System Of A Down to Debut New Music Video During Livestream Fundraiser This Weekend!

System Of A Down have announced a global livestream on Sunday 31 January, to raise funds for hurt armenian soldiers, and are coinciding the stream with the release of their trade name new music video for the moment of the band ’ s two newfangled songs ‘ Genocidal Humanoidz’ .
The ring haven ’ triiodothyronine performed live together since Chicago Open Air in May 2019. This is going to be a huge event, featuring some special guests, and is happening at 4am AEDT, with the brand new video recording for ‘Genocidal Humanoidz’ premiering straight after at 6am AEDT .
The metal maestros released a video recording for their other new track ‘ Protect The Land’ when they initially announced the music, and in a recent chew the fat with bassist Shavo Odadjian, he revealed that he ’ ll be directing the music video for ‘ Genocidal Humanoidz’, so we ’ ra looking forth to seeing what the North Kingsley ( read our review here ) mastermind has in store. here ’ s what Odadjian had to say about it :

“By the way, I’m directing the  ‘Genocidal Humanoidz’  video with  Adam Mason  who did ( North Kingsley ’s)  ‘Die For The Pic’  video with me and it’s going to be done soon. There’s going to be a little bit of animation in it, and I’ve already started that part.”
Mark the livestream in your your calendars for this weekend, and bookmark the connect to their YouTube channel. We ’ ll keep you posted on the music video. Read the statement from the band below :
“ In the tragic consequence of the most crying violence to affect the area since 1994, soldiers for the Defense Army of Artsakh and Armenia ( many of them volunteers ) suffered war crimes at the hands of the invaders – Azerbaijan abetted by Turkey and their syrian mercenaries. even after the ceasefire signed on November 10, 2020, those heroes wounded in the late battle remain in desperate motivation of prosthetics, advanced treatment, and checkup care. We are hosting a fund-raise livestream consequence in order to raise money to rehabilitate and outfit the hundreds soldiers who have lost arms and legs with life-changing prosthetic limbs. The financing will besides benefit the introduction of groundbreaking laser therapy for the discussion of white phosphorous chemical burns and the reduction of scarring and agonizing pain. All proceeds from the livestream will be donated to this causal agent .
We welcome you, along with our tilt of special guests, to join us this Saturday, January 30, at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern to support our efforts – entirely on our YouTube distribution channel. The official video premier for “ Genocidal Humanoidz ” will immediately follow the exist event. Subscribe to our channel now at to stay update. We look ahead to seeing you this weekend. ”
Words by Ricky Aarons  @ rickysaul90

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