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1994 studio album by Blur
Parklife is the third studio album by the English rock band Blur, released on 25 April 1994 on food Records. After disappoint sales for their previous album Modern Life Is Rubbish ( 1993 ), Parklife returned Blur to bulge in the UK, helped by its four score singles : “ Girls & Boys “, “ end of a Century “, “ Parklife “ and “ To the end “. Certified four times platinum in the United Kingdom, [ 1 ] in the year following its dismissal the album came to define the emerging Britpop setting, along with the album Definitely Maybe by future rivals Oasis. Britpop in turning would form the spine of the broader Cool Britannia movement. Parklife consequently has attained a cultural meaning above and beyond its considerable sales and critical acclaim, cementing its status as a landmark in british rock candy music. [ 2 ] It has sold over five million copies worldwide. [ citation needed ] In 2015, Spin included the album in their list of “ The 300 Best Albums of 1985–2014 ”. [ 3 ]

Recording [edit ]

In 1990, a year before Blur ‘s introduction album, Damon Albarn, the band ‘s singer, had told a group of music journalists, “ When our third base album comes out, our place as the quintessential English band of the ’90s will be assured. That is a childlike argument of fact. I intend to write it in 1994. ” [ 4 ] After the completion of recording sessions for Blur ‘s previous album, Modern Life Is Rubbish, Albarn began to write prolifically. Blur demoed Albarn ‘s new songs in groups of two and threes. [ 5 ] Due to their precarious fiscal put at the time, Blur promptly went back into the studio with producer Stephen Street to record their third album. [ 6 ] Blur met at the Maison Rouge recording studio in August 1993 to record their next album. [ 5 ] The commemorate was a relatively firm procedure, apart from the song “ This Is a first gear “. While the members of Blur were pleased with the final result, Food Records owner David Balfe was not, telling the dance band ‘s management “ This is a err ”. Soon afterwards, Balfe sold Food to EMI. [ 7 ]

music [edit ]

Blur frontman Damon Albarn told NME in 1994, “ For me, Parklife is like a loosely linked concept album involving all these unlike stories. It ‘s the travels of the mystic lager-eater, seeing what ‘s going on in the earth and commenting on it. ” Albarn cited the Martin Amis novel London Fields as a major influence on the album. Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher was once quoted saying that Parklife was, “ Like Southern England personified ”. [ 8 ] The songs themselves span many genres, such as the synthpop -influenced hit single “ Girls & Boys “, the instrumental walk-in interlude of “ The Debt Collector ”, the bum rock-influenced “ Bank Holiday ”, the spaced-out, Syd Barrett -esque “ Far Out ”, [ 9 ] and the fairly newfangled wave -influenced “ trouble oneself in the message Centre ”. Journalist John Harris commented that while many of the album ‘s songs “ reflected Albarn ‘s claims to a bittersweet take on the UK ‘s human patchwork ”, stating that several songs, including “ To the end “ ( featuring Lætitia Sadier of Stereolab ) and “ Badhead ” “ dwell in a much more personal space ”. [ 10 ]

deed and cover [edit ]

The album was in the first place going to be entitled London and the album cover blastoff was going to be of a fruit-and-vegetable cart. Albarn stated banteringly, “ That was the final meter that Dave Balfe was, sort of, privy to any decision or creative process with us, and that was his final contribution : to call it London “. [ 11 ] The overlay refers to the british pastime of greyhound race. [ 12 ] Most of the pictures in the candle booklet are of the ring in the greyhound racing venue Walthamstow Stadium, although the actual brood was not shoot there. [ 13 ] The album cover for Parklife was among the ten chosen by the Royal Mail for a fructify of “ authoritative album Cover ” postage stamps issued in January 2010. [ 14 ] [ 15 ]

reception [edit ]

