’s Best of 2021: Songs proudly publishes four installments of annual year-end coverage : industry Leaders, Performances, Music Producers, and Songs. With sol much fresh music offered by EDM ‘s artist community, it would be unfair to its diverse image of creators to publish a nebulous blanket list of the year ‘s top songs. therefore to highlight the best songs of the year, we ‘ve chosen 10 democratic sub-genres of dancing music and recognized five tracks, each chosen by members of ‘s staff. Check out a playlist below, followed by a breakdown of each individual song from each genre.


Qrion – Your Love

Nostalgic and pensive, Qrion ’ s “ Your Love ” leaves listeners yearning for nights in the big city. Delicate but moving, the track ‘s soundscapes leave listeners with an affirmative affectionateness. – dent Yopko

ACRAZE – Do It To It

ACRAZE ’ s at hand heighten to superstardom began here. arguably dance music ’ south commemorate of the class, “ Do It To It, “ a technical school house anthem sampling vocals from Cherish ‘s 2006 single of the lapp name, has helped propel the manufacturer to international stardom while solidifying his transition from bass music to house. “ It feels beneficial to put out more house music because I feel more alive, ” ACRAZE told in an exclusive interview. “ As a musician, it ‘s all a palpate. ” – Carlie Belbin & Konstantinos Karakolis

Dom Dolla – Pump the Brakes

The clever Dom Dolla managed to craft a cabaret firecracker revolving around the adoration of his old Toyota Camry. The apparent successor to his fugitive shoot, “ Take It, ” “ Pump the Brakes ” is a capricious concoction of catchy hooks, car alarms and engine revolutions per minute that erupts on the dancefloor. The accompanying music video recording is besides a sight to behold with the aforesaid Camry making a glorious cameo. – Ulises Vargas

Enamour & Hydrah – Hypertrophy of Heart

The ebb and flow of “ Hypertrophy of Heart ” is magnetic. Floaty, hypnotic vocals, deep sea bass and melodious stabs come together to smash the dancefloor. – Saad Masood

LP Giobbi & hermixalot – Move Your Body

LP Giobbi has had her biggest year so far and “ Move Your Body ” is one of the most celebrated highlights from it. The “ Piano House Queen ” tapped longtime collaborator hermixalot to help cook up a funky, four-on-the-floor beat, and a surefire dancefloor filler. – Niko Sani


Virtual Riot – Redline

virtual Riot ’ s Simulation album is the most progressive dubstep album of the year. “ Redline ” stands tall amongst the other tracks on the record with black production and virtuosic bass syncopation. – lennon Cihak

Leotrix – Tins

2021 was a banner year for Leotrix, who burst onto the radar in the freshwater bass music scene with a heavy all his known. “ Tins ” is an faultless exemplar, and an imaginative dubstep anthem oozing with the ferocity of a young gun with big plans in the electronic music scene—a chilling thought considering he ‘s entirely 22. – Jason Heffler

GRiZ & Subtronics – Griztronics II (Another Level)

GRiZ and Subtronics minted one of the biggest standout singles of 2019 with the rickety and spiritual “ Griztronics. ” Taking another stab at enormousness, the two landed a momentous sequel in “ Griztronics II ( Another level ), ” which stands up to the ballyhoo of its predecessor. The track consists of three “ acts ” with each bass beatdown more mind-bending than the last. The collaboration feels as though the two ace producers are pushing each early to their limits, making for an entertaining and irregular heed throughout. – Cameron Sunkel

Kayzo, Sullivan King & Papa Roach – Domination

Kayzo, Sullivan King and Papa Roach ’ s “ DOMINATION ” perfectly combines their respective styles into a pitiless dubstep-metal hybrid. Kayzo and King have each been bridging the worlds of rock and bass music for years, while Papa Roach have been actively incorporating electronic music elements in their music throughout their celebrated history. So it ’ second safe to say that “ DOMINATION ” is a true jewel within its genre, and makes for one of the hardest-hitting dubstep cuts of the class. – Konstantinos Karakolis

Vampa & ZÍA – New Levels

There ’ s a new class of bass music producers on the rise, and for the first clock time, a wave of women is leading the pack. GRVDNCR labelmates Vampa & ZÍA released their face-melting collaboration, “ New Levels, ” earlier this year. The traverse is a cause of death combination of baleful chord progressions and breakneck dubstep synths, while bone-rattling trap production and a baleful vocal music sample round out its darkly cinematic listen know. Yes, the skittish aural aesthetic of “ New Levels ” is decidedly trendy. But with their song ‘s carefully crafted drops and wobbly sound invention, Vampa & ZÍA have managed to bring the vogue to—excuse the pun—a new charge. – rachel Kupfer


