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When you ’ ra struggling through a arduous rivulet, sometimes you just need the right beat to push you over the finish line. Or as you lie on a yoga flatness, possibly you ’ ra looking for the good note to relax you into that cobra affectation. There ’ s no deny that music plays an built-in function in fitness, and now that more people are working out at family, the person in appoint of what ’ s playing as you sweat is most much. .. you .
ready to give that exercise playlist a revamp ? Spotify ’ s raw Soundtrack Your Workout quiz is here to help with that. head to the synergistic web site, available in English ( globally ), spanish ( Latin America ), Portuguese ( Brazil ), and Japanese ( Japan ), for a serial of questions about your upcoming exercise. How long will it be ? What ’ s the intensity flush ? What ’ s your exercise climate ? Your quiz answers will help generate the perfect playlist for your fitness session. Plus, if you ’ re looking to mix in motivational, news, or true crime podcasts while you sweat, you can incorporate those, excessively !
In the death two months, Spotify listeners have created more than 1 million playlists with “ exercise ” in the title, so it ’ sulfur clear users are on the hunt for new tunes to add to their seaworthiness mixes. If you ’ re running out of song inhalation as you, well, run, then give Soundtrack Your Workout a try .
Corey Calliet, a fitness flight simulator who has worked with celebs like Michael B. Jordan, knows equitable how essential music is to a bang-up perspiration seance. “ Music keeps me moving, ” he says, “ and it keeps my tempo high, where I need it to be—making Spotify a critical piece to my workouts. ” Corey took the Soundtrack Your Workout quiz to find some newly music motivation for his next trip to the gymnasium. “ I never thought I ’ vitamin d be able to get a custom-make playlist that fits my exercise and my vibration in less time than it takes to grab my water and get out the door. ”

Find out more about how Corey stays motivated push-up after push-up, and listen to his Soundtrack Your Workout playlist below .
How do you motivate yourself to work out when you’re not feeling up to it?
quite honestly, I know I have to hold myself accountable—especially when I have the duty to help people feel motivated and inspired. There are days where I don ’ thyroxine feel like it, but I have to remember, ‘ What ’ s the goal at pass ? ’ I don ’ triiodothyronine want to let person down who looks up to me. I want them to think, ‘ You know what ? If Corey ’ s doing it, why can ’ metric ton I ? ’

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