The Last Photograph Of Freddie Mercury [QueenConcerts]

23.05.2005 00:26
As you can see there is a cat in the photograph.
I say, open a Freddie Mercury murder case.
The cat looks suspicious…
23.05.2005 00:34
This is the youngest photo of him.
23.05.2005 08:23
If date is correct when promo photo from Days Of Our Lives was taken later than this one (taken from the book by the way)
Bijou in Queen’s crown
23.05.2005 14:18
It’s awful to see him like that.
Sharon G.
23.05.2005 17:28
Very sad.
I love you and miss you.
23.05.2005 17:49
That first photo is very depressing. 🙁
23.05.2005 18:50
jim hutton took it, freddie asked him not to take it up close.. but yea its a sad photo of a legend :((
23.05.2005 18:57

deeperanddeeperinside wrote:

John Lydon wrote: Thats not even funny. John

who is trying to be funny?

No one is trying to be funny.

08.02.2012 10:48
originally rare last photo is of his last birthday, September 1991
popcorn and the queen is black white photo from November 1991 to his garden coz it was one week before death.
is still in the garden in spring or summer of 1991
Somewhere I saw two photos of August 1991 Some photos from October 1991 and so on
08.02.2012 10:50
this is definitely from September 1991 but the popcorn is listed in October 1991
08.02.2012 10:52
This is said in the autumn of 1991 is also mentioned in the book by Peter Freestone
deleted user
09.02.2012 09:30
It just gets worse.
09.02.2012 19:58
I am not even going to bother checking this one out.I just know I would regret it.
18.03.2012 04:15
is officially the last of the garden that was roughly the spring of 1991 under the photo is written “Spring 1991” there was looking for the camera but the last is when he was just shooting at his home which comes from the November 15, 1991
18.03.2012 04:15
this is from the November 15, 1991
john bodega
18.03.2012 11:31
No, it is not.
Everyone – please ignore John.Simon, he is a troll who enjoys deliberately posting false info. If it was once or twice, or even humorous in nature, it’d be hilarious. But he’s doing it in so many threads now that it will actually lead to misinformation of any young newbie that might join this forum, see his retarded posts and actually think ‘this guy knows his stuff’.
18.03.2012 12:21

John.Simon wrote:
this is from the November 15, 1991

No Men

20.03.2012 09:37
This is guaranteed to come from the final last September or October 1991, this photo was the publication in the Daily Mirror
20.03.2012 09:38
officially the last photo I think is in te limousine as it will be returned from Montreux is not it?
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