SMAPI – Stardew Modding API

(CF) and (CP) Barfyscorpion Home Decor

Needed for both versions.

(CP) Zees Pride Shirts_Oddpodges Shirts_Shirtless Farmer_Content Patcher Conversion

Core Requirement to run most mods including Content Patcher

(KOR) NPC Emet-Selch – Wizard Replacement and Spouse

SMAPI – Stardew Modding API

A Larger Hilltop

Needed to run basically all mods

A recolour of ohodavi’s anime portraits

required for the mod to work

A Very Special Blue Chicken

Needs latest version

Abandoned Bride – Custom NPC

Required for the mod.

Abigail Alternate Look

Mod required for a clean and easy installation, or uninstal.

Accessories For Stardew

Required for everything

Activate Sprinklers

2.10 or above

Add Shiko to NPC Adventures

Basically all mods require this.

Adjust Baby Chance

2.10 or above

Advanced Casks Mod

Requirement of all the frameworks

Advancing Sprinklers

This mod requires SMAPI to work.

Alex Miscellaneous Expansion for Korean

이 모드가 동작하기 위해선 최신버젼의 SMAPI가 필요합니다.

Alternate IceFox Portrait (mermaid island)

required for pretty much everything

Alternate Storage

Required to use mods

Alucard the writer

Can’t use Content Patcher without it

Always On Server for Multiplayer

Absolutely necessary

Amahra’s Interior Recolor

To run CP

Ambient Light

Version 3.01

Animal Chooser

Requires latest SMAPI beta version

Animated Portrait Framework


Anthro Farmer – Raccoon

Required by Content Patcher

Anything Ponds

version 3.0.0 or higher

Arcane Table Mod

Requirement of all the frameworks

Arena Challenges Mod

Runs the SMAPI part of the mod (handles everything)

Aries’ Wedding Dresses

Needed to run Content Patcher

Asian Fantasy Scarecrows


Barack Obama

Definitely should maybe have this

Be rich with animals


Beach Music

For Custom Music

Bear Mounts

Version 2.6 or higher

Bears in the Barn for BFAV

version 2.11.2 or higher

Befriend Marlon and Gunther

Haven’t tested with earlier versions, but may need a version compatible with 1.3

Better Artifact Dig Spots for Content Patcher

*required for content patcher

Better Crab Pots

V2.7 or above

Better Garbage Cans

Use Latest Version: 3.8.x

Better Grass Visibility for Content Patcher

required to run Content Patcher

Better Mixed Seeds

Version 3.0 or above

Better Panning

Version 3.8.0 or higher

Better Train Loot

Use Latest Version

Better Warehouse

Makes literally everything work

BFAV Red Pandas

Required for BFAV

Bigger Sheds

also can be downloaded at

Black cat instead of grey

Used for all mods

Boba Tea Cafe

Required by JsonAssets

Breed Like Rabbits 2 – Procreation Boogaloo

2.10 or above

Build On Any Tile

Also available at

Bulbasaurus for BFAV

Required, like 99% of the mods here

Buy Chests with Robin… also Jumino Chest

Enserio… es la madre de todos los mods.

Carrot SummerCrop

required by Json Assets and almost every other mod

Challenging Community Center Bundles

Basic requirement.


Will not work without it.

Child Age Up For Chinese


Cita Rasa Crops

Latest SMAPI Android

Clean Greenhouse

v2.11.3 or higher

Cleaner Bus Stop


CM Rainy Days Fan-Song

Required to use Custom Music

Color Valley

(REQUIRED) also can be downloaded at

Combat Made Easy Suite (Content Patcher)

Required for all mods to work.

Combined Girl Mod

3.9.0 or newer

Configurable Bundle Costs

3.8.0 or higher


Need atleast verion 2.10.1

Console Chat

V2.9 or above required

Content Patcher – Bearded Elliot

Mod loader for Stardew Valley.

Cottage Farm

Needed for Content Patcher

Cottagecore Fences

Tested on version 3.9.5

Cozy Clothing

Works with v2.10.0 or later. Not tested on earlier versions.

