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No. Title Original air date 1 “Episode 1” 2 June 2017 ( ) Twenty-three years after the disappearance of popular Korean pop idol Yoo Hyun-jae (Yoon Shi-yoon), his then-management agency World Entertainment and its tenants struggle to survive in an industry dominated by K-pop idol groups. Its CEO and Hyun-jae’s then-manager Lee Gwang-jae (Cha Tae-hyun) strives to pay the firm’s debts while managing struggling artists—including 90s singer Hong Bo-hee (Yoon Son-ha), who now manages a bakery. Her son Lee Ji-hoon (Kim Min-jae), though preparing for a civil service exam with his friend Choi Woo-seung (Lee Se-young), is secretly training to become a pop idol at a competing agency. In an attempt to make a comeback, Bo-hee requests for Gwang-jae to secure her a guest slot on a TV show, only for him to secure a spot for her on a radio program. 2 “Episode 2” 2 June 2017 ( ) Woo-seung discovers her boyfriend is cheating on her with her roommate just after she professes her love while wearing the latter’s police uniform. In a club, after learning Hyun-jae’s dance moves on the internet, Ji-hoon accidentally gropes two women while performing it. Both of them ended up being questioned at the police station separately. Ji-hoon’s offers Woo-seung to secretly stay with him in his apartment, which she reluctantly accepts. On the way home, they accidentally almost hit their car on an unconscious Hyun-jae, who had just arrived from the past. Meanwhile, Bo-hee’s appearance on the radio show takes an embarrassing turn. 3 “Episode 3” 3 June 2017 ( ) Hyun-jae accidentally time travels to the present and finds the world is not what it once was. Bo-hee’s stint on the radio goes viral on the internet, causing her to be an object of infamy. Ji-Hoon, Woo-seung, and MC Drill (Dong Hyun-bae) drive to the hospital to visit Hyun-jae with the car the latter used to own, only to find out they had just missed each other. Hyun-jae spots his car on the entrance drop-off and leaves the hospital with it, along with Woo-seung, who was sleeping inside at the time. 4 “Episode 4” 3 June 2017 ( )

Woo-seung wakes up to find out that Hyun-jae is driving the car and tries to tackle him, causing the car to break down. After having it fixed, he overhears a certain “Lee Gwang-jae” and drives around to follow him, abandoning Woo-seung in the process. Swearing revenge on him, she calls for Ji-hoon and an infuriated MC Drill for help. After losing “Lee Gwang-jae” on the road, Hyun-jae drives to World Entertainment, only to be surprised to discover it in a desolate state. Upon seeing it, he realized that his past actions and disappearance has led the agency to near bankruptcy. 5 “Episode 5” 9 June 2017 ( ) Hyun-jae goes to his old apartment, now occupied by Ji-hoon, Woo-seung, and MC Drill, and gets interrogated by the three at a police station, claiming to have amnesia after being hit by their car. Worried of being found guilty and that he might ask for a settlement for it, the three decide to offer him to stay with them in secret until he regains his memory. Upon staying, his newfound love of smartphones has led him to accidentally leave a selfie on Bo-hee’s phone, which she left unattended at the time. Meanwhile, Bo-hee stumbles upon a pitch for her to appear on a variety program and decides to prepare for it. 6 “Episode 6” 9 June 2017 ( ) Hyun-jae decides to leave the apartment out of hunger and boredom, and gets caught by a petrified Lee Soon-tae (Lee Deok-hwa), who thinks he is a poltergeist. He later accepts an offer by Woo-seung to clean-up for her at her work in exchange for a phone. The following day, it is the civil exam day which happens to occur at the same time as the evaluation day at the agency, forcing Ji-hoon to choose between taking the exam with Woo-seung and performing with MC Drill for the evaluation. 