The 10 Absolutely Worst Rappers of All Time

death week on the Books of Face, I was pulled into an interest convo about what constitutes the worst rapper of all prison term. Of course, there are artists that we may dislike for any act of reasons :
roman reloaded
I can think of about 17 fair from that photograph alone .
But to be considered the worst of the worst, it takes a special brand of suck. Whether it ’ s a maddeningly lazy manner of speaking, frightful lyrics or embarrassing contentedness, I ’ ve found the 10 worst offenders in rap.

now, I ’ m not talking about aspirant rap celebrities like Kevin Federline or Macho Man Randy Savage ( RIP BROTHA ) who dropped one awful album and bowed out. I ’ m not flush talking about one-hit wonders like OT Genasis and Trinidad James who barely have two singles to rub together. alternatively, let ’ s expression at 10 artists who, unfortunately, have made some kind of a career out of their pan bars .
eazy e

10. Eazy-E

I know half of y ’ all are running to the comments right NOW to call this number “ drivel ” for mentioning the name of the beloved Eazy-E. For the early half who haven ’ thyroxine embarrassed themselves even, hear your boy out : there ’ sulfur no motion that Eazy is a West Coast tap pioneer who created iconic songs. But that doesn ’ triiodothyronine mean the homo wasn ’ thymine awed on the microphone, cuz Lord knows he was. Eazy ’ s stream was actually choppy and stilted, like he was reading from one of those malfunctioning teleprompters from the BET Awards. His Jheri curl was on fleek, tho .
the last don

9. Master P

Jay Z and the Roc, Eminem and D12, Nas and the Bravehearts — in most cases, the drawing card of a rap clique is besides its best lyricist, the symbol of excellence for the entire crowd. But if Master P is the symbol of excellence for the No Limit Soldiers, it ’ randomness no wonder most of ’ em went AWOL. apparently person told P that RAPPING IN CAPS LOCK is the unavowed to success, so he spent most of the 90s screech sewage into our ears. But there ’ s full news program for P — he ’ s not even the worst knocker in his family ! That honor belongs to…
silkk da shocker

8. Silkk da Shocker

Like a bow-legged toddler trying to catch a butterfly in the park, Silkk has been unsuccessfully chasing rap beats since 1995, tripping over his feet and falling on his face EVERY SINGLE TIME. It ’ s about like he was intentionally off-beat with every single stripe. When it comes to timing his meter with the track, homie own ’ t even on the faulty page, he ’ randomness in a different library .
footage of Silkk in the studio apartment trying to catch the beat :
dropping the ball
There ’ s merely one artist who systematically raps off rhythm a much as this ridicule :
big sean gif

7. Big Sean

AKA, your 8-year-old baby ’ s favorite rapper. big Sean allegedly has been rapping for a ten, then why is the concept of STAYING ON BEAT silent extraneous policy to him ? He has a weird habit of cramming excessively many syllables in one bar, then not enough in the following, so his verses are like a raggedy game of Jenga — constantly two seconds from crumbling into the trash bus. And his punchlines ? “ placid rocking Louis Vuitton condom, campaign I ’ m then f***ing in style. ” Playa please .
One of my boys asked if I was planning to review big Sean ’ s latest album. I told him I could sum it up in one image :
delete folder
mike jones

6. Mike Jones (Who?)

travel with me back to 2004, when a mixtape rapper gained popularity by repeating his name a bunch of times and giving out his cell-phone number. Sounds like a thirsty dame on Snapchat .
For a brief, benighted time in our state ’ south history, Mike Jones became the hottest knocker by basically repeating one occupation over and over again. Don ’ metric ton believe me ? Check out his poetry from “ still Tippin ‘ ” :
back then hoes didn ’ thymine want me, immediately I ’ thousand hot hoes all on me
back then hoes didn ’ t want me, now I ’ molarity hot hoes all on me
back then hoes didn ’ thyroxine want me, immediately I ’ molarity hot hoes all on me ( I said ! )
Back then hoes didn ’ thymine want me, nowadays I ’ megabyte hot hoes all on me
We heard what you said. Four times .
rather of writing 16 bars, dandy would write like 12 and just repeat a bunch of stuff to fill up the extra outer space. It ’ s brilliantly lazy, but absolute embarrassing .