RL Grime & ISOxo – Stinger

RL Grime ’ randomness releases were few and far between in 2021, but that doesn ’ metric ton hateful he didn ’ t wield to shake up the scene in true trap don manner. Produced alongside his sable Valley protégée ISOxo, “ stinger ” is american samoa blistering as its title would suggest. With a harrow harmonize progress and dark brass, the track sets a distinctly baleful tone. Helped along by the rally, war-like cry of the traverse ’ mho vocals, “ Stinger ” builds up to a cathartic apex before taking the firepower up a notch with a descending confuse of bass-heavy synths. It represents a innovative dismissal for ISOxo, and indeed far he ’ sulfur parlayed the momentum into a series of equally refreshing trap bangers in its wake. – Cameron Sunkel

Moore Kismet & WYN – Rumor

“ Rumor ” absolutely summarizes the signature sound we ’ ve come to associate with Moore Kismet, one of the electronic music scene ‘s brightest artists. WYN ’ s faultless vocals absolutely synchronize with Kismet ‘s haunt output, cultivating a beautifully eerie arrangement and one of their most impressive tracks to date. – Niko Sani

TroyBoi – Bellz

Sampling Anita Ward and Frederick Knight ’ s 1979 disco classic “ Ring My Bell, ” TroyBoi transformed the dateless track into a hard-hitting and danceable trap hymn. not that fans needed one, but “ Bellz ” was an allow admonisher that TroyBoi is one of the music genre ’ south greats. – dent Yopko

MEMBA & vōx – Trenches

MEMBA and vōx ’ sulfur “ Trenches ” is a beautiful amalgamation of trap and future bass, showcasing the former ‘s refined music production chops and the latter ‘s endow voice. The track ’ s impeccable key highlights both artists as forces to be reckoned with in electronic music. – lennon Cihak

CloZee & Jead – Please Come Home

CloZee ‘s hypnotic sea bass music took another jump fore in 2021 and her melodic trap jam, “ Please Come Home, ” is nothing short-circuit of a stroke of genius. here she flexes a spine-chilling arrangement, which bursts at its seam with the organic percussion and nuanced heavy design that only the “ world sea bass ” pioneer can produce. – Jason Heffler

Drum & Bass

Fox Stevenson – Ether

Fox Stevenson has always been a go-to name in the drum & bass music genre. His aching 2021 single “ Ether ” highlights his versatility in the studio apartment and well takes the coat as one of the genre ‘s best of the class. – lennon Cihak

Rusko – Mac 19

If you ’ ve always seen Rusko do, you know there ’ mho never a lack of energy when he ’ randomness onstage. In “ Mac 19, ” authoritative Rusko wobbles fashioned into a high-speed barrel & bass agreement made for one of the most agitate tracks of the class from the iconic manufacturer. – nick Yopko

Etherwood & Zara Kershaw – Lighthouse

Etherwood and Zara Kershaw ‘s unhorse up the hearts of the drum & bass community with their liquid ballad, “ Lighthouse. ” The de facto follow-up to their powerhouse 2015 collab “ Souvenirs, ” the lead oozes with euphoria and soul. Smooth breaks and Kershaw ‘s enchanting vocals come together to create an uplift drum & bass masterwork. – Carlie Belbin

Delta Heavy & Koven – Feel

For fans of melodious drum & bass, “ Feel ” has been a dream collaboration years in the construct. With two of the writing style ‘s most impactful artists of the moment joining forces—for a release on the fabled UKF label, no less—one could immediately tell this was going to be something especial. With a command vocal presence from Koven combined with frantic drums and booming leads courtesy of Delta Heavy, “ Feel ” sees both artists leading with their strengths. – Cameron Sunkel

Keys N Krates feat. Ambré Perkins – Glitter (Netsky Remix)

Taking on Keys N Krates and Ambré ’ s R & B-influenced single “ Glitter, ” which was released back in 2017 and featured on the three ‘s debut album Cura, Netsky managed to craft a sublime drum & bass remix. Infusing the original with brisk drums and celestial sound plan, the belgian producer once again raise why he is see one of the most influential barrel & sea bass artists of the past decade. – Konstantinos Karakolis

