10 Behind The Scenes Details You Didn’t Know About 8 Mile

Eminem ‘s feature film from 2002 remains a bang-up rap underdog floor. For all the interesting behind the scenes details from 8 Mile, look here. Eminem is one of the few individuals on the planet who has therefore many pseudonym and aliases that one would n’t inevitably know what to call him if they were to run into him – marshall Mathers, Slim Shady, the G.O.A.T.of all rappers. But one name that he will always live in history as is “ bunny rabbit ” and star of 8 Mile .
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It ‘s been closely 20 years since film director Curtis Hanson, and, of course, the master words-man himself gave the populace one of the greatest underdog rap movies of all time. But as popular and well-known as this fad authoritative is, take a front at our list of 10 behind the scenes facts that you might not know about it.

10 Eminem lost 24 lbs, appears in every scene

The covet white-rapper may have been recognizable from the second he appeared on screen door, but that does n’t change the fact that Eminem went through some massive physical changes to play the down-and-out Detroit native who was living in a dawdler park. not merely that, but Eminem was besides asked to dye his hair back to brown for the film of the movie since he was rocking his touch bleach-blonde hair-due at the time .
But what ‘s even crazier than the physical transformations if that you ‘ll see this raddled Slim Shady in every single scene of the film. This in truth was Eminem ‘s picture .

9 Quentin Tarantino & Danny Boyle were both approached to direct

Believe it or not, two of Hollywood ‘s most celebrated filmmakers wanted a crack at directing Eminem ‘s gesticulate mental picture and both of them came extremely finale to doing so. In Boyle ‘s sheath, he even came on and met with Eminem and the other producers before ultimately deciding that their creative differences would n’t allow him to direct the film the direction he wanted excessively .
Quentin Tarantino was n’t arsenic close as Boyle was to getting the job, but it ‘s rumored that he authentically wanted it but would ‘ve had to back out of making Kill Bill which just was n’t an option. Could you imagine an 8 Mile directed by Quentin Tarantino ? Cheddar-Bob shooting himself would ‘ve been a a lot different fit .
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8 Was sent out under the name “The Mars Project” and filmed under the name “Untitled Detroit Project”

It ‘s ironic how well-known this cult-classic film is ( possibly not dry since Eminem is one of the top-selling artists of all time ) but surely surprise that it picked up such a firm fan-base indeed promptly because the movie was sent out to movie theaters under the pseudonym of “ The Mars Project ” to shroud the project in secrecy before release .
Along with that, the title for the feature of speech was n’t decided until film was about finished with the visualize being worked on under the mention “ Untitled Detroit Project ”. Neither of those are vitamin a catchy as 8 Mile so we think they made the right call .

7 Was Anthony Mackie’s first movie

The man who is about to take up the mantle of Captain America in cinema ‘s most historically successful film franchise faced his greatest foe back in 2002 – and it was his first movie ever. That ‘s right, Papa Doc himself, the man who was supposed to be the top-dog of Free World and dethrone Eminem as the greatest freestyle rapper was Anthony Mackie ‘s 1st film character .
talk about intimidating. As we stated, Mackie has gone on to have himself quite a career, and we ‘re betting that taking on Slim Shady did n’t hurt it .
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6 Southpaw was meant to be a sequel

Do audiences ever wonder what an 8 Mile sequel might have looked like ? As it turns out, highly-sought-after director, Kurt Sutter ( godhead of the Sons of Anarchy series ) had the same think and started developing a sequel to 8 Mile in which a boxer who loses hands of his daughter ends up trying to get her back with Eminem playing the character of the boxer .
unfortunately, certain things fell through in the film ‘s output and it ended up not working out with Eminem as the lead and Jake Gyllenhall was brought in to replace him – adenine well as nixing the whole potential 8 Mile sequel subplot .

5 Mekhi Phifer almost passed on his role

This finical behind-the-scenes fact is terrifying for two reasons, with the first obviously being that fans could n’t imagine anybody other than Mekhi Phifer playing B-Rabbit ‘s “ Uncle-Tom ” acquaintance, Future .
however, the second argue is tied scarier because Phifer about passed on the function because he was asked to fly to Detroit in order to audition … two days after the September 11th terrorist attacks and Phifer was living in New York City. intelligibly, Phifer was a little shaky to get on a plane at that consequence, but audiences everywhere are glad that he did .
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4 Eminem was supposed to mime his words, but he started rapping

There are about a twelve scenes throughout the entirety of 8 Mile where Jimmy “ B-Rabbit ” Smith Jr. displays his lyrical domination, but one scene that was never meant to be deoxyadenosine monophosphate authentic as it came out was the freestyling conflict in the parking lot. According to the script and the director, Eminem was going to write a “ freestyle ” that was then going to be dubbed over the film while he just mimed some words on television camera .
however, after listening to a few of the other artists spit some verses, Slim Shady merely had to step in and do what he does best .

3 “Bunny Rabbit” is for Eminem’s big ears

One of the greatest things about Eminem, and why so many people tend to gravitate toward his body of work and character, is that he will literally call anybody out – including himself. Marshall Mathers has always been the person to clearly, and lewdly, tell it how it is and he has no problem fitting himself into that category, proven by the fact that his character, Bunny Rabbit, gets his nickname because Eminem has some reasonably decent sized ears .
But even better than that is finding out that Eminem was actually called “ Mickey ” ( as in Mickey Mouse ) when he was a child for the accurate lapp argue .

2 Couldn’t film the final battle at The Shelter (Eminem’s original club)

It ‘s normally a beneficial thing when any place that is rundown and considered blue or decrepit ends up turning itself around and becomes a respectable place of business – just not in this exemplify .
Director Curtis Anderson and Eminem agreed that it would add especial authenticity to the movie if they filmed the final rap battles at the club where Eminem got his original start, The Shelter. unfortunately, the club had become excessively nice of a topographic point to fit their vision for the scene and they ended up having to drop the idea .

1 He wrote the film’s songs in-between shooting scenes

Marshall Mathers is undoubtedly one of the world ‘s most successful commemorate artists, and walking hand-in-hand with that title is the incredibly busy agenda to go along with it. It turns out, Eminem was so busy during the film of 8 Mile that he had to write the songs for the films in between the takes and scenes he was shooting .
As we all know, that ended up giving hip-hop/rap one of the greatest songs of all meter in Lose Yourself, still the entirely pat song to ever win an Oscar. We ‘re not saying that it would necessarily happen again if Eminem were to make another film – but we ‘re not not saying it either .
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