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American commemorate manufacturer and audio engineer from New York
musical artist
Oladipo Omishore ( wear 17 July 1985 ), known professionally as Dot da Genius is an american record manufacturer and audio engineer from Brooklyn, New York City. He is possibly best known for producing “ Day ‘n ‘ Nite “, the debut single of longtime friend and collaborator, American recording artist Kid Cudi, with whom he later formed a rock band known as WZRD. [ 1 ] Engaged in diverse music production ventures, Dot district attorney Genius has besides signed a print deal with Universal Music Group, launched his own label HeadBanga Muzik Group and has since employed a blend engineer ( Jay Powell ). He has besides collaborated with several big artists in the music diligence, such as King Chip and Jhené Aiko, among others. [ 2 ]

Life and career [edit ]

1986–2005 : early life [edit ]

Oladipo Omishore is from the Brooklyn borough of New York City. He is of Yoruba ( Nigerian ) inheritance. [ 3 ] [ 4 ] His parents always encouraged his interest in music, and at the historic period of seven, his don sent him to the Brooklyn Music School for piano lessons, where he studied with Tom Coote. Omishore preferred playing the guitar, but learning how to play a keyboard instrument was very beneficial belated in biography when he started producing. He attended Polytechnic Institute of New York University in New York, where he studied electric mastermind and graduated in 2009. [ 2 ]

2006–2009 : career beginnings and producing for Kid Cudi [edit ]

Omishore began his career in sound-mixing in 2003 at New York University by using Image-Line ‘s FL Studio program. In 2004, Omishore created a studio in his basement with equipment bought by his parents and would later call it “ Head Banga Muzik Studios. ” [ 5 ] After gaining care for his production, he decided to change locations to the Brewery Recording Studio. In May 2009, Da Genius partnered up with Andrew Krivonos, owner of Brewery Recording Studio, and helped move the studio to North Brooklyn in a raw adeptness. [ 6 ] Omishore and Kid Cudi met in 2006, and they lived together for two years. Both artists found a actual like for one another, and chose to work with each early on several music productions. “ Day N ‘ Nite ” turned out to be the biggest hit production that both of them worked on together, with Omishore providing the beats and Cudi tap and sing over the music. He produced the song in Head Banga Muzik Studios, and used several different methods of mix and synthesizing the beats on this traverse. The birdcall took a total of two days to complete, from the implemental being made to the racetrack ‘s concluding arrangements. No edits were made after that two-day process ended. It was finished in 2007 and became democratic two years late, in 2009. [ 2 ] ” Day N ‘ Nite ” reached the lead three in the United States and the United Kingdom. [ 2 ] It was released under the labels GOOD Music, Fool ‘s aureate Records, Universal Motown Records, and Data Records. It is featured on the album Man on the Moon: The End of Day .

2010–present : WZRD [edit ]

WZRD is Omishore and Kid Cudi ‘s collaboration alternative rock band. Kid Cudi focuses on the vocals, while Omishore is responsible for the production. [ 7 ] together, they produced a self-made album titled WZRD. much of their inspiration behind the album came from their love for Nirvana, The Pixies, and Pink Floyd. [ 7 ] They recorded much of the album in either their tour bus while they were on the road, or Cudi ‘s basement studio in Hollywood Hills. [ 8 ] This album contained absolutely no profanity, including the “ newton bible ” that many rappers broadly use. [ 9 ] The album was first released on February 28, 2012. It reportedly sold 70,499 copies in its open week. [ 10 ] Although Cudi finds the marketing and forwarding of the album weak by Universal Music Group, it landed the total three spot on the album sales chart. [ 11 ] Universal Music Group besides allegedly under-shipped copies of the album. [ 12 ] While “ Dose of Dopeness ” was released prior to the free of WZRD, it was not featured on the album. [ 13 ] In 2018, Omishore and Woodro Skillson announced the sign language of James Japan to their label, HeadBanga Muzik Group. [ 14 ]

In 2020, Omishore scored his first number-one strike single on the Billboard Hot 100, when “ The Scotts, ” a collaborative attempt between Cudi and his protege Travis Scott, debuted at the top spot in the US chart .

art [edit ]

musical style [edit ]

Omishore is a self-taught music producer and mastermind. [ 2 ]

Influences [edit ]

Among Omishore ’ s favorite albums of all time are Pink Floyd ‘s The Dark Side of the Moon, Dr. Dre ‘s The Chronic, Outkast ‘s ATLiens, and Coldplay ‘s Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. [ 15 ]

personal life [edit ]

Omishore has one daughter, from a previous relationship. [ 16 ] In September 2014, American singer-songwriter Jhené Aiko, revealed she and Omishore were in a relationship. The two revealed their marriage in March 2016. [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 17 ] [ 18 ] On August 9, 2016, Jhené Aiko filed for disassociate citing irreconcilable differences. [ 19 ] The divorce was finalized in October 2017. [ 20 ] [ 21 ]

production discography [edit ]

Awards and nominations [edit ]

BET Hip Hop Awards [edit ]

Year Nominated work Award Result
2009[22] Day ‘n’ Nite BET Hip Hop Award for Track of the Year Nominated
Day ‘n’ Nite BET Hip Hop Award for Best Hip Hop Video Nominated

Grammy Awards [edit ]

MTV Video Music Awards [edit ]

mtvU Woodie Awards [edit ]

Year Nominated Work Award Result
2009[25] “Day ‘n’ Nite Best Video Woodie Nominated

Filmography [edit ]

  • A Man Named Scott (2021) – Himself

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