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Let ‘s be real, the perfect playlist truly does set the temper, and perfecting yours for your marriage day will help heighten all of the charming you ‘re planning ! But with such a huge worldly concern of music around us, where do you even start ? fortunately for you, I sat down with my supporter Annelisa and curated the perfect playlists to compliment every event on your wedding day. Why ask my acquaintance to help ? Well, our friendship actually blossomed around entertainment … when we were in college, we actually met during an predilection day for our college newspaper because we were co-assistant artwork & entertainment editors for the newspaper. As we got to know each early that sidereal day we cursorily realized we were both attending the lapp concert that night, and it merely happened to be my ultimate favorite band, Young the Giant ( so intelligibly I knew we were meant to be friends haha ). Since then, she ‘s become my concert buddy, my faithful car DJ, and much more – matchless of my best friends. Okay adequate about us, let ‘s get to planning your playlists ! Feel detached to browse through these playlists and add to yours or fair save ours ! We hope you love them, just a much as we do ! !

| a playful engagement session playlist

arizona-roadtrip-engagement-session-106arizona-roadtrip-engagement-session-106 Our time together starts at your engagement school term and I ‘m fix to run around literally anywhere with you and your honey as we blast some feel-good jam ! Feeling like you might be “ besides awkward ” for our betrothal seance, this playlist will cure any stage frighten. I ‘ll even show off my atrocious dance moves to crack a smile. From some dateless “ indie ” bands to nowadays ‘s “ hits ”, here ‘s a playfulness employment school term playlist !

| a feel-good getting ready playlist

spotify-playlists-meggyweggyspotify-playlists-meggyweggy This playlist is sure to spark all the good vibraphone you need to set the mood before you walk down the aisle. You ’ ve got butterflies in your stomach and your darling people by your slope, this playlist is gon sodium keep up the good vibes and glad times as you get ready. Pop sing-alongs, sappy beloved songs, and a few classics thrown in to make certain everyone from you and your bffs to your grandma can move to the groove. Go assay out my getting ready playlist !

| walking down the aisle playlist

franciscangardens-sanjuancapistrano-wedding-10franciscangardens-sanjuancapistrano-wedding-10 It ’ s the moment you ’ ve been waiting for, you ’ rhenium locking eyes with your honey ( probably shedding a tear or two ) and ready to begin your lives together. Picking the perfect song for this special moment can be bad, so hera are some great ones to soundtrack the begin of your marriage. Check out this tear-jerking walking down the aisle playlist !

| a timeless cocktail hour playlist

spotify-playlists-meggyweggy-5spotify-playlists-meggyweggy-5 While we get cozy up during romantics or you make a wardrobe deepen, let ’ s keep those guests cool calm, and collected with a swallow or two and some chill cheerful tunes ! This playlist is full of oldies, goodies and everything in between. here ‘s your cocktail hour playlist !

| the WE’RE MARRIED walk back down the aisle playlist

pinehillodge-springwedding-julian00069pinehillodge-springwedding-julian00069 YOU ‘RE MARRIED ! ! Grab the hand of the love of your life and go walk out to your future gamble ! The hard part of everyone star at you while you cry is over, let ‘s partayyy ! ! Walk back down the aisle with this fun playlist !

| hold me tight during our first dance kind of playlist

spotify-playlists-meggyweggy-6spotify-playlists-meggyweggy-6 possibly you have a song thats particular to your love, but if you do n’t here ‘s some songs I ‘ve heard at many weddings or songs that just literally fade my affection ! This is normally an emotional moment for my couples, and choosing the properly song truly does make it 100x better. I hope you hold each other rigorous during this dancing and take in all the details of your marriage day … you are marry ! ! here ‘s a playlist of songs for your inaugural dance together !

| a shake-your-booty kind of reception playlist

spotify-playlists-meggyweggy-3spotify-playlists-meggyweggy-3 IT ‘S TIME TO PARTAYYYY ! ! Hope you ‘re ready to shake that loot and dance the night away with your besties, and your beloved ! We got all of the emotional parts of the day, now its time to CELEBRATE your love on the dancefloor. This playlist is filled with some popular hits of today with some of the best throwbacks mixed in and I do n’t want to see you leave that dance floor till the DJ calls for the last birdcall … as Shania Twain would say “ let ‘s go girls, ” hera is your reception playlist !

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