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European Roulette – video roulette online

A modern casino or a game club can not be imagined without a roulette. For its 200-year history, roulette has become the most popular gamble in the world, the most interest and dynamic .
The game Roulette, developed by BELATRA, has long won popularity among players, and the slot machines with this game compete with many slot machines. today we are glad to present your beloved Roulette in a new format – immediately online !
This game is a authoritative european roulette with one “ zero ”. The design of the bet on mesa is angstrom close as possible to the real mechanical roulette. There is everything hera : the betting field, and the alleged “ path, ” and the wheel to which the virtual ball will be thrown, and even the table of “ cold ” and “ hot ” cells, that is, the numbers that most rarely and most much fall out recently. The player is offered with the aid of chips to bet on the main gambling screen door, equally good as on the sector for oral bets. In the Rules, players can find the names and types of bets. After that, the actor run spinning the roulette, after the falls out winning number is determined the sum number of credits that will be credited to the player. In the game, there are many variants of rates from rates with a small 2 : 1 odds ( rates “ Red-Black ”, “ Even-Odd ”, “ Small-Large ” ) to rates with a maximal coefficient of 36 : 1 ( rate per number ).

Like all on-line games developed by BELATRA, “ Roulette ” is translated into 11 languages, which allows you to bet in the most democratic game from anywhere in the world.

Jackpot “Wheel of Fortune”
Bonus for each actor – super-jackpot “ Wheel of Fortune ”. To get a luck to spin the bicycle, you need only do one thing : play ! Each whirl of the drums brings points jp into your hoggish bank. The numeral of points awarded for one rotation depends on the current bet and denomination of the game. And when you collect 2000 points, two wheels will appear on the screen. Untwist the beginning wheel and get extra points, double or triple the jp-scores during the following games or go to the big Wheel of Fortune. The main respect on it is the jackpot, the amount of which is indicated on the screen .
You can play in game Roulette for unblock, without registering on our web site. If you are going to play on-line roulette for real money, you will find it on on-line casino sites !

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