7 “Episode 7” 10 June 2017 ( ) Everyone at the World Entertainment building is starting to feel suspicious about a presence secretly living at Ji-hoon’s loft. At Star Punch Entertainment, Park Young-jae (Hong Kyung-min) reveals a hidden relic from his former partner’s past. Hyun-jae offers Woo-seung a part-time job to accompany him to a lead from his last whereabouts in 1994 using the money he had previously stashed in the apartment. Meanwhile, Bo-hee’s viral popularity has caught the attention of a screen writer who wants to cast her for a TV show. 8 “Episode 8” 10 June 2017 ( ) Hyun-jae overhears a song he once had written in the past but is surprised to hear someone else is singing it. He later meets and confronts him while accompanying Woo-seung at her workplace. At the TV show, Bo-hee exhibits a hidden talent and reveals so much more. After filming, she drinks the night away with Gwang-jae and falls asleep on the road home, only to be found by a bypassing Hyun-jae. 9 “Episode 9” 16 June 2017 ( ) Astounded to find Hyun-jae after 20 years, Gwang-jae attempts to send him back to his timeline while hiding him from the other members of the family. Meanwhile, Woo-seung mistakes MJ (Cha Eun-woo) for Ji-hoon and accidentally leaves her notebook with him. After discovering the bank that used to keep his accounts had gone bankrupt, Hyun-jae begins searching for the mysterious number that keeps on beeping on his now-defunct pager. 10 “Episode 10” 16 June 2017 ( ) Distraught after being laid off from her part-time job, Woo-seung invites Hyun-jae, MC Drill, and Ji-hoon for drinks at the loft. The day after, Hyun-jae and Ji-hoon, accompanied by Woo-seung, decide to participate in a talent contest at the mall. MJ later returns the notebook to Woo-seung. 11 “Episode 11” 17 June 2017 ( ) Gwang-jae finds Hyun-jae with Ji-hoon at the talent show and reveals to him a long-harbored secret. Meanwhile, Soon-tae asks Bo-hee to make preparations for Gwang-jae’s birthday, which also happens to be the day Hyun-jae had disappeared. In an effort to repay his debts to Woo-seung, Hyun-jae decides to cover for her part-time job as a mascot. 12 “Episode 12” 17 June 2017 ( ) Ji-hoon spends the day sneaking out between the Star Punch building and the school in an effort to hide his idol training from Gwang-jae. Meanwhile, Hyun-jae gets himself trapped inside the family’s apartment after switching Ji-hoon’s present for Gwang-jae. Later that day, the whole family holds a memorial service for Hyun-jae in order to part with him and to focus on celebrating Gwang-jae’s birthday. 13 “Episode 13” 23 June 2017 ( ) Gwang-jae’s birthday is ruined by everyone’s discovery of Hyun-jae, just as they are beginning to part with him, as well as Gwang-jae’s accidental finding of Ji-hoon’s secrets. Despite claiming to be a lookalike of himself, Hyun-jae is being suspected as his real self by Soon-tae and Bo-hee. Ji-hoon’s friends later persuade him to convince Gwang-jae to allow him to pursue his training, but decides to tell everyone about it, as well as his secret harboring of his friends at his apartment. 14 “Episode 14” 23 June 2017 ( ) Gwang-jae rejects an offer for Bo-hee to star as a gimbap mascot in an advertisement, thinking it as an undignified promotional activity for her. Worried about the financial state of World Entertainment, he later reluctantly asks Young-jae for a loan at Star Punch, where Woo-seung is also applying for an internship. While researching on the internet, Hyun-jae becomes a member of an online forum discussing conspiracy theories about his disappearance, including the ones that are linked to Young-jae and Gwang-jae. 15 “Episode 15” 24 June 2017 ( ) Woo-seung invites Hyun-jae and Ji-hoon to dinner. Ji-hoon refuses, but was later discovered by the two at the same restaurant he and his colleague Do Hye-ri (Bona) are eating at. The following day, Hyun-jae tries to find the cash he had previously stashed at the loft, but was blocked by an electronic lock Ji-hoon had set up on Woo-seung’s room. He later applies for a part-time job working for Bo-hee at the bakery. Meanwhile, Woo-seung begins her first day working at Star Punch. 