Cozy Desert Farm


CP – Expressive Wizard

Required for Content Patcher

CP Abigail The Goth Empress

Must have!

Craftable Legendary Fish Mounts

2.10 or higher

Craftable Magic Rock Candy


Crane Man Begone

version 3.0.0 or higher

Crop Figures

To use most mods!

Custom Death Penalty Plus

v3.0 or greater required

Custom NPC – ENA

Required to mod the game

Custom NPC Exclusions

Also available at

Custom Npc Nikolai

most recent

Custom NPC Puji.

This is required to insert (and fix) Puji NPC in vanilla edition. Personally i won’t bother converting her. It’s not necessary in SVE

Custom NPC Roronoa Zoro Items for Json Assets


Custom Obelisks

runs mod

Custom Reminders

SMAPI 3.0+

Custom Warps

2.10 or above

Custom Winter Star Gifts

runs the fw

Daily Screenshot

Works with v2.10.0 or later. Not tested on earlier versions.

Darker wet soil

Required by Content Patcher

Dave the Miner for Content Patcher

runs mod for sdv

Decrafting Mod

Base APIs.

Destroyable Bushes

Also available at

Dialogue Emotes

Stardew Modding API is required

difficulty option for bundles


Dino Ducks

only needed for the content patcher version

Dinosaur Shirts and Boots

version 3.0 or higher

Dish of the Day Display

version 2.10 or higher


required to use content patcher

Downtown Zuzu Ru


Drink More Water (JA)

For any mods this mod depends on.

Dungeon Buddy

Developed with version 3.9.1.

Dwarf Green

Content patcher

Dwarfed farm building


Eidee Easy Fishing

Version 3.0.0+


For loading Content Patcher

Equal Money Split

3.4.1 or higher

Esca’s Modding Plugins (EMP)

Also available at


The mod engine

Even Better RNG

3.7.0 or newer


All the Mods need this

Evolve Your Dog Into Arcanine

Only for the CP Arcanine files. The other two you can just replace the dog.xnb file underneath animals.

Expanded Foraging Farm

SMAPI 2.10.1

Extra Fish Information

Minimum version: 2.10.0

Farm Type Manager (FTM)

Also available at

Farmhouse Floor Strip Fix

version 2.6 (version 2.7 or higher is recommended)

Farming Made Easy Suite (Content Patcher)

Required for all mods to work.

Fatter Cat – Calico (Content Patcher Compatible)

Only if using Content Patcher

Fennec Settings – PFM Support for BFAV Fennecs

Pretty much every non-asset mod needs this. Also required by BFAV and PFM.

Festival of the Mundane

version 3.0.0 or higher

Fighting With NPCs

3.4.1 or higher

Fish Finder

Use latest version

Fish Ponds – 3 options

Tested on version 3.12.8

Fishing Assistant (1.5 Updated)

For load this mode into the game.

Fishing Assistant – Deutsch

Modding API

Fishing Made Easy Suite (Content Patcher)

Required for all mods to work.

Fizzy Drinks

Needed to run all the mods!

Floor Shadow Switcher

version 3.0.0 or above

Flow Hive


Forsy’s Comfort Foods

im pretty sure every mod needs this

Four Corners Expanded

Required to mod the game.

Frogs to Turtles

Required to load Content Patcher.

Futaba Sakura – Sebastian Replacement Mod

v2.11 or later

Galarian Ponyta Horse_Replacement

CP file requires this


At least 3.7


2.10 or above

Gelistirilmis Makineler Turkce Yama (Upgraded Machines Turkish Translate)

Modları kurmak için

Gem Lamp Posts Mod

Requirement of all the frameworks

Gentleman from Old Korea – Custom NPC

Required for the mod.

Geode Upgrader for CFR

Needed to install CFR

Get Glam

Required. The latest version of SMAPI.

Gigi’s Hi-Res Portraits mod for All Characters

Required for modding in general and for Portraiture.

