Machine Gun Kelly Responds to Eminem Diss On His Latest Album

machine Gun Kelly shared a elusive response to Eminem dissing him on his new project .
Eminem ’ s latest shots at Machine Kelly doesn ’ metric ton seem to be having the lapp effect as when he released “ Killshot. ” In his latest album, “ Music To Be Murdered By : side B, ” on the tracks “ Gnat ” and “ Zeus, ” Eminem once again made mention to MGK, which many fans thought would have elicited a ardent rejoinder. In “ Zeus ”, he raps “ Fair weather, namby-pamby, she thinks Machine washed me, ” and on “ Gnat, ” he adds, “ They come at me with machine guns, like trying to fight off a gnat. ”
MGK was immediate to fire spinal column, but it doesn ’ thymine seem like he ’ randomness going to the studio about it. Using Twitter, he said, “ those subliminals, ” and added a crying laugh emoji and a folderol can. Back in 2018, things got a fortune tense between the two. “ Killshot ” was Eminem ’ s diss track, which was produced by IllaDaProducer. He penned the cut in reaction to Machine Gun Kelly ’ s “ Rap Devil, ” which was released in 2018 as well. MGK released that racetrack after Eminem dissed him in his song “ not Alike ” from his tenth studio album, Kamikaze .

MGK has since said that he believes that feud price him fans as his adjacent album, “ Hotel Diablo ” was not met with any real exuberance .
He said, “ As a Hip Hop album, [ Diablo is ] flawless front to back, and besides a hint at the development of how I went into a pop-punk album. But it was coming off the tail-end of that ill-famed gripe [ with Eminem ]. then no one wanted to give it the meter of day. ”

The feud goes all the direction back to 2012 when MGK Tweeted that Eminem ’ s Daughter was “ Hot as F**k. ” Hailie was fair 16-years-old at the prison term. At that time, MGK posted, “ Ok so I good saw a mental picture of Eminem ’ sulfur daughter… and I have to say, she ’ second hot as farad % $ k, in the most respectful way possible [ because Eminem ] is king. ” Following that, MGK was banned from Eminem ’ s Shade 45 radio place on Sirius XM. It wasn ’ t until 2018 that they put the gripe into words .
In what might be a first for Eminem, early projections of “ Music To Be Murdered By : side B ” have shown that the album might be the first in over 20 years to not debut at No. 1. It ’ mho expected to debut at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 graph .

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