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Adds extra in full functional skill slots and mutagen slots shown on GUI yellow journalism !
Allows to activate any number of mutations simultaneously.
Fully configurable.
Gamepad friendly !

Latest v5.0 compatible with game interpretation 1.32.

There are a lot of changes in the v4.0+ version of the mod.
The extra skill slots and mutagen slots are placed on the new GUI yellow journalism ! ! !
Mod should automatically update skill slots and unequip all furnished skills, mutagens and items one time lone during the first begin.

Should work with mods that add new promptly slots or equipment slots but not guaranteed ( you may use it on your own risk or use older Slots mod v4.1 it should not conflict with such mods ).
This mod will conflict with any mod that changes mutations, thus earlier update you need to deactivate all active agent mutations activated by other mods and uninstall all early mods that modify mutations ( follow the mod uninstall steps if provided by mod generator ). You do n’t need to do this if you are updating from Slots Slots Slots mod v3.0+.

Read Usage section of description for details.

Latest mod version needs a video review if you want to see your review video on this page please leave a comment or write me a message.

1. Installation

1. Download the mod. There are 3 mod versions with different configuration presets:

 * Default. 8 tabs. Minimal slot level requirements. Only slots on first 3 tabs add mutagen synergy bonuses. Unlimited mutations. Every tab has its own mutagen slots.


 * Ultimate. 8 tabs. All slots unlocked (except 4 mutation skill slots). No limitations. No needless additional mutagen slots (same 4 mutagen slots works for all tabs).


 * Balanced. 2 tabs. High unlock level requirements. Master mutation level controls how much mutations can be activated (up to 4 active mutations). Every tab has its own mutagen slots. All 4 mutagen slot groups on the first tab and 2 top mutagen slot groups on the second tab add synergy bonuses. Leave your thoughts on this preset in the comments.


The only difference between Slots mod versions is the settings in the config file so you may tune any mod version as you like see “Manual configuration” section for details.

2. (Optional) Download the mod GUI configuration menu. File: modSSS_5_gui_menu

3. Delete previous installed version of this mod. You should not use v3.5 mod with v4.0+ at the same time.

4. Make a backup copy of your save game folder before using any mods!

5. Unpack archive with the mod to the \mods folder
(steam path example: D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\The Witcher 3\mods).
If mods folder doesn’t exist, create it. Check that you didn’t create mod0_SSS4 inside mod0_SSS4 folder when unpacked mod archive. The final path should look like that \mods\mod0_SSS4\ inside you should
see content folder.

>> Should work with mods that add new quick slots or equipment slots but not guaranteed. Use at your own risk or use Slots mod v4.1 in this case. <<

You may configure mod options at any time when the game is not running see “Manual configuration” section for details.

6. (Optional) Unpack archive with the mod configuration menu to the \mods folder. Go to installed mody_SSS5_gui_menu folder and run install_menu.bat file this will copy required menu files to the game bin folder.

7. Use Script Merger.
Use Script Merger to resolve mod conflicts. There will be a conflict between Slots mod and Slots mod configuration menu which should be resolved manually. Just hit buttons with big blue letters A and B on the panel and save the file. You may also need to use Script Merger Unofficial Patch

8. Play the game.

2. Manual configuration

This mod is highly configurable. You may change almost every aspect of the mod. You may configure mod options using mod configuration file at any time when the game is not running. REMEMBER configuration file settings are IGNORED when there is mod configuration GUI installed and configuration GUI does not change settings in manual configuration file.

The manual configuration can be made in file It is located inside mod0_SSS4 folder:


You may edit this file using notepad. Inside you will find some small amount of code with detailed instructions on where and what values you may change.
Instructions are the lines that start with double slash //.
To change some option you should change number after “return” line which DOES NOT start with double slash under that options comments (instruction lines).

