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all right Go did n’t find an audience until 2005, when the band began creating homemade music video to support its combination of off-kilter guitars, Pixies/Cars fetishism, and straightforward office toss off sensibilities. Recognizing the growing popularity of websites like YouTube, the group shot a camp dance video for “ A Million Ways, ” a sung from its sophomore album, Oh No. It promptly became the most download music video recording in history, and OK Go won a Grammy Award for their follow-up subsequent video — this one featuring the bandmates dancing on treadmills — while continuing to produce clever, melodious pop music.

Originally consisting of vocalist/guitarist Damian Kulash, guitarist Andrew Duncan, bassist Tim Nordwind, and drummer Dan Konopka, OK Go formed during the fall of 1998. Prior to Kulash ‘s move from the East Coast to Chicago, the other three members of OK Go had played together in the Chicago-based band Stanley ‘s Joyful Noise. once formed, OK Go garnered considerable media care in the Windy City without having recorded a single album, their success attributed partially to an exuberant bouncy show and opening spots for heavyweights like Elliott Smith and the Promise Ring. They soon released a pair of three-song compact disk singles to tide fans over until a full-length could be completed, and besides served as the de facto firm band for a tour version of the NPR course of study This american Life. OK Go finally signed with Capitol and issued an eponymous debut in September 2002, scoring a modest modern rock radio hit with “ Get Over It. ”

When the jazz band returned in August 2005 to issue the sophomore effort Oh No, it was without guitarist Duncan, who ‘d left after sessions for the album had ended. His replacement was Andy Ross, who joined the ring in creating a copulate of clever, low-budget video recording. The snip for “ A Million Ways ” featured the bandmates practicing complicated dance steps in person ‘s backyard ; consisting of one long take, it spawned countless fan tributes online and helped make the actual sung a hit in Europe. several months later, the popular “ hera It Goes Again ” found OK Go dancing once again — this time on a series of moving treadmills — and the song became a top 40 shoot in America and the U.K. OK Go took home a Grammy Award for the latter video and finally returned to the read studio apartment, where they created an EP, 2008 ‘s You ‘re not alone. The album Of the Blue Colour of the Sky followed in 2010 and cracked the top 40, thanks in separate to singles like “ This Too Shall Pass ” and “ End Love. ” The group toured heavily in support of the album, logging 180 shows in 2010 alone. Some of the shows were recorded, and the result footage was released the following year as 180/365, a bouncy album featuring mixing from Dave Fridmann, who OK Go would work with again on their fourthly studio album, Hungry Ghosts, in 2014.

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