16 “Episode 16” 24 June 2017 ( ) Hyun-jae forces himself to Woo-seung and Ji-hoon’s weekend getaway to explore the city. Gwang-jae later gives him an additional part-time job as a manager for World Entertainment. Despite Gwang-jae reluctance, Bo-hee accepts the gimbap commercial job despite having a fever that day. After an encouraging dinner with Gwang-jae, Ji-hoon musters up the courage to do what he had really wanted in his life. Meanwhile, Hyun-jae was able to unlock the door on Woo-seung’s room to find his hidden stash, but decides to wait for her instead. 17 “Episode 17” 30 June 2017 ( )

After overhearing Woo-seung reject Ji-hoon’s love, a conflicted Hyun-jae contemplates on whether to process his feelings for her or help his son win her over. The next day, a group of stans upload a candid photo of Ji-hoon on social media and causes it to go viral; while Hyun-jae discovers a surprise after opening his hidden stash in Woo-seung’s room. At Star Punch, Woo-seung’s presentation in front of MJ and Young-jae goes awkward after an intervention from Hyun-jae and Ji-hoon. 18 “Episode 18” 30 June 2017 ( ) Worried about Gwang-jae’s financial troubles, Bo-hee goes to Star Punch and asks Young-jae for a loan, but receives an offer to transfer her management to him instead. Ji-hoon becomes a viral sensation on the internet, and becomes a target of obsessive fan calls. Star Punch also takes notice of Ji-hoon’s sudden popularity, and offers him a position in the debut idol group. A pressured Woo-seung is obliged to participate in the intern hiking trip, which ends with her being stranded in the forest. Feeling awkward about asking Ji-hoon for help, she calls for Hyun-jae’s aid instead. Thinking it would help his son win her over, Hyun-jae passes the task to him. Ji-hoon must decide on whether to accept the Star Punch’s offer or to help Woo-seung. 19 “Episode 19” 1 July 2017 ( ) After learning that Ji-hoon had left to accept the offer instead of helping Woo-seung, Hyun-jae rushes to the hiking trail to look for her. With Bo-hee transferring to Star Punch, Gwang-jae begins to look for a job elsewhere, but was passed off in favor of more qualified applicants. Drinking his problems away throughout the night, he is stumbled upon by a guilt-ridden Hyun-jae, who had just learned of his personal sacrifices to the agency and to him. Meanwhile, Soon-tae discovers his granddaughter Mal-sook (Lee Han-soo) is having a relationship at a young age, and is having a difficulty adjusting to the situation. 20 “Episode 20” 1 July 2017 ( ) Hye-ri asks MC Drill to let her visit Ji-hoon after learning about his fate at the training agency. Worried about Mal-sook being cheated upon, Soon-tae confronts his granddaughter’s boyfriend. Woo-seung and Ji-hoon confront each other about the awkward state regarding their relationship. Worried for the World Entertainment’s debts, Ji-hoon, and Gwang-jae, Hyun-jae decides to reveal himself to Young-jae and lays a claim for a share of Star Punch Entertainment. 21 “Episode 21” 7 July 2017 ( ) Claiming his share of Young-jae’s profits and blackmailing him about the ghostwritten songs, Hyun-jae is hired as an executive producer at Star Punch, surprising Woo-seung. The two spend their time at their newfound job together. After having a makeover, Ji-hoon’s candid photos on social media goes viral, and he is referred by Hye-ri to a different agency. 22 “Episode 22” 7 July 2017 ( ) While Gwang-jae and Ji-hoon spend the whole day fishing, Hyun-jae and Woo-seung are left alone at the loft. That evening, Woo-seung gets locked out of her room, while Hyun-jae catches a fever after getting himself caught in the rain. 23 “Episode 23” 8 July 2017 ( ) Woo-seung nurses Hyun-jae back to health, bothering Ji-hoon, who is beginning to notice something suspicious about Hyun-jae’s past. At Star Punch, Woo-seung accidentally deletes an entire master recording, forcing Hyun-jae to take over and recreate the track from scratch. That evening, Ji-hoon asks Hyun-jae to keep a distance from Woo-seung. 