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1995 one by erasure
Stay with Me “ is a 1995 song by british synthpop duet Erasure, released as the head unmarried from their self-titled, one-seventh studio album, Erasure. Written by Vince Clarke and Andy Bell, it is a slow love ballad. Starting with simple synth chords from Clarke and subdued vocal music from Bell, the song builds to a mid-tempo gospel -influenced decision, complete with song contributions from the London Community Gospel Choir. Like the early two singles from this album, it was edited for its passing. It was not adenine successful as anterior Erasure singles, reaching phone number fifteen on the UK Singles Chart, and it did not chart in the United States or Germany. In Denmark, it peaked at total 10 while it reached number 13 in Sweden. In an interview with John Marshall from Lincs FM in 2009, Bell stated that “ Stay With Me ” was one of his darling erasure songs. The single ‘s B-side, “ True Love Wars ”, is an extension of the Erasure album undoer “ Intro : guess I ‘m Into Feeling ”. Both tracks use the same instrumental racetrack and parcel several vocal elements, although they are different songs .

critical reception [edit ]

Ned Raggett from AllMusic described the song as “ quietly intoxicating ”. [ 1 ] Larry Flick from Billboard said it stands among the duet ‘s “ most capture and hitworthy recordings to date. ” He noted that the music “ blend delicate music-box-like keyboards with Andy Bell ‘s gorgeous, theatrical vocal performance ”, and added further that “ this ballad soars to a beautiful decision, as Bell is surrounded by a gospel choir that adds spiritual depth to the song ‘s fresh, romantic lyrics. ” [ 2 ] Ross Jones from The Guardian stated that it “ is one of their best ; a piquant slowie more beautiful than this earth deserves. ” [ 3 ] Chris Gerard from Metro Weekly commented, “ If anybody ever doubts that Andy Bell is a first-rate singer, play them “ Stay With Me ” immediately. The layers of strait that he develops, along with Clarke ‘s elementary keyboard course, are plainly charming. ” [ 4 ] Music & Media said, “ The question is which version are you going to air ? ACE is well advised to take the Guitar Mix of the deplorable love birdcall, EHR wo n’t have problems with the electronic Flow Mix, while “ dance ” can do the rest. ” [ 5 ] Music Week rated it three out of five, declaring it as “ a delicate but brawny electronic ballad, produced by The Orb ‘s Thomas Fehlmann. ” [ 6 ] They added that the “ slow-burning ” song “ is heard best in context, where Clarke ‘s churchy keyboard patterns are played against a authoritative, ardent performance by Bell. ” [ 7 ] People Magazine wrote, “ Thanks to an stress on gorgeous torch tunes like “ Rock Me Gently “ and “ Stay with Me ”, go singer Andy Bell ‘s always operatic vocals take on a newfound luster ”. [ 8 ] Darren Lee from The Quietus said that it “ remain [ a ] serviceable adequate ” ballad, “ but lack the dynamism and charm of earlier releases. ” [ 9 ]

Music video [edit ]

A music video was made to accompany the song. It was published on YouTube in September 2014, and as of November 2020, it has got more than 310 000 views. [ 10 ]

racetrack listings [edit ]

Cassette single (CMUTE174)
  1. “Stay With Me” (Single Edit)
  2. “True Love Wars”
12″ single (12MUTE174)
  1. “Stay With Me” (NY Mix)
  2. “Stay With Me” (Flow Mix)
  3. “True Love Wars” (Omni Mix)
  4. “Stay With Me” (Guitar Mix)
CD single #1 (CDMUTE174)
  1. “Stay With Me”
  2. “True Love Wars”
  3. “Stay With Me” (Basic Mix)
  4. “True Love Wars” (Omni Mix)
CD single #2 (LCDMUTE174)
  1. “Stay With Me” (Flow Mix)
  2. “Stay With Me” (NY Mix)
  3. “Stay With Me” (Guitar Mix)
  4. “Stay With Me” (Castaway Dub)
U.S. maxi-single (66084-2)
  1. “Stay With Me” (Commercial Mix)
  2. “Stay With Me” (Basic Mix)
  3. “Stay With Me” (Flow Mix)
  4. “Stay With Me” (Guitar Mix)
  5. “Stay With Me” (NY Mix)
  6. “True Love Wars”

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