Future Bass

ILLENIUM, Nurko & Valerie Broussard – Sideways

While Fallen Embers showcases the evolution of ILLENIUM ’ second reasoned, “ Sideways ” is his signature voice in its purest imprint. Nurko and Valerie Broussard ’ s contributions to the single only bolster its flawless quality, as the former ‘s soaring synths match the energy of the latter’s bewitching vocals. – Niko Sani

Dabin & Mokita – Drown

We all know that when emotions come to play in an electronic music producer ’ randomness studio, there are bound to be a bevy of festival-ready tearjerkers in the let go of grapevine. Dabin ’ mho third studio apartment album, Between Broken, is our most celebrated use case this year, peculiarly its future bass standout, “ Drown ” ( with Mokita ). This lead goes square into its feels with affectionate, stripped back vocals and a bright and beautiful guitar riff. “ When the waves start crashing down and the world just gets besides brassy ; When you ‘re reaching out, I ‘ll never let you drown, ” Mokita belts over a drop of power chords and rallying rant claps. Find your festival syndicate, because this one will have you giving out all the hugs. – rachel Kupfer

Tisoki & Charity Vance – SENSITIVE

The growth of Tisoki has been a treat to watch unfurl. The british electronic music consummate, long revered as one of the most give producers in the dubstep world, released his debut album 01953 back in July. largely eschewing the screeching good design of past in favor of a more nuanced approach, Tisoki dropped a magnum musical composition comprising tracks that slither with haunting, melodious healthy purpose. One of the album ‘s most impressive songs is “ SENSITIVE, ” an eerie future bass reduce that brilliantly goes against the grain of the music genre ‘s typical euphoric style. – Jason Heffler

William Black & Annie Schindel – Remedy

future freshwater bass ace and Class of 2021 artist William Black unveiled his sophomore album, Pieces, in November. The read is a tour de force, full with aching production and the storytelling art of one of the genre ‘s most bright artists. “ Remedy ” is an undisputed highlight, featuring a killer whale topline from Annie Schindel that moonlights as a capture shout for assistant. – Jason Heffler

MiTiS & RØRY – Try

Known for creating nostalgic, high-energy music that can move an entire crowd, MiTiS dropped one of the most affectional and inspiring albums of 2021, Lost. Released on Seven Lions ‘ Ophelia Records, one of the album ‘s surefire standouts, “ Try, ” features singer-songwriter RØRY. Conveying an elate message within a lattice of soaring production, it represents some of the most revolutionize work of MiTiS ‘ career. – Brian Rapoport


Dynatron – Close Encounter

Dynatron, one of synthwave ’ s finest production minds, took fans to deep distance in one of the writing style ‘s most exhilarate releases of the year. Retro synths and heavy alloy guitar riffs make listening to “ Close Encounter ” feel like you ’ rhenium prepare to take on a horde of aliens in an 80s sci-fi movie. – nick Yopko

Slvmber – Liminal Spaces

It ‘s easy to get lost in the music of Slvmber, whose spellbinding legal is designed to plummet listeners into lapin holes of nostalgia. such is the case with “ Liminal Spaces, ” a track from his latest album, Mmxx, that employs drum machines and fluttering arpeggios to soporific effect. – Jason Heffler

Waveshaper – Friends Again

From Waveshaper ‘s fantastic album, Mainframe, came “ Friends Again, ” so far another instantaneous classical from one of synthwave ‘s most luminary artists. A confuse of robotic vocals blitz a frantic beat, guiding listeners on an exhilarating travel into a huge digital earth. The final examination product feels like it belongs on a lost soundtrack to Tron. – nick Yopko

Droid Bishop – Through The Fire (Magic Sword Remix)

The mystic charm of Magic Sword is arsenic forceful as always in the cryptic trio ‘s remix of Droid Bishop ‘s “ Through The Fire. ” In a dream collision of two pathfinders of the synthwave genre, the remix is a transfix as it is full-blooded. – Jason Heffler

Power Glove – Brain Jack

One of the most agitate duet in synthwave music, Power Glove have captivated fans with their creative, high concept work. Dark and baleful, “ Brain Jack ” makes you feel like you ’ re running from robotic corporate entities in a dystopian world while working to dismantle the system with a team of cybernetic outlaws. expertly produced with fang-dripping ferocity, the racetrack is a stroke of genius. – notch Yopko


Avoure – Aura (Grigoré Remix)