Goodbye American English

v3.0 or greater required

Goodbye SMAPI


Grandfather’s Heirlooms

3.0.0 or newer

Grandpa’s Tools

Tested on version 3.10.1

Grass Growth Adjuster

2.10.1 or newer!

Greenhouse Construction



For version 2.0

Guardian Pylons replace Obelisks


Gwen’s Lamps for CP and JA

Tested on version 3.12.8

Gwen’s Medieval Craftables

Tested on version 3.12.8

Gwen’s Paths

Tested on version 3.10.1

HAND Cursor

i don’t got the xnb files and i probably never will

Happy Birthday Mod French

Nécessaire pour l’utilisation de mods

Hat Mouse House Makeover

version 2.11 or higher

Hedge Fences

version 2.5.4 or higher


(REQUIRED) also can be downloaded at

Hisame ‘s pick of buildings mix

you need it to install mods

Hoe and Water Direction

min 3.0.0


Uses the SMAPI framework

Hojichas’ Walls and Floors (Content Patcher)

Required only for the Content Patcher file.

Home Sewing Kit

version 3.0.0 or higher

Host Trees

Never not required

Immersive Elliott

Required for Content Patcher

Increase Animal House Max Population

Atleast version 3.0.0

Increased Artifact Spots

Need atleast version 2.10.1

Insect Valley

Will not work without it

Iridium Tools Patch

Version 2.7 as of authoring this (10/05/2018)

Item Research ‘n’ Spawn

Base for all mods

Izxe’s Improved Farmhouses

Must be at the latest version

Jas Portrait By Rizum

Not requiered if you just download the xnb

Joja Clearance Bin


Joja Mega Crop Bundle

3.5 or higher

Joja Seeds


Journey of the Succu Queen

Needed for Content Patcher

Joys of Efficiency

Required to be loaded and work

Junimo Kart Cheater

tested 3.0.1

Kawakami – Healer NPC

Make sure to download beta version!

Koulto’s Electric Bikes

Essential for this mod to work

Krobus Dialogue Expansion Mod Pack

3.12. and above. Android must use 3.7 version.

Krobus Relationship Changes

Required for Content Patcher

KrobusPortraits by HistoriaFoda – Content Patcher

Required for Content Patcher

Last Day To Plant

Required to launch this mod

Legendary Scarecrows

Needed to run Content Patcher

Lemonade Machine (CFR)

Well, you can’t use the mod without it

Lewd TV Changes

Needed for Content Patcher

lilico’s Gigi Portrait Edits (Chaekal’s Wizard) for LfL

For modding in general and for Portraiture

Line Sprinklers

Needs v2.7

Linus By Sheyn

for adding a portrait

Lober Cat

download from because i couldn’t get the nexus one to work :weirdchamp:


At least 3.0 or later.

Log Bridges Plus

Minimum 2.6

Lumberjack Leah But Brunette

Required for Both Lumberjack Leah

Mancer’s Music Pack

Obviously you need this

Marry me


Marry me BETA


Matching Junimo Huts


Medieval buildings

Tested on version 3.12.8

Medieval SV Expanded

Tested on version 3.10.1

Melonette’s Silk Font for Stardew Valley 1.5

You need too run all mods. (REQUIRED)

Menus Everywhere

Version 3.5.0 or later.

Meteor Farm

Required for mods


only if you’d rather use the content patcher folder than the xnb file

Mineral Farm (MTN)

also can be downloaded at

MissCoriel’s Supplement Pack – Nocturnal Ambience

As all things need this

Mmmmm OMG Stop Pierre Lying (Content Patcher)

You must run the game through SMAPI

modding Discord Farm

(REQUIRED) also can be downloaded at

Modest Maps Cave

Core Modding file, required for most mods.

Modest Maps Standard Farm

Core Modding file, required for most mods.

