the game and possibly even leaving us with more questions than answers .

The moment teaser for the bet on actually seemed to show off gameplay, departing the towers and earth-bound trappings of the first game and ushering players to a new universe high above the kingdom of Hyrule. It ’ s not the first time Link has been above the cloud, but it surely is the pretty .
Since its official uncover at E3 2019, there has fair been one early trailer shown at the Nintendo Direct for E3 2021, confirming a free window for the game sometime in 2022. But we ’ ve managed to piece together some interest information about the bet on from barely those two trailers .
here ’ s everything we know about The Legend of Zelda : breath Of The Wild 2 .

The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 release date, platforms and price

Breath of the Wild 2
The Legend Of Zelda : breath Of The Wild 2 entirely has a turn window for 2022. Given that its predecessor launched with the Switch back in March 2017, it could be that Nintendo hope to release it at around the same time. however, it could besides mean Holiday 2022 .
The game is coming entirely to Nintendo Switch. No special editions have however been announced but we would expect it to sell at the stand monetary value as other first-party Nintendo games for £49.99 / $ 59.99 .
ad It is however worth noting that Breath Of The Wild was an outlier, which has an RRP of £59.99, despite still costing $ 59.99 in the US. It stands to cause the same thing could happen again here .

The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 first-look trailer

The Legend Of Zelda : hint Of The Wild 2 was confirmed to be in development during E3 2019, where Nintendo premiered a first search dawdler. The nip shows Link and Zelda exploring a creepy dungeon possibly deep within Hyrule Castle that ’ s home to a malefic force, and a cadaver that may ( or may not ) belong to Ganondorf. In quick cuts that appears as if Link has become trapped, cadaver ’ s eyes besides open, before we a mysterious baron raises Hyrule Castle from the ground .

The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 E3 2021 teaser trailer

During E3 2021, Nintendo provided another tormenter of The Legend Of Zelda : breath Of The Wild 2, which while placid cabalistic on plot data, however provides a glimpse of new gameplay and locations we can expect in this sequel .
Two versions of Link can be seen, one diving through clouds and exploring the skies, while the other is in his blue tunic in Hyrule, so it appears that the crippled will take seat up above adenine well as on the ground, in a nod to The Legend Of Zelda : Skyward Sword. The teaser besides shows new enemies while Link has new Sheikah powers, including one that looks to play with fourth dimension, and another that expands upon the stasis ability in the former game .
again, the teaser ends with a dart of Hyrule Castle floating above the land covered in a malevolent aura, although serene orchestral music playing the beginning few notes of Princess Zelda ’ randomness root can be heard before fading out gently. What could this mean ?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 story and setting

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
As the placeholder title suggests, The Legend Of Zelda : breath Of The Wild 2 is a direct sequel to the events of Breath Of The Wild released in 2017. however, we distillery don ’ t have any concrete information on how retentive after that crippled it is set, and whether or not it will have any sexual intercourse to the events from the by-product Hyrule Warriors : Age Of Calamity .
According to Nintendo ’ mho Bill Trinen, the reason the official style has not been revealed is that it may spoil what actually happens in the game, and the company is not so far ready to divulge these details .
What we do know is that the game will be set in the open populace of Hyrule introduced in Breath Of The Wild – although modern structures and threats may have been added since – but besides new floating islands in the flip. This feel evocative of the global of Skyward Sword but besides Wind Waker, which featured a Hyrule submerged in water while small scattered islands resided above .

The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 – can you play as Zelda?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2
many fans have been hoping that we will ultimately be able to play as Zelda in The Legend Of Zelda : breath Of The Wild 2. While she is lone seen falling into the expiate in the newly tease, other hints suggest that she may take a playable character .
In the foremost 2019 puzzle, Zelda is seen sporting a new short haircut compared to her long hair in the beginning game. Hair physics can be unmanageable to animate so some people believe this raw hairdo may make it easier to developers making Zelda a playable character .
During this puzzle, it besides appears that Link may have been trapped or corrupted by the malefic force out they encounter. Who else to come to the hero ’ mho rescue than the princess herself ?

The latest tormenter besides appears to show two versions of Link, one in the sky, the other on the establish, but they besides look different, with the first clean longer hair ( undercutting the hypothesis of Zelda ’ s shorter hair’s-breadth ) and what appears to be a corrupted right arm. meanwhile, the Link on the ground is wearing blue tunic first introduced in Breath Of The Wild .
In either subject however, the clips are presented with Link ’ s back to the camera while we never actually see his front. Some have suggested that the blue-tunic Link may just be a placeholder for Zelda that Nintendo want to keep under wraps, but it ’ randomness besides not certain if the calculate from the sky is actually Link. He could in fact be another character raw, possibly from another meter .
It ’ s only got fans speculating even further. here ’ s a more thorough breakdown of what ’ s going on in the newfangled Breath Of The Wild 2 trailer and what it could mean .

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