Grigoré took Avoure ’ mho placid individual “ Aura ” and flipped it into a melodic techno monster. As all great remixes do, it kept just enough of the original with the overarching melody and rhythm. But it brought something completely unexpected and fresh into the close up with an baleful conduct and emphatic barrel program. – Saad Masood

Eli Brown – Escape

In February, Eli Brown released a three-track EP called Escape, which established the plunge of Insomniac ’ s Factory 93 record label speculation. Dedicated to showcasing belowground music—specifically house and techno—Brown represented the quintessential producer to launch the new imprint. The nominal “ Escape ” is a bona fide dancefloor weapon yield of unbridle creative exemption. “ … It was nice not being confined by any boundaries, so I in truth enjoyed having the freedom to experiment and push myself, ” he told of the single back in April. – Carlie Belbin

HI-LO & Reinier Zonneveld – Balearic Mornings

oliver Heldens ‘ techno alias HI-LO matured this class with the release of the brainy HYPNOS EP. Although tracks like “ Hera ” and “ Athena ” deserve praise, it ’ south HI-LO ‘s collaboration with Reinier Zonneveld, “ Balearic Mornings, ” that takes the coat. Although not as bass and techno-focused as the others in the EP, “ Balearic Mornings ” is sensual and passionate while hush managing to carry a pulsate techno tick. – Ulises Vargas

Charlotte de Witte – Formula

This class, world reconnected with its want for rush with the reelect of Formula 1 racing events across the populace. A longtime fan of the mutant herself, Charlotte de Witte efficaciously sent fans into overuse with a particularly enliven EP called Formula, inspired in character by sounds from the racetrack. The EP ’ s titular track blends de Witte ’ s trunk-thumping brand of techno with the high-octane sounds of drivers revving their engines and aboriginal, psychedelic basslines, making for an adrenaline-fueled sung from start to finish. – Cameron Sunkel

lupa – For The Ride

lupa ’ s mau5trap debut was nothing short-circuit of dramatic. “ For The Ride ” is a hypnotic techno tripper led by intoxicating melodies, pulsing percussion, and a haunt outspoken sample. Although this is the beginning taste of lupa ‘s promise, she ’ mho surely set herself up for a bright career in electronic music. – Niko Sani


HD-4884 & HVDES – Portals

In something that sounds like it was plucked out of a “ Blade ” film, HD-4884 and HVDES ‘ “ Portals ” is midtempo mayhem. Overflowing with grit, the grim single rumbles along in a forward-thinking agreement, which fluidly transitions from half- to double-time in its ferocious drops. It ‘s a downright nasty midtempo firecracker that sounds like it was created in some sort of dystopian keep. – Jason Heffler

AWAY & Koda – Help Me

As an class of 2021 draftee, AWAY continued to prove why he ’ s a cut above on the freshwater bass music front man. The virtuosic producer released a choose few tracks in 2021, though each feel uniquely immersive given his preference for bloodcurdling audio design. AWAY ’ second “ Help Me ” ( with Koda ) is a premier example. lyrically, the sung evokes potently haunting emotions, and even a distinct feeling of claustrophobia. AWAY amplifies those bright emotions with bumbling distorted shape and vocaloid synth patches, leaving listeners with goosebumps long after the song ‘s eerie finale. – Cameron Sunkel

Blanke & Deathpact – Mitosis

Blanke and Deathpact ’ s sounds are immediately recognizable in midtempo, a writing style that they ‘ve dominated in late years. “ Mitosis ” served to reinforce that notion in a blister blend of their singular styles, effectively blurring the lines of dubstep and midtempo. – lennon Cihak

1788-L – Automaton

Climbing through the ranks over the past few years, 1788-L has established himself thanks to a dynamic armory of unique sounds, distinguishing himself in a push bass music picture. With his futuristic and merciless fathom invention on display, the enigmatic producer dropped a arresting two-track EP back in April called Parallel : S, which featured the riveting “ Automaton. ” – Brian Rapoport

REZZ & deadmau5 – Hypnocurrency

REZZ has been a mau5trap anchor since the very get down of her career, and fans had been eagerly waiting for a collab between her and tag read/write head deadmau5 for several years. This anticipate clash of titans was ultimately revealed in 2021 with “ Hypnocurrency, ” a midtempo jewel that perfectly combines both of their respective styles. “ I feel like my Collab with deadmau5 is an claim rent of his sounds and mine, which is a high standard I set before ever sending him an idea, ” REZZ tweeted in April. – Konstantinos Karakolis