Monster girls farm (with Voice replacer)

For Content Patcher to work

Monster Log Anywhere

version 2.11 or higher

Monthly Mail

Require SMAPI to run


3.0 or greater

More Accessible Wilderness (Combat) Farm

Only required for Stardew Valley 1.3

More Barn and Coop Animals

Requires latest version

More Gifts From Friends

Trial version 3.7.3 working perfectly on Android

More Immersive Portrait Tweak

3.8.4 or newer.


also need this

MouseBath Fish

content patcher uses this

Multiple Gifts for Spouses

Version 2.7

Muscovy Ducks

Only for the SAMPI version

Museum Expansion

Required for everything

Natural Paths

version 2.5.4 or higher

Neo’s Succulent farm

latest version

New Flower Dance Suit

no SMAPI, no mods ^^

New NPC – General Astra In-Ze

To mod the game.

New Portraits Mod

Needed to run Content Patcher

Night Market Cat Boat

version 2.6 or higher

Nonvegan Bundle Items in Stores

Tested with 3.6.1

Not You Again


Official – Industrialization for PFM

Is Required


Atleast version 2.11

Organize Inventory Shortcut

3.0.0 or Later

Owl Scarecrows CP Conversion

v2.5.5 or later (Or Latest version for beta)

Pasture Woods Farm


Penny Heart Events Fix

version 2.6 or higher

Personal Effects

At least 2.10.2 or later.

PFM Oil Quality and Amount


PhetOfFuX Portrait BETA (Replace and Content Patcher)

stardew valley mod tool base *must install this

Phoenix Farm – A Standard Map Variant (CP and MTN)

Only with CP and MTN versions

Pierre Sells Tree Fertilizer

SMAPI – Stardew Modding API

Pigeon Mailbox

Tested on version 3.12.8

Plantable Mushroom Trees

2.10 or above

Plantable Palm Trees

version 3.0.0 or higher

Please Fix Error


Pollen Sprites

Also available at

Pond Painter

version 3.0.0 or higher

Portable Dye Pots


Portrait-Accurate Alex (CP)

Content Patcher requires SMAPI to work.

Possessive Sebastian Dialogue Expansion Pack translate to Chinese


Prepare for New Day

3.8.0 or later

Progressive Access Farm

2.7 should be fine, but 2.8 might be necessary.

Quest Framework

Stardew Modding API is required (>= 3.6.1)

Realistic Writer Elliott

Without this, bro, do you even mod?

Relationship Tracker

Requires v2.7

Remember Your Umbrella



SMAPI (2.5.5 for SV1.2) (up-to-date beta for SV1.3)

Rescue Puppies


Reverse Proposal

The mod loader for Stardew Valley.

Rideable Deer (Content Patcher)

Required only for the Content Patcher file.

RowanMaBoot’s Customisable Tool Options (CP)

Required by Content Patcher

S A P Farmer

Requires SMAPI

Sap-dew Valley

Requires SMAPI

Save Anywhere (1.5)

Used to run mod obviously

Scarecrow Highlighter

v2.11 (others untested but might work)

Scarecrow in traditional Asian costumes



Version 3.0

Seaside Interior (Content Patcher)

Required only for the Content Patcher file.

Seasonal Anime Portraits II

To run every mod in this game

Seasonal Tub o Flowers

version 2.6 or higher

Sebastian’s Garage

Modding Framework

Secret Gardens Greenhouse

tested using 2.7 (or higher)

Seed Machines

3.8.0 and higher


Version 2.7 recommended, other versions not tested

SFG’s Crab Monster Recolors (Content Patcher)

You must run the game through SMAPI

SFG’s Farmer Age Dialogue Tweaks (Content Patcher)

You must run the game through SMAPI

SFG’s No More War – Kent as Journalist (Content Patcher)

You must run the game through SMAPI

SH’s Domestic Animals

Required for the mod to work!

SH’s Festive Valley

Required for the mod to work!

SH’s Wild Animals

Required for the mod to work!

Shane is now working in Pierre Market

Smapi Modding API

Shane Sings 99 Bottles of Beer

version 2.6 or higher

Shardust’s Fences Gate Flooring 1.5 update

Required for all

Shaved Ice and Frozen Treats – PTBR

(Obrigatório) Para rodar mods

SheiFoxy’s Craftables Combo

For Content Patcher Version

Shell Collection – JA

Loader for practically all mods

Shen’s Walls n Floors – CWF

Required for all mods

Shiko – New Custom NPC – Deutsch

Zwingend notwendig für die Original Mod “Shiko – New Custom NPC”

Ship Anything

Will not work without it.

