Nicki Minaj Explains Why She’s Done With Previewing New Music

Nicki Minaj is done previewing newly music .
The Young Money rapper has been getting thoroughly press over the weekend over her real Housewives of Potomac appearance, where she co-hosted with Cohen. Fans were happy to see her and had her swerve, but it wasn ’ t long before the topic of music came up .
Nicki Minaj has not released new music since final when she was meaning with her son. Since giving birth, she has kept out of the populace eye as she raises her son but besides encounters the dumb legal battles her husband Kenneth Petty is facing over his old attempted rape charge .
When asked about new music, the artist says she won ’ thymine tease modern music at all because of “ besides many frauds ” trying to start gripe.

A fan asked her, “ miss mama can we please get a lil teaser of something we are desperate for music. ”
Nicki Minaj, however, crisply replied- “ No. never again will I tell you guy sxht about shxt qi. Y ’ all know. IYKYK. Sorry booski. wish I could hush do those things like the previous days but excessively many frauds just lookn for sum to beef bout chi. So nope. just know tho, ” she said as she ended the pinch with the kiss lips emoji .

Minaj besides said she wouldn ’ thyroxine be opening back her comments section for fans to comment .
It ’ south indecipherable why she had closed off her comments, but she had done it around the time of Jennifer Hough ’ s lawsuit being filed.

A fan asked : “ can you open your comments on instagram ? So we can comment on your page fagot. ”
Minaj gave a flat no to the request. “ Babe no. I see all the tweets asking me to. I see yttrium ’ all telling me the benefits, etc, thanks guys. ”
She late added that she was aware that her Barbz were “ BEYOND patient, ” and that she didn ’ t take it for granted. It ’ mho ill-defined whether she was speaking about a timeline for releasing music or opening her comments segment .

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