24 “Episode 24” 8 July 2017 ( ) Compelled to give in to Ji-hoon’s wishes, Hyun-jae tries to avoid Woo-seung as much as possible. He later secretly switches his 1993 composition notebook with the one hidden in Young-jae’s vault and discovers a clue in unlocking a mystery of his past. 25 “Episode 25” 14 July 2017 ( ) Gwang-jae reveals to Ji-hoon the truth about Hyun-jae. At Star Punch, MJ discovers that his album(s) had been written by Hyun-jae and asks for his help in writing songs. Meanwhile, Woo-seung is unexpectedly visited by her former roommate and best friend, leaving Hyun-jae to step up and act as her boyfriend. 26 “Episode 26” 14 July 2017 ( ) Hyun-jae offers Woo-seung to sing a demo track and professes his feelings for her. Ji-hoon discovers that MC Drill was laid off at the agency and now works at a shipment warehouse. Feeling guilty about living off from Ji-hoon, Woo-seung decides to move out of the loft and into her own apartment. 27 “Episode 27” 15 July 2017 ( ) Woo-seung overhears Ji-hoon telling Hyun-jae the truth about him. Worried about the uncertainty of the future of their relationship, she tries to avoid him. At World Entertainment, Gwang-jae persuades Ji-hoon and MC Drill to form together as a musical duo. Later that day, Hyun-jae takes a reluctant Ji-hoon to an overnight camping trip. 28 “Episode 28” 15 July 2017 ( ) After cracking the code on his past, Hyun-jae discovers his long-lost money and uses it to terminate MJ’s contract at Star Punch. He later persuades MJ to sign with Gwang-jae in order to secure an investor for World Entertainment. That evening, Hyun-jae later helps Bo-hee and Gwang-jae profess their love for one another. Feeling alienated in the present time, he contemplates on leaving it behind for the past. 29 “Episode 29” 21 July 2017 ( )

Woo-seung prevents Hyun-jae from leaving her behind by making him spend the night in her apartment. The following day, Hyun-jae confronts Young-jae to confess about his disappearance and later uncovers the truth about it from someone else. After finding a way to return to the past, he becomes conflicted as staying with Woo-seung in the present would prevent Ji-hoon from being born. Meanwhile, MJ wants to reveal the truth about his songs to the public before Young-jae does. 30 “Episode 30” 21 July 2017 ( ) Soo-tae’s dementia impels him to forget his way home. Gwang-jae discovers what happened to the money Hyun-jae left behind for them. Ji-hoon and MC Drill pay a visit to Woo-seung’s apartment. Hyun-jae decides to return to the past to allow Ji-hoon to exist in the present. 31 “Episode 31” 22 July 2017 ( ) Hyun-jae wakes up to find that he has traveled back to the past. But instead of returning to 1993, he finds out that he has journeyed to 1994. After seeking the help of a then-confused Gwang-jae to locate the Hyun-jae of 1994, the Hyun-jae of 1993 persuades the depressed Hyun-jae of 1994 to prevent himself from illness by telling him that the illness can be cured in modern times. There, he also tells the tales of his time-travel journey into 2017 and the Hyun-jae of 1994’s son, Ji-hoon. But the Hyun-jae of 1994 denies wanting to go to the modern times, saying that their destiny is different even though they are the same. However, he helps the Hyun-jae of 1993 return to the future. Meanwhile in the future, Ji-hoon and MC Drill make their debut performance as JB. 32 “Episode 32” 22 July 2017 ( ) Woo-seung adjusts to a life without Hyun-jae. Despite losing MJ to World Entertainment, Young-jae retains an adversarial but cordial relationship with Gwang-jae, who marries Bo-hee. After a year, Hyun-jae successfully returns to the future and decides to stay there with Woo-seung and maintains a friendly relationship with Ji-hoon. As Woo-seung, Ji-hoon, and MC Drill celebrate Hyun-jae’s return, Ji-hoon envisions a bright future ahead of them, remarking that their “Best Hit” is yet to come.
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