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Exclamation Mark.png The Knight has no official name in-game. however, the normally used style by the developers is “ the Knight ”. [ 1 ]
The Knight is the protagonist and playable character of Hollow Knight .


The Knight is a discard Vessel. [ 3 ] [ 4 ] They are the child of the Pale King and the White Lady, [ 5 ] [ 6 ] born in the Abyss with Void inside their shell. [ 7 ] [ 8 ] Hornet is the Knight ‘s sister through their shared don. [ 9 ] [ 10 ] Like the rest of their Vessel siblings, the Knight is genderless. [ 2 ] [ 11 ]

After climbing out of their birthplace in the Abyss, the Knight witnessed their sibling, the Hollow Knight, being taken out of the Abyss by the Pale King. The entrance to the Abyss was sealed, causing the Knight to fall back down. [ 12 ] sometime after this, despite the entrance being sealed, the Knight and some of their siblings managed to escape the Abyss. [ 13 ] finally, the Knight ended up wandering outside of Hallownest for nameless reasons. [ 14 ] spending time in this area caused the Knight to lose their memories, but being there did give them a certain resilience. [ 15 ] [ 14 ] They returned to Hallownest after a call went out from either the radiance or the Hollow Knight. [ 16 ] [ 17 ]

In-game events

At the beginning of the game, the Knight is equipped with only their Old Nail and the ability to heal themself using SOUL. Throughout the game, the Knight gains access to fresh powers and Items to help them through their travel. After encountering the Dreamers in the Resting Grounds, the Knight acquires the Dream Nail. With this weapon, they can break the Seals in the Temple of the Black Egg by killing each of the three Dreamers. This allows them to enter the Black Egg, where they can fight the Hollow Knight. If the Hollow Knight is faced before obtaining Void Heart Charm, the Knight kills their sibling and takes their stead in sealing the Radiance. If the Knight has fought Hornet twice and has the King ‘s Brand and the Shade Cloak, they have access to both halves of the Kingsoul. When the dispatch Kingsoul is equipped, the Knight can transform this Charm into Void Heart by going to their birthplace at the bottom of the Abyss and remembering their past. [ 8 ] [ 15 ] Void Heart allows the Knight to unify the Void under their will. [ 18 ] With Void Heart, the Knight can use the Dream Nail on the Hollow Knight after Hornet holds them down. If the Dream Nail is not used, the Knight has to kill the Hollow Knight. This gives a alike ending as the ending without having Void Heart, but rather, Hornet becomes a Dreamer, her face appearing on the entrance to Black Egg. Using the Dream Nail initiates the fight with the Radiance. At the end of this competitiveness, the Knight breaks their own shell and lands the finish up blows on the Radiance in their shade form, with the serve of the Shade of the Hollow Knight. Both siblings and all the other Shades in the Abyss then return to the Void .
In Godhome, the Knight can ascend by attuning all the Gods of Hallownest and defeating them in the Pantheons. [ 19 ] In the Pantheon of Hallownest, at the end of the fight with Absolute Radiance, the Knight breaks their shell and their tad falls into the Void. The Void Entity then appears which kills Absolute Radiance, after which Void starts leaking from the Godseeker ‘s body in the Junk Pit and finally bursts out of her. If Godseeker was given a Delicate Flower, the Void and Godseeker disappear rather .

Health and SOUL

HP mask.png Health is represented as Masks, shown in the upper-left corner of the screen. The Knight starts the plot with 5 Masks, and can obtain more by collecting Mask Shards. 4 Mask Shards make one modern Mask of health, astir to a soap of 9 total Masks of health. Health is lost by taking damage, either from enemies or from environmental hazards. Health can be regained by resting at a bench or using Focus .
Lifeblood mask.png Lifeblood masks, granted by Lifeseeds and certain Charms, are temp Masks that can not be healed using Focus. Lifeblood Masks disappear upon resting at a bench, whereas those granted by Charms regenerate .
Map Pin Shade.png When Masks are depleted to 0, the Knight ‘s husk shatters which releases their shade. After the screen fades back in from blacken, the Knight is back on the bench that was final rested on with a third base of their SOUL gauge missing and without any Geo. Returning to the area where the Knight died and defeating the Shade restores the lose SOUL gauge and recovers the Geo that was lost.

