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2018 single by Billie Eilish
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2018 single by Billie Eilish

When the Party’s Over “ ( stylised in all small letter ) is the moment single from american english singer Billie Eilish ‘s debut studio apartment album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?. The song was released on October 16, 2018, through Darkroom and Interscope Records. It was written and produced by Finneas O’Connell .

Background and recording [edit ]

The concept behind “ When the Party ‘s Over ” was inspired after Finneas O’Connell, Eilish ‘s brother, had left his date ‘s house “ kind of for no reason ” and was driving family entirely late at night, simultaneously unhappy at the end of the relationship but besides feeling a sense of safety through a miss of entire investing in it. [ 1 ] O’Connell late approached Eilish with a draft of the track, [ 2 ] and they decided to perform it live “ a full year before it came out, ” which O’Connell late recalled was “ such a awful mind ” as he feared that fans would deem the studio apartment recording inferior to the live version. [ 3 ] They consequently set out to “ get the magic ” of a live performance “ into a outer space where it ‘s still interest to record, ” a process which O’Connell described as “ truly hard ” due to the song ‘s delicate nature. [ 3 ] Eilish and O’Connell decided that the track would be “ about entirely ” vocal, utilising lone sub-bass and acoustic piano as extra instruments ; this made it “ ace challenge ” to keep each quantify interesting. [ 4 ] The song required approximately 100 vocal tracks, which included the stack of layers on each part of the harmony adenine well as “ eldritch processed adlibs, ” [ 4 ] while Eilish recorded over 90 takes of the song ‘s first base word “ do n’t ” to obtain the right sound. [ 5 ] The influence of chorale music on the song was informed by the siblings ‘ feel sing in a choir during their childhood, and Eilish disclosed that it was besides inspired by the songs “ Stand still ” ( 2017 ) by Sabrina Claudio, “ 715 – CRΣΣKS ” ( 2016 ) by Bon Iver and “ Hide and Seek “ ( 2005 ) by Imogen Heap. [ 6 ]

writing and lyrics [edit ]

“ When the Party ‘s Over ” is a bare-bones piano ballad [ 7 ] [ 8 ] that acts as a departure from the electro and R & B beat of her earlier output. [ 9 ] Music publications have noted its hymnal -like qualities and use of bass, ampere well as its minimal orchestration, which spotlight Eilish ‘s vocal music abilities. [ 7 ] [ 10 ] [ 8 ] Rolling Stone editor Ryan Reed highlighted the tracks ‘s “ atmospheric vocal harmonies, ” [ 11 ] habit of vocoder and Eilish ‘s use of her high outspoken register, while Nicole Engelman of Billboard wrote of the “ angelic hums ” that accompany the singer, whose voice “ [ swells ] up from a whisper. ” [ 12 ] Chris DeVille of Stereogum compared the song to the study of Imogen Heap and Lana Del Rey. [ 10 ] According to tabloid music published at Musicnotes.com by Sony/ATV Music Publishing, the song is set in a 3
4 time signature with a tempo of 124 beats per moment. It is composed in the key of C # minor, with Eilish ‘s vocal crop between the notes of E3 and E5. [ 13 ] Eilish has described the song as “ kind of a sequel ” to her single “ Party Favor “ ( 2018 ), documenting when “ you ‘re on the earphone with person and you ca n’t hear them, they ca n’t hear you, it ‘s loudly, they ‘re huffy at you for some argue ” and consequently think : “ You know what ? Fucking leave me entirely. ” [ 14 ] It discusses the end of a relationship, a common subject matter in the Eilish ‘s former work, with the singer wishing to be “ more than a party of one ; ” [ 12 ] [ 15 ] Suzy Exposito of Rolling Stone described it as one of the more earnest songs off her debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? ( 2019 ), [ 15 ] while Reed wrote that “ each verse [ grows ] more doleful ” as the song progresses [ 11 ] It opens with a sample of Eilish ‘s debut single “ Ocean Eyes “ ( 2016 ), which Sean Ward of The Line of Best Fit argued demonstrated an “ understand of her own art. ” [ 16 ] No instruments accompany the vocals until the first chorus a minute into the track, where a sub-bass is introduced. [ 4 ]

critical reception [edit ]

