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european Roulette by Realtime Gaming is one of those games responsible for thrilling casino feel. It is a arrant gamble bet on, and there are no necessity skills you need to master. here at Red Dog Casino, we give you a undertake to have the best possible roulette experience while playing with us .

Specific Rules and Table Limits

enough of roulette variants are available on-line, but most players love to play its european random variable because of the graphics and utmost win chances .
The entertaining wheel of the European Roulette is separated into 37 divisions. apart from the numeral 0, the wheel has divisions for numbers 1 to 36. The 0th pocket is of greens color, while the 1 to 36 pockets are alternatively colored in red and black.

For act, all you need to do is place your bet with that pocket, which you think will hold the ball after the whirl round .

How to Play the Game

In the European Roulette game mise en scene, the layout of the mesa consists of two types, inside and away bets. For inside bets, the player wagers in the inner section of the layout. The external bets offer better winning odds but lower payouts. They include bets on red or black, odd or even, high gear ( 19-36 ), low ( 1-18 ), and others .
Besides, few other bet options are available for you, accommodated by the wheel ’ s number sequence. Known as call bets or announced bets, these wagering methods surround the entire roulette roulette wheel. These bets can be adenine big as a group of 17 numbers. You need to select a section of the race track, and the dealer will put your chips on it.

How to Win the Game

The payouts of roulette deviate based on the character of bets you have placed. A bet on colors, flush or odd, senior high school and low offer 1:1 payout, whereas a bet of 1 total heterosexual denotes 35:1 payout. here are a few tips on playing european Roulette on-line. The tips in this inspection will assist you in moving towards bigger winnings .

  • Playing Smart Denotes Winning

    We know that going for a specific number increases your payout, but the chances of winning are lower. A smarter thing to do is wager on multiple numbers and increase your winning chances. Yes, payouts will be lesser, but a win is a win!
  • Know the Game You are Playing

    Random gambling without knowledge of the gaming rules is the misuse of your bankroll. Hence, before playing, learn all the rules and different betting methods for making your wagering style more effective.
  • Free Game Before Real Money Mode

    You should practice playing efficiently, and playing real money versions without sufficient experience means welcoming the losses. Hence, always play European Roulette online for free before the real money version. Playing for fun will enable the gaining of experience and develop an insight into the game.


Can I play free roulette without registering?

Yes, for playing the show version, you don ’ t need to register .

Is the game available on mobile phones?

Yes, the gambling wheel is compatible with mobile devices, though on a smaller shield.

What is the house edge of the European Roulette?

european Roulette holds the lowest house edge, merely 2.70 .

Is online European Roulette fair?

Powered by an RNG system, it produces random and honest outcomes .


european Roulette casino game by Realtime Gaming, in all means, is the very gem for the gamble enthusiasts. here, at El Royale Casino, you will be provided with the best possible bet on know .

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