5. P. Puffy Diddy Daddy Combs

Your least front-runner music baron has been stealing the limelight of more talented artists for about 25 years. You ’ d think that by sucking the same rare atmosphere as legends like the Notorious B.I.G. that he ’ five hundred acquire some likeness of talent by osmosis .

Guess not .
Puff spent a career bragging about how he didn ’ t have to write rhymes, he wrote checks. He flaunted the fact that he could pay ghostwriters for hits — if that ’ s the casing, why did he spend his money on such awful lyrics ? If you ’ re an egomaniacal millionaire with pockets angstrom deep as the Mariana Trench, why would you not buy the best lyrics possible ? He ’ second paying Jay Z prices for J-Kwon lyrics .
i don't like

4. Chief Keef

Y ’ all sure love draw excuses for this fellow. “ He ain ’ t supposed to be lyric ” ; “ He makes ballyhoo music ” ; “ He ’ s not so bad if you give him a luck. ”
I just checked my electric refrigerator and we ’ re all out of chances. Are these REALLY the songs y ’ all are getting hyped off of ?
Emojis, emojis, the b**** like to text emojis
Emojis, emojis, so I sent emojis
Emojis, emojis, and immediately we send emojis
Emojis, emojis, all she send is emojis
Keef ’ s hale career can be summed up with an emoji excessively :

3. Young Thug

Lem me lay out a scenario for you Thugga fans : It ’ south date night and you decide to take bae to the dollar movies to see the latest tyler Perry disaster. unfortunately, the sound recording in Ratchet Cinemas is jacked up, so everyone on screen sounds like Scooby Doo on lean .
I know how y ’ all do — if that scenario occurred, you ’ five hundred move to the coach screaming for a refund AND some spare popcorn for your troubles .
even, y ’ all turning right about and spend your hard-earned money on this ripple maniac :

Don ’ thyroxine tell me you know what he ’ sulfur saying. Lies makes baby Jesus cry .
last prison term I checked, you ’ re supposed to be able to comprehend what a rapper says and I ’ m not eloquent in moron .
birdman galaxy

2. Birdman

never earlier has a man made therefore a lot money from doing absolutely nothing. always since Cash Money took over for the nine-nine and 2000s, Baby has delivered the laziest, lethargic rhymes in rap history .
belong from sitting in the cell,
To sitting on a jet,
From sh*tting in the cell,
To sh*tting on a coal-black
All delivered with paint-drying enthusiasm. Every time Birdman rubs his hands, another rap career dies. Except his, sadly .
birdman hand rub

1. Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em

back in 2007, I thought that “ Crank That ” was easily one of the worst songs ever recorded in rap history. EVER. The lyrics — the ones you could understand, that is — were abysmal, the cadence was awful and the content made no common sense. But I chilled on the song, figuring that it was an eyesore that would soon fade aside, like neon buttocks packs. But NO, Soulja Boy actually became a bonafide rap star, releasing blue “ hit ” after blue “ hit ” and I even don ’ triiodothyronine understand how .
Take all the atrocious qualities from nine rappers listed above and combine them — Soulja Boy is the Voltron Force of garbage MCs. Terrible flow, awful lyrics, frightful production ( that he normally handles himself, naturally ) frightful tattoo, frightful attitude .
In about a decade, his only contribution has been lying to poorly-dressed young men about how a lot “ loot ” they have .
Soulja Boy is THE WORST EVER.

soulja boy crying
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Feel unblock to share your least favorites ( and complain about Eazy-E ) below .

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