These are the Best Nicki Minaj Features

If you were expecting a different song to be first, you must be lost. “ Monster ” has become a raw material Nicki song, and it ’ s not even hers. evening Kanye admitted that Nicki ate him up on his own song. Nicki embodies “ Monster ” in the pun she uses, along with her ill-famed vocal variety show throughout her blame. additionally, her change egos “ Barbie ” and “ Roman ” fighting on the track adds a fun part to the music video that makes you want to hit repeat. Nicki ’ s verse in “ Monster ” is a favorite among Barbs, non-Barbs, and even early musicians. Who would ’ ve think that even Adele knows Nicki ’ mho poetry on “ Monster ” direct !

“ Like MJ ’ second doctor, ” this birdcall killed me ! No matchless could ever match Beyoncé ’ s ferocity on a path until “ Flawless ( Remix ) ” came around. Nicki and Beyoncé are pioneers for Black women in music, and to hear both on one song was mind-bending and inspiring. In all honesty, this song should replace the “ Pledge of Allegiance. ” It ’ s a pity there ’ s no official music video, but at least we have a concert performance to make up for it .

This racetrack brought back Nicki ’ s alter ego “ Roman ” and showed the maniac inside her that we love. Nicki pokes fun at B.o.B throughout her verse on “ Outta My Mind. ” She even uses a snatch of B.o.B ’ mho hit “ Airplanes ” against him. It ’ randomness all in good fun, but Nicki ’ south shots at B.o.B are quite cold and this feels less like a collaboration and more of a dis track. I much wonder where B.o.B went, and it ’ s credibly into hiding after Nicki devoured him on his birdcall .

This song inspired this list. As a kyd, “ Hold Yuh ” played at every party and family meet. The original was already a hit in the Caribbeans, and then Nicki hopped on for the remix and it blew up even in non-Caribbean spaces. Throughout her career, Nicki has embraced her trinidadian roots and added elements of Caribbean slang and sounds to her songs. She ’ randomness helped our acculturation progress into mainstream media and “ Hold Yuh ” started it all. While Gyptian ’ s original version might be perfect, Nicki managed to elevate it even further. Spotify, please add the remix to your platforms — I ’ thousand beggary you !

Every time I hear the name “ Trey, ” I can ’ t assistant but think of this song. It besides brings me bet on to rapping Nicki ’ s verse at ninth grade homecoming. We know that Nicki loves to change her flow in her raps, and “ Bottoms Up ” is an perplex example. not only is Nicki ’ s verse attention-getting, but it ’ randomness fun specially when replicating her mannerisms in the music video. a a lot as I love Trey Songz, he has to thank Nicki for giving him his best and most popular song of his career.

There are no words to describe my love for “ Side to Side. ” “ I ’ m the tabby of rap, new Ariana run pop ” gave me chills in 2016. The music video is killer and their live performances were out of this earth. Maybe it ’ s the worship they have for each other, but Ariana and Nicki naturally work well together. Both women are vastly talented and “ Side to Side ” proves this. There ’ mho only one question I have about this birdcall — what is a “ cock bicycle ? ”

Young Money was the Avengers before the Avengers became popular. The record tag assisted in heightening the careers of many of our front-runner rap artists, including Drake and Nicki. Drake and Nicki have made music together since the begin of their careers, and “ Up All Night ” was one of their beginning projects. Both fit each early well about as a puzzle on this song. “ Up All Night ” is an necessity Drake and Nicki track that ’ ll get you hyped up .

This collaboration did not old age well, but it ’ second still one of my favorites. Nicki and Mariah have a complicated history and that ’ randomness reflected by Season 12 of “ american Idol. ” Before that though, Nicki and Mariah made “ Up Out My Face, ” an anthem you blast when your man ’ mho acting. Both women have such distinct personalities and music styles, and it blends beautifully on this track. possibly a Nicki and Mariah reconciliation is the key to saving 2020 ?

Nicki delivers some of her most cagey lines on her collaborations with Yo Gotti. In fact, I couldn ’ metric ton choose a better path. Yo Gotti brings something out in Nicki. Nicki loves popular culture references and her songs with Gotti feature many. From, “ Miley, what ’ sulfur good ” to, “ Race with Chyna, ” Nicki takes her plays on words over the edge with Gotti. No discourtesy to him, but Nicki is the only cause I listen to his music to be quite honest .

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