What We Should Learn From Old Town Road

As of this week, the birdcall “ Old Town Road ” by Lil Nas X ( with Billy Ray Cyrus ) has become the longest ever # 1 chart sung on the Billboard Hot 100 at 17 weeks. This surpasses the 16 week record tie of “ Despacito ” by Luis Fonsi and Justin Bieber and “ One Sweet Day ” by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men. Full disclosure. I don ’ triiodothyronine concern for “ Old Town Road. ” But I have been asking around about this sung for about a month trying to understand its entreaty. When something is this big I figure there is a reason and something to learn from it. If you don ’ thymine like it, your first instinct is to say, “ What we can learn is that people don ’ thyroxine know well music anymore and the universe is going to hell in a handbasket. ” I would say in reply, “ Get over yourself. If you are going to be successful you need to understand why things are popular. Or you had better be AMAZING in your very narrow, lonely recess. ” When I first started asking around about this song it was hard to find anyone who would even admit to liking it. The replies were by and large : – My kids like it

– I have to listen to it in the car with the kids and nowadays it is in my pass – I barely hear it everywhere then my friend Chris said, “ It ’ s a bare song with a courteous beat and chorus. ” I loved it ! A mature man admitted to liking the birdcall and gave a valid reason. It reminded me of the teenagers on Dick Clark ’ randomness american Bandstand. He would ask, “ What do you think of this birdcall ? ” They might reply, “ It ’ s catchy. It ’ s got a decent beat and I can dance to it ! ” Chris ’ randomness penetration made me sit down and actually listen to the song. very hard. I decided there are two obvious things about the song that do make it appealing ( not to me ) to people and are things we can learn from in business. 1.     It’s simple. This song ( the most democratic Billy Ray Cyrus remix version ) clocks in at 2:37. That is short. even a quick pop birdcall is 3:00. This song gets in and out and gets the job done. There are rock songs that have two minute presentation. This song is over before some songs even get started. In read commercial enterprise they call this “ leaving them wanting more. ” The song doesn ’ t take itself indeed seriously that it belabors the point over and over. Boom. Done. It is besides childlike in its music. Anybody can sing along. If you don ’ thyroxine believe me watch this incredible video of a crowd of elementary students screaming their brains out to the birdcall when Lil Nas X appears at their school. Chris was correct. It ’ s a simple sung. You know what people want in business ? Simplicity. When was the last time you wish your mortgage process was more complicated ? When were you at the repair and idea, “ I wish things could be more unmanageable ? ” When was the final prison term you were delighted by the simplicity of a business interaction ? When it doesn ’ metric ton happen and you are overwhelmed, getting in the car and hearing “ Old Town Road ” fair makes life appear simple for two and a half minutes. 2.     It’s fun. The message of the birdcall is simpleton and playfulness. You know what ? Life is nerve-racking. Who doesn ’ metric ton want to check it all in and just get on a horse and go devour to the old town road ? Well, I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate. Horses are cheating. The honest-to-god town road is probably cheating. And hot. There are flies everywhere. But people aren ’ t thinking about these details. They are fair thinking about playfulness, simplicity and having a good meter. And with Billy Ray Cyrus excessively ! I ’ molarity riding this dang horse with a mullet. And I think there is a Maserati somewhere. That sounds way more fun. Those elementary kids are having fun ! Lil Nas X is having fun. How much fun you can have in your business is relative. Bill ’ s Mortuary servicing can ’ thyroxine always have Clown Tuesday. But Bill can gently smile and show kindness. The rest of us can remember that people are stressed and we can be a source of gladden in their day alternatively of more stress and gloominess. How do you add fun for your customers, employees and co-workers ? “ Old Town Road ” is more than a bangle song. Being the longest song at # 1 is no small accomplishment. The song held off serious competitors, with singles during those 17 weeks by stars like :

– drake – taylor Swift ( 2 ) – shawn Mendes – shawn Mendes with Camila Cabello – logic with Eminem – erectile dysfunction Sheeran with Justin Bieber – Billie Eilish – Katy Perry – Miley cyrus – Cardi B – Khalid

– mail malone – Lizzo I don ’ t have to like “ Old Town Road. ” But I can respect it. I can respect the accomplishment and learn from the mind that simplicity and fun can be a heavy hitter in business when executed well. For me….I ’ megabyte gon na ride til I can ’ t no more .

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