Here Is A Playlist Of Nigerian Sex Songs, Just For You

By Fatiat Saliu
When I pitched the mind of a Naija-centric sex playlist to my editor, I expected some pushback : he ’ s a millennial, and you know that many nigerian millennials have a tendency to be button-down. ( I ’ d have added his historic period, but there ’ s a chance that I would be treated to an castigation. ) then, imagine my surprise when my editor gave me the green light and even suggested some songs for the playlist .
For people who watch the series The Bold Type, this article is of the Jane Sloan assortment, merely that I didn ’ triiodothyronine get the opportunity to “ test the products ” .
A few years ago, one of my writer friends named Priye posted a serial of updates on his WhatsApp condition, wherein he shared some tips on how to pleasure a womanhood during sex. There were a match of notes he shared that I still can ’ t get out of my head. According to him, when one of your senses – sight, hearing, touch, smack, or taste – is shut out, intimate pleasure is heightened. I didn ’ t take it seriously, until recently when I did some inquiry and I found out that it ’ s actually a prove scientific phenomenon. When you lose any of your senses, the rest sharpens to make you promptly adapt to the new position.

It ’ mho park cognition that when we listen to songs that we think are in truth good, we experience miniature orgasms. now, imagine that you are listening to orgasmic music while literally having an orgasm. An orgasm inside of an orgasm ? Like, the Inception of orgasms ? To quote Omah Lay, bloody, damn, damn !
sol, we ’ ve curated a playlist specially for you to “ test out ” this new cognition. To thoroughly enjoy this, we recommend using earbuds, headphones, or a Bluetooth loudspeaker, if you are hesitant to let go of that much control, or you are scared that your neighbours will hear you. Use earbuds, though. seriously .

  1. Ocean Odunsi The Engine & Nonso Amadi

Drawn from War, the collaborative 4-track EP released by Odunsi The Engine and Nonso Amadi in 2017, this is such a cool song, which is why it ’ s the perfect sung to ease you into the climate. The intimate insinuation are elusive and 75 % of the time, the vocal music pitch of both artistes is down to a rustle, which increases the sexual tension in the board. The hook delivered by Odunsi runs along the lines of “ I wan na drown in the ocean ”. Take that to mean your spouse is anxious to drown in your ocean, so honey, let them .

  1. TonongoLojay & Sarz

The leash one from their collaborative EP Lv N Attn, “ Tonongo ” is a statement of lubricious captive from the fast-rising Lojay and Sarz “ the bad manufacturer ”. The drums blend nicely with Lojay ’ s piano Alto, painting images of a lady scantily invest in lingerie dancing seductively in a room dimly light up in red. While your partner is discovering your erogenous zones and exploring your crevices, let Lojay ’ s caramel voice soothe you and let Sarz ’ south production make sweet explosive love to you .
3. Tattoo – Fireboy DML

This song is angstrom denotative as it gets, and Fireboy ’ s calligraphy works to panty-wetting effect. The lyrics are lead, and there ’ s no ambiguity as to what intentions lie in store. While your partner lays claim to your torso, let their hands and genitalia brand you like a tattoo. You can see the raw desire in their eyes, and in situations like this, let fingers quite than lips do the talking .
4. Panty! Lojay & Sarz

“Baby commando, fire the missile ”.
intimate insinuation are rife in this playlist. We know. That ’ randomness why we chose it. It ’ sulfur besides quite misprint. Lojay intelligibly prefers to see his sleep together pastime in less fabric, and the tone of his falsetto makes that pretty obvious. We expect that you both would have “ moved past this phase ” in flinging your defences down the floor with your clothes, but if you haven ’ metric ton, you can take advantage of this opportunity to lip-synch to Lojay as you compliment them on the s tate  of their body.

  1. Lemonade – Ria Sean

While reading the instructions below, you ’ five hundred find that we suggested using fruits to engage the feel of taste. You can besides use wine or juices. There ’ randomness this popular game played at semi-nudist clubs, where you suck alcohol out of person ’ s belly button and use a slice of lemon to cool your clapper. You can absolutely try that. It ’ south no concurrence that Ria Sean ’ s “ Lemonade ” is in this playlist : digest the lyrics and thank us former .

  1. Sweet One– Wizkid

Whoever described Wizkid ’ s Made In Lagos album as “ wine, sex and vibration ” wasn ’ metric ton far from the truth. The beginning of the song touches on consent, albeit briefly : be sure you can confidently prove that “ she tell me say” before you proceed. Whenever you decide to use this playlist, let “ I be needing your loving, opor” refer to intimate sleep together. It ’ sulfur for your own well .