“ When the Party ‘s Over ” was met with critical acclaim. Suzy Exposito of Rolling Stone wrote that the racetrack is one of the moments off When We All Fall Asleep where “ Eilish ca n’t help but draw back the curtain [ … ] and let you in. ” [ 15 ] Similarly, Sputnikmusic reviewer SowingSeason called it one of the “ still frame moments when she allows herself to be learn not as the cynical adolescent start star topology, but rather as Billie the seventeen class honest-to-god female child who ‘s going through all the lapp things you are ; ” they besides commended her “ mesmerizing whispers and hums. ” [ 7 ] Billboard ‘s Nicole Engelman praised the “ haunting ” song ‘s “ precipitously insightful ” lyrics, which she argued “ demonstrate a maturity well beyond her 16 years of age. ” [ 12 ] Pitchfork editor program Stacey Anderson commended the singer ‘s vocal music performance, [ 8 ] while Grant Rindner of Uproxx considered that the single proved “ that she has one of the most catch voices in pop music. ” [ 17 ] Tanis Smither of Earmilk praised the sung as “ heart-wrenching, ” writing that it “ somehow manages to maintain her brand of ballsy production and delicate, dreamy vocal. ” [ 18 ] The Austin Chronicle ‘s Alejandra Ramirez wrote that the song was one of the moments where Eilish “ flips the LP ‘s most archetypal pop moments on their point. ” [ 19 ] Christopher Thiessen listed it as one of the album ‘s standout tracks in his review for Consequence of Sound. [ 20 ] Insider placed it at number 4 on their tilt of Eilish ‘s best songs on March 18, 2020, with Callie Ahlgrim describing it as “ perfect blend of Eilish ‘s fluttery, melancholic vocals and O’Connell ‘s empathic songwriting abilities. ” [ 21 ]

music video [edit ]

The music video recording was released on October 25, 2018. The video recording starts with a blue-haired Eilish sitting in a white room, before gulping down a cup filled with black fluent. Black tears start flowing down her buttock, staining her kit in the process. Towards the end of the video, the television camera pans downwards, revealing that the bootleg melted started to stain the floor. many have recognized the similarity between the black tears of the music video recording and the alternate cover of Lady Gaga ‘s EP The Fame Monster, but Eilish claims that her inspiration for the video came from a fan art of a draw of her with black eyes leaking. “ I thought it was visually actually dope and I wanted to physically create it. ” [ 22 ] It was directed by Carlos López Estrada. [ 23 ] The music video was uploaded to Billie Eilish YouTube distribution channel through Vevo and has gained more than 731 Million views as of September 2021 .

Covers [edit ]

english band Bring Me the Horizon covered the birdcall during a performance on BBC Radio 1. [ 24 ] english singer-songwriter James Blake released his overlay on March 9, 2020, on his Instagram and YouTube accounts. [ 25 ]

In popular culture [edit ]

The song was featured on Fox ‘s checkup play The Resident in the second-season episode “ The Unbefriended ”, equally well as in an episode of the second gear season of the show On My Block, and in the last episode of temper three of Riverdale. It was featured in season 2 episode 3 of the Netflix show Baby. The song is besides featured in the second episode of Batwoman. [ 26 ] The sung was featured at the end of Big Brother Canada season eight stopping point. besides features in Working Moms Season 4, Episode 8 on Netflix. It was besides featured in sequence 3 of season one of Control Z. The song is besides extensively used in the one-off BBC iPlayer drama ‘Make Me Famous ‘. The song was featured in the one-seventh sequence of season two of The Naked Director .

Credits and personnel [edit ]

Credits adapted from Tidal. [ 27 ]

  • Billie Eilish – Lead vocals, backing vocals
  • Finneas O’Connell – producer, songwriter, backing vocals, bass, percussion, piano
  • John Greenham – mastering engineer, studio personnel
  • Rob Kinelski – mixer, studio personnel
  • Casey Cuayo – assistant mixer, studio personnel

Awards and nominations [edit ]

Charts [edit ]

Certifications [edit ]

Release history [edit ]

Region Date Format Label Ref.
United States October 16, 2018 Contemporary hit radio Interscope [98]

References [edit ]

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