Check this image for help with configuration file

Configuration options:

1. Tabs count which also affects skill slots count. Look for “function SSS_SlotTabsCount()”

2. Tabs affect mutagen slots. Look for “function SSS_MutagenSlotsTabbed()”

3. Maximum number of active mutations. Look for “function SSS_MaxActiveMutations()”

4. Unlock skill slots (except mutations skill slots). Look for “function SSS_UnlockAllSkillSlots()”

5. Unlock mutagen slots. Look for “function SSS_UnlockMutagenSlots()”

6. Disable color restrictions on 4 skill slots (in the center) added by mutations. Look for “function SSS_DisableMutationSkillSlotsColorRestrictions()”

7. Disable synergy bonus skill color restrictions (skill with any color adds synergy bonus to any mutagen). Look for “function SSS_DisableMutagenSynergyColorRestrictions()”

8. Show last used skill slots tab. Look for “function SSS_RememberLastOpenedTab()”

9. BASE skill slot unlock level requirement. Look for “function SSS_AdditionalSkillSlotLevelRequirementsBaseLevel()”

10. Increment STEP for skill slot unlock level requirement. Look for “function SSS_AdditionalSkillSlotLevelRequirementsStep()”

11. BASE mutagen slot unlock level requirement. Look for “function SSS_AdditionalMutagenSlotLevelRequirementsBaseLevel()”

12. Increment STEP for mutagen slot unlock level requirement. Look for “function SSS_AdditionalMutagenSlotLevelRequirementsStep()”

13. Set skill slots which will not have synergy bonus. Look for “function SSS_FirstNonSynergySlot()”

3. Compatibility with other mods

General recommendation is to use Script Merger to resolve mod conflicts ALWAYS.

* There may be problems when you trying to add new mod which adds new quick slots or equipment slots AFTER you had started to use Slots mod v4.5+. Slots mod will try to minimize possible impact even in this case but you may see strange artifacts and misbehave. To avoid this BEFORE installing such mod go to the save games you want to use after mod installation and unequip ALL items including mutagens on all skill slot tabs and save the game. This   image   shows you how to resolve conflict with More Quick Slots and Quick Inventory by Wolfmark mod.

If you have already used mod which modifies quick slot or equipment slots BEFORE installing/updating Slots mod v4.7+ all should work fine.

* Custom Localization Fix mod. You should use Custom Localization Fix mod updated for v1.31 check the comments section of the original mod for details. If you have problems merging Slots mod with custom localization fix mod  check this  tutorial image.

* New Mutagens mod. If you have problems merging Slots mod with New Mutagens mod check this tutorial image.

* FCR3 – Immersion and Gameplay Tweaks mod. If you have problems merging Slots mod with FCR3 mod check this tutorial image.

4. Uninstall

1. Create backup of your save game folder.

2. Start the game and for every save you want to continue to use after mod uninstall do:

 * Deactivate all active mutations if any.

 * Remove equipped mutagens from all mutagen slots

 * Save the game into new save slot.

3. Exit game.

4. Use manual configuration file as described in “Manual configuration (Optional Installation Step)” section to:

 * Change SSS_SlotTabsCount option to 1 using manual configuration.

 * Change SSS_MutagenSlotsTabbed option to 0 using manual configuration.

 * Change SSS_UnlockAllSkillSlots option to 0 using manual configuration.

 * Change SSS_UnlockMutagenSlots  option to 0 using manual configuration.

5. Start the game and for every save you have created on step 2 do:

 * Open and close character window to apply configuration changes (the window with skill slots, default hotkey K).

 * Save the game.

6. Exit game.

7. Remove the mod folder from \mods folder.

8. Run script merger and update merged files.

5. Usage

You may navigate through skill slot tabs using hotkeys [4] and [5] mouse clicks on GUI tab buttons or using Left Trigger and Right Trigger on gamepad.

Skill tool tip will show you on what tab the skill is equipped.

Mutagen slots may be affected by tabs or not. So you may have more than 4 mutagen slots (4 slots per tab) or you may have 4 mutagen slots for all tabs. This may be changed in configuration file.

How Multiple Mutations works (mod v3.0+):

You may activate any number of mutations same time (mutations can be unlocked during one of Blood and Wine DLC quests). Just activate new mutation as always, you’ll see that all previously active mutations stay active. Slots mod v4.5+ allows you to limit number of simultaneously active mutations.

You can’t deactivate single mutation. When you deactivate any active mutation all active mutations deactivated.

Mutation skill slots will be colored as mutation activated first.

There is minor visual glitch with master mutation (Strengthened Synapses) appearance on Mutations screen: the master mutation will have color of a random active mutation not the first one.

Description bellow is not valid for v4.0+ !

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