  1. Rough Up – Olamide ( ft. Layydoe)

If you are curious adequate to try out the BDSM kinks, this is the arrant song for you. The tempo, the vibration, and the slang fit your wild fantasies absolutely ! The lyrics of this tune will assist in communicating the things you want to do to your collaborator, if you are the shy type. Olamide croons his desire to rough up the pumpum , and you get the urge to subtly roar at your collaborator. It rings like a come-get-this-if-you-are-bold-enough gesture. If you know, you know .

  1. Mighty Wine– Wizkid

One of the sleeper hits off Made In Lagos, this song suggests a conversion from fast-paced to slow, pressing, breathy thrusts. Where Wizkid croons in the lines of “the things you dey do with yourself, e dey burst my mind”, he ’ south advocating for self-pleasuring, which you should fully embrace if you want your sex biography to be more excite than that of the protagonist in the Sex/Life series. P2J ’ south bright production on the track creates an atmosphere that accentuates the lecherousness, and if you are not going down on your collaborator when you hear “e get the way you dey do me”, then what are you doing ? Love him or hate him, Wizkid surely knows how to stir up the climate .

  1. Fancy– Amaarae

If you are familiar with Amaarae ’ south music, you already know that her songs are predominantly about sexual activity, so choosing this out of myriad options was difficult. not a set of explanation is needed for this track, it barely fits .

  1. Ye Ye Ye– Omah Lay

easily the most denotative track off his debut EP Get Layd, “ Ye Ye Ye ” has a pretty self-explanatory title. Omah Lay has mastered the art of saying the lewdest things in the most melodious ways, and this song is a arrant exemplification of that. He describes what he wants to do to you, and it sounds a tad cruddy, but it makes you want it even more : which lady doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to be eaten out with delicacy and dedication ? Everyone wants to hear their spouse groan while skin gently brushes bark and thighs collide, and the keyboards could be a perfect accompaniment for that bad “ O ” .

  1. 37 Times– Temmie Ovwasa

This song, which samples Zayn Malik ’ s “ Pillow Talk ”, is ironically anti-climactic. It basically says, “I’ve made you cum . O ya, come and be going to your house” . This is effective for strictly sexual relationships. You can ’ thyroxine intend of cuddling when there are no real emotions involved : The streets don ’ t give up for catching feelings ! If you did the noh-noh with your amatory partner though, share a laugh and ease up. We assumed that “ 37 times ” is enough orgasm for one night ( or sidereal day, as the case may be ). If you haven ’ t though, please repeat the playlist until you do. You deserve premium enjoyment beneath the sheets, and you should get it .
so, because we care about your love ( or lecherousness ) animation, hera are a few suggestions to accompany the playlist. No, you don ’ t have to thank us, we ’ re just doing the Lord ’ s work .

  1. Do this with someone you are absolutely comfortable with. It’s easier to let go of your inhibitions and let down your guard when you feel safe. Incorporate concepts that enhance safety, such as “safe words”. Make sure you noh-noh in a familiar space with “homely” bedsheets.
  2. Consent is 100% important. Employ reassuring gestures. If they can hear you, continuously tell them that it’s alright.
  3. Relax. This might be especially hard for people who like to know what’s going on around at all times, but it’s an adventure, and what are adventures if you do not let loose?
  4. Remember that the more senses are shut out, the higher the sexual pleasure. You can use blindfolds, or turn off the lights and use candles instead. You can also ask your partner to tie up your hands.

“A h. This is BDSM o.”
Ehen nau !
seriously though, if you are not comfortable with it, don ’ t do it .
To engage your sense of smell, you can use sweet-scenting candles. It takes the erotic vibration from 0 to 100. For taste, you can cut up fruits into smaller bits and feed them to your partner while, you know, stuff is happening.

5. Don ’ t shuffle the playlist. It ’ s a grave abuse to the playlist curators. If you don ’ thyroxine want thunder to strike you and your boo, leave it as is .
so, there you have it, music while you “ work ”. Enjoy your weekend, lovelies. Make certain to leave feedback after you ’ ve tried out these nuggets with the allow music to bang : you can drop comments anonymously, don ’ metric ton worry, your secrets are safe with us .
In the meanwhile, we ’ ve helped you curate this playlist in interview on Apple Music and Spotify. Feel free to get lost in the legal while doing the fiki-faka. You ’ ra welcome, again .

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