Parklife was met with critical acclaim. Johnny Dee, reviewing Parklife for NME, called it “ a great pop phonograph record ”, adding “ On newspaper it sounds like hell, in practice it ‘s joyous. ” [ 20 ] Paul Evans of Rolling Stone stated that with “ one of this year ‘s best album ”, the band “ realize their brash ambition : to reassert all the stylus and wit, boy bond and stardom aspiration that in the first place made british rock so dazzling. ” [ 23 ] Conversely, Robert Christgau of The Village Voice indicated that the only good sung on the album was “ Girls & Boys ”. [ 26 ] Parklife remains one of the most applaud albums of the 1990s. In a retrospective inspection, AllMusic ‘s Stephen Thomas Erlewine commented : “ By tying the past and the portray in concert, Blur articulated the mid-’90s zeitgeist and produced an epoch-defining record. ” [ 16 ] On Acclaimed Music which aggregates critical impression of music, Parklife is ranked as the 5th best album of 1994, the 28th best of the 1990s and the 164th best of all fourth dimension. [ 27 ]

commercial performance [edit ]

Upon unblock, Parklife debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart and stayed on the chart for 90 weeks. [ 28 ] [ 29 ] It reached numeral six on the Billboard Top Heatseekers album graph in the United States. [ 30 ] In the UK it sold 27,000 copies in its first base week and would see a revival in sales the workweek before Christmas of 1994, with weekly sales of 40,000. [ 31 ] Parklife is Blur ‘s bestselling studio album in the UK, with just over a million copies sold. [ 31 ]

Accolades [edit ]

Parklife has received accolades since its official release and is largely seen as one of the best albums of the 1990s. The album was nominated to the 1994 Mercury Prize, but it lost to M People ‘s Elegant Slumming. [ 32 ] Blur besides won four awards at the 1995 Brit Awards, including Best british Album for Parklife. [ 33 ] The album was listed as one of the 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. [ 34 ]

In 2000 it was voted count 95 in Colin Larkin ‘s All Time Top 1000 Albums. [ 35 ] He stated “ Parklife was a sandbag album of high-quality, undeniably english start. ” In 2003, Pitchfork placed the album at total 54 on their Top 100 Albums of the 1990s tilt. [ 36 ] In 2006, British Hit Singles & Albums and NME organised a poll of which, 40,000 people cosmopolitan voted for the 100 best albums ever and Parklife was placed at number 34 on the list. [ 37 ] The album has been hailed as a “ Britpop authoritative ”. [ 38 ] In April 2014, American LGBT magazine Metro Weekly ranked the album at number 29 in its list of the “ 50 Best Alternative Albums of the 90s ”. [ 39 ] In July 2014, Guitar World placed Parklife in its “ Superunknown : 50 Iconic Albums That Defined 1994 ” list. [ 40 ] The album was ranked at number 171 on Spin ‘s “ The 300 Best Albums of the Past 30 Years ( 1985–2014 ) ” list. [ 41 ] In 2017, Pitchfork listed the album at number two in its number “ The 50 Best Britpop Albums ”. [ 42 ] In 2020, Rolling Stone ranked the album at number 438 in their list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. [ 43 ]

track list [edit ]

All lyrics are written by Damon Albarn, except for “ Far Out ” by Alex James ; all music is composed by Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James and Dave Rowntree .

Japanese edition bonus track
No. Title Length
17. “Girls & Boys” Pet Shop Boys 12″ remix) 7:16

All lyrics are written by Albarn, except “ red Necks ” written by Coxon, and “ Alex ‘s Song ” written by James ; all music is composed by Albarn, Coxon, James and Rowntree, except “ Alex ‘s Song ”, written by James .

Japanese edition bonus track
No. Title Length
33. “Girls & Boys” ( demonstration adaptation ) 4:54
Bonus disc notes
  • 17 to 20 from “Girls and Boys” single (March 1994)
  • 21 to 23 from “To the End” single (May 1994)
  • 24 to 27 from “Parklife” single (August 1994)
  • 28 and 29 from “End of a Century” single (November 1994)
  • 30 and 31 previously unreleased BBC Radio 1 – Simon Mayo, 1994
  • 32 from “End of a Century” Spanish CD Promo
  • 33 is previously unreleased

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Notes [edit ]

  • Parklife at YouTube (streamed copy where licensed)
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