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The main thing to get about Snow Patrol is that, 14 years after they started out as a student band at Dundee University, they ‘re placid flying, gloriously and erratically, by the seat of their pants. “ The capital and terrify thing about our ring, ” declares their leader and main songwriter Gary Lightbody, “ Is that everything has constantly happened as it ‘s going along. There ‘s been very little masterplan. We allow things to happen angstrom much by accident as by deliberate intention. ” One celebrated early accident was their name. Lightbody ‘s band used to be known as polar Bear – hence their 1998 introduction album Songs For Polarbears – but were obliged to change it after discovering that this was what the bassist of Jane ‘s Addiction was calling his side project. ‘Snow Patrol ‘ had already been chosen for them by a friend who did n’t care for the Polar Bear nickname ; and so it came to pass that Snow Patrol signed in 1995 to the Jeepster label, home of their glaswegian indie heroes at the time, Belle and Sebastian. now that the band have become feted as commercial giants – their last album Eyes Open was the UK ‘s best-seller of 2006, it ‘s worth remembering that Snow Patrol spent the 1990 ‘s thus broke that at one low orient Lightbody had to sell his record collection to pay the rent. Jeepster ultimately dropped them in 2001 after their second album, the presciently titled When It ‘s All Over We still Have To Clear Up, failed to connect beyond their passionate but stubbornly bantam fanbase. “ We spent 10 years making records that 6000 people bought, ” Lightbody confirms. “ Success to us is n’t a chart thing, it ‘s when you turn up to play a gig and find the stead is full. ” In the early days, their largest audiences were back in Ireland, the nation where Bangor-born Lightbody grew up before moving to Scotland as a student. “ We ‘re very golden in that we seem to have three home town audiences in Belfast, Dublin and Glasgow, although we get an extraordinary reception whenever we play anywhere in Ireland or Scotland. ” Snow Patrol began to get well bigger all over the UK and in America after signing to the Fiction label in 2003 and hooking up with the producer Garrett ‘Jacknife ‘ Lee. “ An amazing determine, ” in Lightbody ‘s estimate, “ Jacknife has become like an indispensable member of the band. I ca n’t imagine working with any early producer. ” Under Lee ‘s inhale steering, Snow Patrol and their increasingly charismatic singer Lightbody, shed some of their indie roughly edges and began to hone their start smarts. In 2003 they released Final Straw their beginning number one album, which yielded the band ‘s first lead 5 hit, Run. It besides won them the inaugural address Ivor Novello for best album in 2004. In 2005 they moved into a distant studio in the center of Ireland, Grouse Lodge, and completed Eyes Open, home of one of the most emotionally potent tunes of the twenty-first hundred, Chasing Cars. With over 100,000 radio plays in the UK, 2m downloads in the US, and the award of ‘Best song of All Time ‘ from the listeners of Virgin Radio, Chasing Cars besides had the rare eminence of closing the BBC ‘s long running television receiver chart show Top Of The Pops in July 2006. The effect on the Eyes Open album was phenomenal, leading to a concluding sales score of 4.7m copies cosmopolitan. At this sharpen most similarly blessed bands would probably have either taken a long, expensive holiday, or re-grouped for another assault on the global crop up charts. Lightbody and conscientious objector did neither, opting alternatively to call up Jacknife Lee and make an album which took them on an unexpected creative odyssey from Galway in the West Of Ireland, back to Grouse Lodge in County Meath and on to the fabled Hansa studio apartment in Berlin where Bowie and many other luminaries from the 1970 ‘s recorded seminal work. In line with the innovative traditions of the studio the album, A Hundred Million Suns, is Snow Patrol ‘s most ambitious and elating collection so far ; and one in which Lightbody feels his band has, incidentally of naturally, squared its own circle. “ This is our most complete criminal record by far. A Hundred Million Suns sounds like the marriage of everything we learned from the Jeepster years and the Fiction years made into something new and bold. Our spikiness and our indie-ness are coming through again with all the poppiness of the last two records. There ‘s a distribute of melody here and you ca n’t cloak that whatever you do with it. This album is touched by our integral history, and hopefully sounds like our future besides. ”

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