Soul Meter.png SOUL is represented as a round boldness to the left of the health indicator. SOUL is used to cast Spells, including Focus. Striking enemies with the Nail is the chief source of regaining SOUL, though other tools and objects besides grant SOUL. Collecting three Vessel Fragments increases the utmost SOUL by 33 .

Upgrades and Equipment

Nail 1 Old Nail.png The Knight ‘s main weapon, able to swing in any direction. The nail can be swing downwards while the Knight is above spikes, enemies, or certain objects, which can be a utilitarian instrument for traversing Hallownest. The smash can be upgraded for stronger strikes, and charged attacks called Nail Arts can be learned from the Nailmasters .
Charms prompt.png special trinkets acquired through venture or by purchasing from early bugs. By equipping them on available Notches, Charms enhance the Knight ‘s power through a diverseness of unlike methods, including increasing health, reducing bring around times, spawning allied hatchlings, and more .
Icon HK Vengeful Spirit Art.png first acquired from the Snail Shaman, these charming attacks deal big amounts of damage in short bursts, at the monetary value of SOUL. Each Spell can be upgraded to a stronger translation by finding concealed rooms throughout Hallownest .
Icon HK Mantis Claw.png Skills and tools found throughout Hallownest that allow the Knight to more efficaciously traverse the terrain and engage enemies in combat, including daunt, wall-jumping, and double-jumping .


Screenshot HK Knight 01 The Knight crawling out of their siblings ‘ corpses some fourth dimension after being bornScreenshot HK Knight 02 The Knight in King ‘s Pass after returning to HallownestScreenshot HK Knight 03 The Knight sitting on the Dirtmouth BenchScreenshot HK Knight 04 The Knight obtaining the Vengeful Spirit SpellScreenshot HK Knight 05 Quirrel and the Knight sitting in the City of TearsScreenshot HK Knight 06 The Dreamers trapping the Knight in a dreamScreenshot HK Knight 07 Hornet rescuing the Knight from the Cast-Off ShellScreenshot HK Knight 08 The Knight obtaining the Shade CloakScreenshot HK Knight 09 The Knight trapped in Beast ‘s DenScreenshot HK Knight 10 Quirrel and the Knight spending a final consequence at Blue LakeCombat promotional artwork

The Knight promotional artworkKnight Action promotional artworkKnight godmasterGodmaster promotional art


  • The Knight’s design is taken from Team Cherry’s first game, Hungry Knight, which was made during a Game Jam that started the company.
    • While the two games are very different, Team Cherry has stated that they “liked the main character and the general aesthetic so much that [they] fleshed it out and expanded on it.”[20]
    • This plan was put forward through the conceptual “Hungry Bug” artworks done by Ari Gibson, which helped visualise and shape the world of Hollow Knight.[21]
    • Mister Mushroom makes reference to Hungry Knight in his first dialogue with them, saying “…It’s nice that you were able to help your friend. So you’re not hungry any more?”
  • The Steam Trading Card refers to the Knight as “Hollow Knight”.[22]
  • The Knight has many nicknames used by various characters, notably:
    • “Little Ghost” by Hornet.[23]
    • “(Little) Traveller” by Elderbug, Oro, and the Nailsmith.[24][25][26]
    • “(Little) Wanderer” by numerous other characters such as Bretta and Lemm.[27][28]
  • When the Knight has one Mask left, the screen becomes bordered by black lines and Void particles can be seen floating off the Knight. Their posture also changes from upright to a bent over, gasping stance.
    • This posture is removed if the Fury of the Fallen Charm is equipped.
  • Team Cherry has stated that they are not sure how the Knight escaped the Abyss.[13]


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