Sinéad O’Connor on Managing Mental Health After Abusive Childhood: ‘There Was a Lot of Therapy’

In her new memoir Rememberings, Sinéad O’Connor opens up about coming to peace with her traumatic childhood and her recovery from a dislocation in 2015 Sinéad O’Connor on Managing Mental Health After Abusive Childhood : ‘There Was a Lot of Therapy ‘ Sinéad O’Connor is sharing her side of the fib. In her raw memoir Rememberings, the enigmatic singer-songwriter, 54, opens up about her abusive mother and how childhood trauma played into the breakdown she suffered in 2015.

Get push notifications with newsworthiness, features and more. After her parents divorced when she was a child, O’Connor lived with her mother Marie, who she has said was “ not well ” and would beat and kick her daily, often in the abdomen. O’Connor even wound up in the hospital. “ My mother had this compulsion with destroying my uterus, ” O’Connor says in the new issue of PEOPLE .sinead o connor childhood photos

sinead o connor childhood photos

Sinéad O’Connor as a child O’Connor went to live with her dad when she was 13, and her mother died when she was 18. But O’Connor ‘s trauma haunted her for years to come. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder equally well as building complex post-traumatic stress disorder and boundary line personality disorderliness, O’Connor says, she hit a low in 2015 after undergoing a group hysterectomy to treat endometriosis. The procedure — and the surgical menopause that followed — flattened her. “ When I had the operating room, I was terribly triggered, ” says O’Connor, who has spent the years since in and out of psychiatric facilities. sinead o connorperfomring

sinead o connorperfomring

Sinéad O’Connor acting in 1990 | credit : Martyn Goodacre/Getty After the procedure, O’Connor would sometimes post alarming ing cries for assistant on social media ( “ I have taken an overdose, ” she announced on Facebook in 2015 ). “ I was mental, ” she admits, referring to her struggles with mental illness. “ But I do n’t regret those ’embarrassing ‘ video recording. I ‘m quite gallant, in a wyrd way, that I was that open … The nature of a singer is to be emotionally dependable. I ‘ve constantly been reasonably candid. And I have no regrets. ” today, O’Connor has biweekly check-ins with her medical team. sinead o connor

sinead o connor

Sinéad O’Connor in 2019 | credit : HGL/GC “ You can never predict what might trigger the [ PTSD ]. I describe myself as a rescue cad : I ‘m fine until you put me in a situation that even slenderly smells like any of the injury I went through, then I flip my eyelid, ” she says. “ I manage very well because I ‘ve been teach brainy skills. There was a distribute of therapy. It ‘s about focusing on the things that bring you peace as opposed to what makes you feel fluid. ” O’Connor has besides made peace with her childhood. “ I was so busy surviving [ the abuse ] that I did n’t have time to feel any of the feelings, ” she says. “ You learn to live with it, but what helped me live with it was to forgive my mother. ”remembering by sinead o connor

remembering by sinead o connor

Sinéad O’Connor, Rememberings today, O’Connor — who converted from Catholicism to Islam respective years ago — has four children from four previous relationships : Jake, 33, a chef ; Roisin, 25, a pastry chef ; and Shane, 17, and Yeshua, 14. She plans to release new music and go on tour in the following year. But for immediately, she finds gladden in casual things.

“ I ‘m happy when I ‘m in bed, the firm is tidy, and I can binge-watch detective shows, ” O’Connor says, adding that Murder in the First, starring Taye Diggs, is a favored. “ The last man that touched my body took out my generative system. I ‘ve not let a man touch my body in any room since, ” she says, but “ if Taye Diggs is available, I ‘d consider it. ” For more on Sinéad O’Connor and her newly memoir Rememberings, pick up the new offspring of PEOPLE, on newsstands everywhere Friday .

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