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For the folderal poem, see The Scroobious Pip english actor, rapper and spoken bible poet ( bear 1981 )

David Peter Meads ( bear 3 August 1981 ), known professionally as Scroobius Pip, is an english actor and podcaster deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as a former talk son poet, Brett Goldstein confederate and hip hop recording artist from Stanford-le-Hope, Essex. He first gained bulge as one half of pelvis hop duet Dan le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip sparked by their debut single “ Thou Shalt Always Kill “.

Scroobius Pip manages his own record tag, Speech Development Records. He hosted the award-winning weekly radio show The Beatdown on XFM in the late 2000s and presently hosts the Distraction Pieces Podcast. In August 2016, he released a book entitled Distraction Pieces. Scroobius Pip appears as french Bill, an adjunct to Atticus, in the eight-part historic fabrication series Taboo ( 2017 ) on BBC One and FX. [ 1 ]

early career [edit ]

As a adolescent, Scroobius Pip was inspired by punk rocker music to buy a guitar and form versatile bands with his friends. His musical tastes promptly grew to encompass genres including hip hop and wind and he became matter to in speak son artists Gil Scott-Heron, Sage Francis and Saul Williams. This encouraged him to go solo ; the estimate of having no one to rely on or blame other than himself was an appeal challenge. [ 2 ] He adopted his stagecoach name from Edward Lear ‘s poem “ The Scroobious Pip “. He late explained : “ I loved the story. It ‘s about a animal that does n’t know what it is … By the end [ of the poem ] he realises that he is plainly The Scroobious Pip. He does n’t fit into any one class and can merely be his own animal. ” [ 3 ] [ better source needed ] In 2002 whilst working in an HMV storehouse he made the decisiveness to start saving [ clarification needed ] his writing. When he had written a full talk bible set and saved adequate money to live for a class without income, he quit his speculate and toured the country in a 1987 Toyota Space Cruiser. Seeking out spear listings for each modern township he visited, he turned up and performed his determined to the fans queuing outside the venues, with assorted results. After a few months crossing the area, Scroobius Pip moved rear home and decided to focus on London and Essex, attending four or five talk word shows, open mic nights or poetry slams each week – anywhere that would let him perform. versatile producers [ who? ] expressed a desire to work with him, but it was the beats of erstwhile HMV colleague Dan lupus erythematosus Sac that captured his attention and led to the constitution of Dan le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip. [ 2 ]

Dan le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip [edit ]

Dan le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip is a pelvis hop couple combining electronic beats with sing, spoken and rapped lyrics, their critically acclaimed debut album Angles became one of the leading autonomous releases of 2008. [ 4 ] Despite growing up in the like Essex township Stanford-le-Hope, the couple ‘s paths scantily crossed until they shared a Christmas season [ when? ] working at the Lakeside ramify of HMV. Dan Le Sac went on to book Scroobius Pip to play a spear he was promoting at the Fez Club ( now Sakura ) in Reading and around this clock began remixing Scroobius Pip ‘s debut solo album No Commercial Breaks. [ 2 ] Their first base collaboration resulted in the lead ‘ Thou Shalt Always Kill ‘, a dissection of modern british culture and a call to arms for individualism. The track appealed to XFM ‘s John Kennedy who aired it in demonstration imprint 24 hours after he had received the CD-R. [ 5 ] Pip set up a MySpace page with the nongregarious lead, and the response was very favorable. The pair borrowed £200 to make the video, which as of December 2015 has over 4.5 million views on YouTube. [ citation needed ] Shunning major tag offers, Dan le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip signed to the independent Sunday Best Recordings for their united kingdom releases and Strange Famous Records for the United States. Dan lupus erythematosus Sac Vs Scroopius Pip have released three albums to date : Angles ( 2008 ), The Logic of Chance ( 2010 ) and Repent Replenish Repeat ( 2013 ). Since March 2007 they have undertaken multiple UK, US and european enlistment and have appeared at numerous festivals including Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, Bestival, Coachella, Lowlands, Pukkelpop and Fuji Rock Festival. [ 4 ]

alone musical career [edit ]

2006 : No Commercial Breaks [edit ]

Scroobius Pip ‘s debut album No Commercial Breaks was self-released in 2006, marking the originate of his label Speech Development Records. originally limited to a run of 1,000 copies, the album cursorily sold out, resulting in versatile on-line bootleg. The album was re-released in 2012, a two four hundred particular with a bonus phonograph record featuring his 60-minute sold out speak give voice testify from the Royal Albert Hall on 21 November 2012. [ 6 ]

2011 : Distraction Pieces [edit ]

Distraction Pieces is the second base solo album by Scroobius Pip released in the UK on his own Speech Development Records and in the US on Strange Famous Records. Released on 19 September 2011, the album entered and peaked at No. 35 on the UK albums chart. [ 7 ] Produced by Yila and Worgie, the record sees Scroobius Pip ‘s lyrical dexterity and acclaimed blend of blame meets spoken-word play out across a collision of punk rocker, rock and hip hop product. Collaborators include Travis Barker of Blink-182, Danny Lohner aka Renholder of Nine Inch Nails, Sage Francis, XL Records boss Richard Russell, P.O.S, Zane Lowe, Aupheus, B. Dolan, Steve Mason of The Beta Band and Natasha Fox, who provides the vocals for ‘Feel It ‘, a screen of Scroobius Pip ‘s favored Kate Bush birdcall. [ 8 ]

other releases [edit ]

2010 : Poetry in (e) Motion [edit ]

Poetry in (e) Motion is a solicitation of Scroobius Pip ‘s poems illustrated by artists recruited via his MySpace page. The bible was published in hardbacked on 26 March 2010 by Titan Books.