Dance Pop

Vindata, Maurice Moore & JoiStaRR – Already Home

Vindata recently announced their split, but the duet released a masterstroke of an album in June called With Opened Eyes. “ Already Home ” is one of the album ‘s most inspire electronic cuts, alluring listeners with intoxicating verses from Maurice Moore and Joistarr along with an expertly crafted beat that incorporates rap and R & B influences. – Niko Sani

Pauline Herr – Dodgeball

A triple terror who sings, writes, and produces spellbinding dancing music, Pauline Herr dropped her Contradictions EP back in August. “ Dodgeball ” is a masterclass in vulnerability, wherein Herr delivers a breathless topline exploring the difficulties of letting go, which glides through a dreamy dance pop agreement. – Jason Heffler

Porter Robinson – Look at the Sky

One of the most anticipate releases of the class marked a new style for Porter Robinson. The optimistic and effervescent “ Look at the Sky ” offered fans a bright, organic song from an electronic music luminary whose creativity seems boundless. – nick Yopko

SG Lewis – Time

Written for the club and released during the pandemic, the irony of SG Lewis ’ debut album, times, could n’t have been more apposite. distillery, with its swirling disco synths and colorful soundscapes of tracks like its undoer, “ Time, ” the record proved to be blissfully transportive, a well as a welcome excuse to turn up our speakers and dancing. “ Don ’ t barren this meter, ” implores the song ’ second singer, Rhye, in its chorus. As we now enter our third calendar year of COVID-19 ’ s wrath, this humble reminder rings true than always. – rachel Kupfer

ATB, Topic & A7S – Your Love (9PM)

Since it was released via Kontor Records more than 20 years ago, ATB ’ s “ 9 PM ( Till I Come ) ” has undoubtedly been cemented as one of the most iconic dance records of all-time. Back in January, ATB teamed up with Topic and A7S to remake the song. Their undeniable chemistry—supported by ATB ’ s dateless composition—breathed raw life into the track, dubbed “ Your Love ( 9PM ), ” and it went on to become a ball-shaped hit. – Konstantinos Karakolis


Aly & Fila, JES – Sunrise

After the success of their collaboration, “ I Won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate Let You Fall, ” powerhouse singer JES teamed up with Aly & Fila this past summer for “ Sunrise. ” Every ingredient needed to make a authoritative trance track can be found on this record, including JES ’ s sensual meter, blissful lyricism, and driving synths. The cut even made it into Armin van Buuren ’ second revered A State of Trance 2021 compilation album. – Ulises Vargas

Au5 & HALIENE – Was It You

Flexing their natural ability to cross genres, Au5 and HALIENE treated fans to a arresting trance song after largely releasing music in the melodic dubstep and future bass bowling alley. Through the erstwhile ‘s impressive production and the latter ‘s booming vocals, “ Was It You ” has the feel of a authoritative and is surely to remain in festival sets long after 2021. – nick Yopko

Ilan Bluestone & Ellen Smith – Stranger To Your Love

electronic music veteran Ilan Bluestone is no foreign to producing game-changing trance songs. In 2021, the iconic London-born artist dropped “ Stranger To Your Love ” as separate of a massive four-track EP on Anjunabeats, delivering a sandbag progressive ballad and one of the finest trance releases of the year. – Brian Rapoport

Armin van Buuren – Turn The World Into A Dancefloor

Armin van Buuren ’ s “ A State of Trance ” radio express surpassed its monumental thousandth episode this year, far cementing its condition among the most successful radio programs in dance music history. While in-person celebrations unfortunately had to wait, van Buuren didn ’ thyroxine hesitate to commemorate the occasion with newly music, including “ Turn The World Into A Dancefloor, ” a track he considered desirable of being the official anthem of ASOT ’ s 1000th episode. True to its name, the track features energizing arpeggiated synths, pumping drums, and tortuous soundscapes, able of uniting trance music fans across the worldly concern. – Cameron Sunkel

ALPHA 9 – The Purpose Is You

While his work as Arty remains ever so popular, ALPHA 9 can ’ thymine seem to miss. “ The Purpose Is You ” is a beautifully constructed tune that captures the strong impression that envelops you when you see a sleep together one. The track ‘s intricate tune and arresting vocals—two cornerstones of the veteran artist ‘s set about to dance music production—are executed perfectly. – Niko Sani

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