10 songs to get you pumped for a big night out

You know the feeling. You’re around at your mate’s house, getting ready for a big night out or just chilling before you hit the town.

The scene is set for a big night out, but there’s one problem: the tunes just ain’t working for you.

Don’t worry about it. Below, you’ll find ten tracks guaranteed to get you pumped up for a night on the town. And relax, this is a Black Eyes Peas-free zone.

So grab the aux cord (or the WiFi password for the Bluetooth), and get ready to impress your mates with your mad selecta skills…

1. DRAKE feat. WizKid and Kyla – ‘One Dance’

At this stage (it’s four years old this year), this Drake track could be classed as an ‘oldie’. As far as playlists go, however, it’s the perfect scene-setter. A track that pretty much everyone knows, use this slick little number to grab peoples’ attention and them WHAM! – before you know it, everyone’s turning to the speaker and wondering who’s taken control of the tunes. Perfect.

2. KYGO & WHITNEY HOUSTON – ‘Higher Love’

Staying with the theme of ‘familiar, yet still a total bop’, this Whitney Houston cover of the Steve Winwood track dates from 1990. However, when Norwegian DJ Kygo took command of it last year, putting a dance spin on it, it was a huge hit – topping charts in several countries and giving the late Houston her most successful song since 1999’s ‘Your Love is My Love’.

3. MURA MASA feat. NAO – ‘Firefly’

‘Lovesick’ may be Mura Masa’s biggest hit, but we’re big fans of this groovy track. Featuring vocals by the seriously underrated Nao, the 2015 release is beautifully understated, finger-clickingly soulful and really quite brilliant. You’ll have the crowd on side in no time at all with this song.


Alright, time to ramp the pace up a little bit. It was one of the biggest hits of 2017 and there’s no question that this song will feature on playlists twenty years from now; it’s got that timeless feel. If this doesn’t get bodies moving, something’s going seriously wrong with your party. Are your mates okay?

5. SIGMA – ‘Nobody to Love’

Kanye may have killed it with ‘Bound 2’, but we’d argue that Sigma’s reworking of his track into a drum ‘n’ bass song is arguably an improvement upon the original. Their 2014 hit is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser and will inject a bit of ‘Waaaaaaaarghhhh!’ factor into any social gathering. Trust us on this one.

6. J HUS – ‘Must Be’

He’s one of the hottest names in British hip-hop right now – and it’s easy to see why with tracks like this. The 23-year-old has spearheaded the new genre of afro-swing and this cut, from his recently-released second album ‘Big Conspiracy’, is pretty faultless.

7. STORMZY – ‘Vossi Bop’

There’s only one man on the UK grime scene who could rub shoulders with Ed Sheeran on one track, win over Glastonbury with another and top the charts with a song that gleefully denounces the government. You don’t need to be British to enjoy rapping ‘F**k Boris’; this song is a stealthy banger that’s for all of the people, all of the time.

8. DISCLOSURE – ‘You & Me’ (Flume remix)

Where have Disclosure been? It seems like we’ve been waiting ages for that third album. Just as well that they have songs like this in their back catalogue. The duo’s 2013 song ‘You & Me’ is brilliant – but the Flume remix is superb, completely transforming it from a zippy dance number to a woozy, offbeat mindf**k.

9. MAJOR LAZER – ‘Pon de Floor’

If your party’s been mesmerised by the previous song, there’s only one thing that’ll fix it – this surefire banger, which still has one of the best intros of any tune, ever. Yes, really. It’s 11 years old this year, but it’s still a killer song. And y’know, if it’s good enough for Beyonce to sample (on ‘Run the World (Girls)’), it’s good enough to start your big night out.

10. HOT CHIP – ‘Ready for the Floor’

There’s only one thing left to do: pack yourselves up, ring the taxi, finish your ablutions and shimmy out the door. And there’s one one song that’s best suited for that: this dance-pop gem. Turn it up loud – the neighbours won’t mind.

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