‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Documentary Writer Reacts To Guilty Verdict: Justice Is ‘Complicated’

For decades, young women and girls made sexual mistreat and misbehave allegations against R. Kelly. The R & B singer faces the possibility of life in prison after he was found guilty of racketeer and sex traffic. His indicative music alluded to his proclivity for children, and in 2002, Kelly went to test on charges of making child sexual activity mistreat video. He was found not guilty on all counts. But it was n’t until respective fact-finding reports, including the six-hour-long 2019 documentary series “ Surviving R. Kelly, ” that prosecutors took another look at the accusations. “ Surviving R. Kelly ” is considered the most comprehensive examination look to date of the allegations against the man once known as “ the King of R & B. ”

Writer and executive manufacturer of the docuseries, dream hampton, tweeted shortly after the verdict : “ Grateful to the survivors. The ones who talked and the ones who did n’t. ” For those who survived Kelly ’ s mistreat spanning decades, hampton says she “ hopes it feels like the begin of some justice. ” Hampton has spent much of her adult life organizing against the criminal department of justice arrangement, prisons and police. So she says judge is complicated — reclamation for abusers “ doesn ’ metric ton happen inside prisons, ” and survivors ’ healing can be a life-long and expensive pastime. She notes all the resources at Kelly ’ s disposal to fuel his depredation, like his wealth and secret flights. He maintained staff that controlled half a twelve women at a clock, she says. And with the report around what Kelly ’ s finances look like, hampton says she ’ s been thinking about what restitution for survivors looks like.

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On the media covering survivors’ stories — many women were speaking out from the start

“ Jim Derogatis ‘ [ 21 ] years of report, incredible reporting about Black women, beginning quite honestly with [ journalist ] Lola Ogunnaike. You know, I can remember her going to Chicago ampere soon as that local report was broken by [ Abdon Pallasch ], by Mary [ Mitchell ] and by Jim DeRogatis. And, you know, so the media seeing these women on camera share their stories and reopen that trauma thus that people could feel vitamin a well as listen them. I think it meant something. ” On Kelly’s case being the first major case after the #MeToo movement to specifically seek justice for Black and Brown women “ I ‘d like to think that this means that Black women and girls will be taken seriously. And here I ‘m besides talking about extrajudicially, I ‘m thinking about in our communities, I ‘m thinking about questions of recuperative judge. When women of all races, when victims of sexual crime of all genders go to report these crimes, they ‘re often met with promote abuse quite honestly. There ‘s been so much work done around that, I think of Andrea Ritchie ‘s ‘ Invisible No More. ’ I think of the workplace that Mariame Kaba has done. So I do n’t know that a test is some [ ultimate ] case of how and where department of justice can be found. Again, if this brings the victims some relief, if it puts them on a heal travel, then it brings me relief besides. ” On reconciling with R. Kelly’s music which is still receiving millions of downloads “ This, excessively, is a question for the ages. I ca n’t say that I have some clean record on this. I ‘ve long stopped listening to R. Kelly, who is considered to be probably the greatest R & B singer of my generation. But it was n’t hard to stop listening to him knowing adenine early as 2002, when the tape of him abusing a 14 year old went viral on the streets pre-Internet, it was easy to stop putting money in his pocket, knowing how he was using that money.

“ For those who find it impossible to stop streaming his records — he ‘s back at 5 million streams a month, which is about his average — just know that your money will go toward a restitution store for some of his victims. With the conviction, it changes the dynamics of this whole report when it comes to the fiscal restitution. “ The question of art versus artist is an old one. And like I said, I failed many times. I remember Pearl Cleage from another generation wrote a book about Miles Davis after his autobiography was released and she asked that we boycott him. And I tried and I failed. When I go to the south of France, which I do, I go and I visit the Picasso Museum knowing that this man rearranged the interiors of these women ‘s lives in substantial animation, not barely on canvass, [ and ] that he was fabulously abusive. So this is an age-old motion and I do n’t have the answer to it. But if you are unable to stop listen to R. Kelly, I hope that your money goes toward the victim fund. ” Samantha Raphelson produced and edited this interview for circulate with Peter O’Dowd. Serena McMahon adapted it for the web .

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