Shipping Chest ( Bin retexture )

Tested on version 3.12.8


3.8.0 or above

Show Catch Quality

2.10 or above

Skip Text (Scrolling)

harmony patching 🙂

Skitty Cat Replacement

required for Content Patcher


At least 3.0.0 or later.

Slime Livestock And Horse

Won’t work without this

Slime Pets

Won’t work without this

Smart Cursor

Requires latest beta version 18

Sophia Magical Winter

Meio óbvio

Sosial Haley Chinese Translate

一定要装 不然无法用mod

Sprint Sprint

REQUIRED (other mirror:


Required for basic functionality

Stable and tractor garage

Tested on version 3.12.8

Stack Check Fix

required to be loaded and work

Stamps’ Custom Furniture

Run Stardew Valley with this.

Standard Farm Map Without Small Pond (Content Patcher Compatible)

If using the Content Patcher version, you must have SMAPI.


3.0 or later

Stardew Hypnos – Sleeping Overhaul

Latest SMAPI as possible

Stardew Valley – Vietnamese Translation

Mod Cần thiết hỗ trợ nội dung

Stardew Valley Expanded

(Framework Mod) SMAPI is required for any of this to work

Stardew Valley Expanded – Russian

Необходим для всех модов

Stardew valley Expanded Version FR

SMAPI est nécessaire pour que tout cela fonctionne

Stardew Valley Re-Orchestrated WIP

Base for every mod you want to use.

Stats As Tokens

3.12.0 or higher

Statues as Obelisks – CP

Tested on version 3.12.8

Stylish Greenhouse


Summit Farm (Hilltop)

(v2.7+) also can be downloaded at

Super Standard Farm

Lastest version

Super Wilderness Farm

2.6.0 or later


Tested with v3.8.0. with StardewValley 1.5.0

Tanned Abigail in bikini sprite and portrait

in case you wish to use it via content patcher

Terrace Farm

Required for mods

The Oracle’s Forest Farm

Needed for Content Patcher.


3.12.0 or higher

Tia’s Multiple Spouses Dialogue Pack

Because of course.

Time Before Harvest

Version used during development : 3.4.0

Time of the Prairie King

3.3.2 or higher

Tool Power Select

Beta version of SMAPI for Stardew 1.3

Traducao pt br para o mod Magic

Stardew valley mod loader

Train Graffiti Replacer


Transparency Settings

Also available at

Trash Bear Item Helper

Version 3.0.0 minimum

Travel Center

for content patcher

Tree Tweaks

3.8.4 or newer.

Trent new animals Portugues

O mod loader

Ulysses – New Custom NPC English Translation

Required. At least 3.9

Underground Secrets Deutsch

Modding API

Unicorn Rainbow Horse


Unique children and Razolyn fix

do you need me to remind you why? XD

Upgraded Greenhouse

Version 2.11

Useful Bombs

required to be loaded and work

Value Changer

Needed to make content patcher work

Vyranity’s Breads Upgraded JA

I think that all mods need this one to be fair.

Water Bot

Required to work!

Waterproof Items

Also available at

Wave Farm

Modding API

Way Back Pelican Town ( alpha )

Tested on version 3.8.0

Weeb Stuff

Self explanatory. This is basically like SKSE for Skyrim, or Minecraft Forge for Minecraft. Allows you to run mods for the game

Where’s My Items

2.10 or above


You shall download this if you want a cat whose name is Linus

Wildflower Grass

Required for Content Patcher

Wilo’s Giant Greenhouse

For Content Patcher version only!

WIP – Hypno Valley

3.10.0 or higher

Yellow Cat to Black And White Cat

Most mods use this – it’s a good idea to have.

Yet Another Sprint Mod

required to run the mod.

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