In 2007, Scroobius Pip put a shortlist of his poems up on MySpace and asked artists and illustrators to submit their interpretations. The only rule was that the poem had to be included in the artwork, in full and unabridged. Within the first few days he had received a small but passionate reaction. This phone number grew over the pursuit class, resulting in hundreds of submissions from all over the earth. [ 2 ] Opening with a foreword by Nick Frost, Poetry in (e) Motion sees nine of Pip ‘s poems illustrated by his fans with an impressive range of styles inspired by everything from street artwork, tattoo and crime noir movies .

2014 : Words DVD [edit ]

On 3 August 2014, Scroobius Pip released his first live DVD Words, a two-disc special released on his own Speech Development Records. The DVD features his speak discussion display Words live at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013. Words was first gear premiered at Latitude Festival to a herd of over 4,000 festival goers. Scroobius Pip then made his debut appearance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with a 19-show operate of Words. The show sold out every night and garnered huge critical acclaim, with The Scotsman declaring it : ‘ A capture mixture of too-cool-for-school nonchalance and laser-like intensity. ’ [ 9 ] DVD extras include : [ 10 ]

  • ‘Talking with Tim and Pip’ – comedian Tim Key interviews Scroobius Pip about his Fringe experience
  • ‘One Drink’ – a chat over a pint with Kate Tempest, Musa Okwonga, Polarbear and Scroobius Pip
  • Five music videos by Scroobius Pip: ‘Astronaut’, ‘Introdiction’, ‘Let em Come’, ‘The Struggle’, ‘Soldier Boy Kill Em’
  • Two spoken word videos by Scroobius Pip: ‘Five Minutes’, ‘The Astounding Earnest Brace’
  • Two music videos by Speech Development artist Jackamo Brown: ‘When She Comes’, ‘Prayer For Slow Death’
  • Three music videos by Speech Development artist warrenpeace: ‘Indoor Voice’, ‘Hungry’, ‘FRNKLY STVN’

future plans [edit ]

Scroobius Pip stated in 2019 that he has no plans to release new music. [ 11 ]

Speech Development Records [edit ]

Speech Development Records is the mugwump pronounce founded and run by Scroobius Pip. On the label ‘s web site, Scroobius Pip describes its ‘sloppy ’ formation : “ In 2006 I ( Scroobius Pip ) had quit my caper in HMV and had 1,000 copies of my debut album No Commercial Breaks pressed. The label diagnose I put on them was ‘Speech Development Records ‘. They had no barcodes. I made up a catalogue number … but it was n’t registered anywhere. ” This changed for the 2011 acquittance of his second solo album Distraction Pieces, resulting in the label ‘s official formation. He has since released a slowly and steady stream of records by other artists, an eclectic mix of genres, each defined by his admiration for their study. These include : [ 6 ]

  • Jackamo Brown – Oh No. The Drift of The World (2012)
  • Polarbear – At Home With Polarbear (2012)
  • warrenpeace – warrenpeace (2014)
  • UK release of Sage Francis – Copper Gone (2014)

radio testify [edit ]

In April 2013, XFM announced Scroobius Pip was joining the station to host his own weekly show The Beatdown. This would be the alternative music post ‘s first dedicated hip hop and speak word course of study. address of the news, Pip commented : “ The find to work with XFM was one I couldn ’ triiodothyronine pas up. It ’ s the post that launched my career and, through perplex people like John Kennedy and Eddy Temple Morris, has constantly been at the vanguard of giving exposure to new sounds. Hip-hop is such a deep writing style and, through my indicate, I want to shine a light on some of the stuff that possibly doesn ’ thymine get enough of it. ” [ 12 ] The first episode of The Beatdown was broadcast on 27 April 2013 from midnight to 1 am with the following track list : [ 12 ]
On 12 May 2014, The Beatdown won ‘Best specialist Music Programme ‘ at the 32nd annual Sony Radio Academy Awards. The most prestigious awards in the UK radio industry calendar, the show triumphed over baffling competition from boyfriend nominees Zane Lowe, MistaJam, David Rodigan and Mark Radcliffe. The judges commented : “ A maverick, nonlinear, nonconformist and root gloat in every feel of the word. The Beatdown is a brave enterprise that restores faith in the transformational ability of radio receiver with a unique donor who sounds like no one else on british radio. ” [ 13 ] The Beatdown was broadcast every Saturday night 12 am – 1 am on XFM, until August 2014 .

podcast [edit ]

In 2014, Scroobius Pip started a weekly podcast serial called The Distraction Pieces Podcast. In each episode, he has held an in-depth interview with a crop of comedians, actors, musicians and DJs. In the series so far he has interviewed, among others, Aisling Bea, Doc Brown, Goldie, Russell Brand, Josie Long, John Osborne, Paddy Considine, Frank Turner, Stewart Lee, Sara Pascoe, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Zane Lowe, Eddie Izzard, [ 14 ] Kathy Burke, Richard Herring, Rufus Hound, Stephen Graham, Robin Ince, Wim Hof, James McAvoy, John Cooper-Clarke, Professor Green and Killer Mike.

discography [edit ]

Albums [edit ]

Year Album UK UK Indie Label Notes
2006 No Commercial Breaks self-released 1,000 copies
2011 Distraction Pieces No. 35 UK: Speech Development
US: Strange Famous Records

Singles [edit ]

Year Single UK Label Notes
2008 Astronaut Sunday Best Recordings YILA ft Scroobius Pip
2009 Love Sic Concord Records Christian Scott Vs Scroobius Pip
2011 Introdiction Speech Development Records
2011 Let Em Come (feat. Sage Francis & P.O.S) Speech Development Records
2011 The Struggle Speech Development Records
2011 Soldier Boy (Kill Em) (feat. B. Dolan) Speech Development Records

Dan le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip [edit ]

Filmography [edit ]

References [edit ]

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