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There has been nothing on a Holiday movie told from the point-of-view of a Latino family. That is until “ Nothing Like The Holidays ”. Being a hispanic myself, at first I was doubtful that this composition would fly and devour creativity in a Holiday film. I mean all I would have to do is videotape my own family Holiday gatherings, put the footage in a film editing machine and there you have it= A hispanic Holiday snap. But I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with the cinematic endowment of “ Nothing Like The Holidays ”. Alfred Molina and Elizabeth Pena toy Edy & Anna Rodriguez, the paternal protagonists of the flick. Mr. E-Rod and Mrs. A-Rod ( not the matchless you ‘re thinking ) occupy in an area of Humboldt Park in west Chicago. They own a convenient grocery store memory. Freddy Rodriguez plays their military son Jesse who served in Iraq. John Leguizamo plays the eldest son Mauricio, a successful New York executive married to a career-driven gringa named Sarah portrayed by Debra Messing. And Vanessa Ferlito plays the impertinent daughter Roxanna Rodriguez, an amateur actress living in Tinsletown. It is the Holidays, so the Rod Clan unites and shoot steroids. Oops, wrong Rodriguez story ( Sorry A-Rod, the one you are thinking. ) Anyways, The Rodriguez do reunite for Christmas and as many latinos would tell you “ there is never a dull moment ” when that ritual happens. The latin vacation dinners are filled with lechon, maduros, jamon, turrones, plenty of alcohol but of path there are spices of vivaciousness, neurosis, dominance, machismoism, and egoism. And there is enough of that in the Rodriguez kin and even leftovers for their close friends. Let ‘s precisely say that “ silent Night ” is not the Latino Christmas Theme Song. Eventual subplots of The Rodriguez Bunch are what create the plot line toy dog of “ Nothing Like The Holidays ”. But I will not scrooge it up and open that plot stage, and let you see for yourself. Director Alfredo De Villa developed an effective relational latin american Christmas character greenwich village in helming the film. And Writers Greetings goes out to Screenwriters Alison Swan and Rick Najera for their entertain and endearing screenplay. The acting ensemble of the film was not lacking with authentic thespian presence, but Alfred Molina and Freddy Rodriguez performances were the ones in the acting wonderland department. however, top dissemble nods here goes to Debra Messing for her fantastic performance ; you just do n’t mess with the Messing ! I did besides enjoy strong supporting work from Jay Rodriguez and the great Luis Guzman as friends of the family. To wrap it up, “ nothing Like The Holidays ” is something for the Holidays to make you smile ! **** good

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