Michael Jackson – Thriller (Video Version) Lyrics (Video)

Thriller (Video Version) by Michael Jackson

( A white convertible pulls up, deep in the woods, then abruptly stops. Michael puts the
Break on, realizing that his car is in need of gas. He looks over at his girlfriend, Ola ,
Who thinks he has stopped, only to have a quick bang in the back seat ).

Spoken Michael Jackson
honestly, we ‘re out of gas .

Spoken Ola Ray
so, what are we gon na do now ?

( They begin walking, not talking at first, until Michael strikes up a conversation ) .

Spoken Ola Ray
I ‘m regretful I did n’t believe you .

Spoken Michael Jackson
Can I ask you something ?

Spoken Ola Ray
What ?

Spoken Michael Jackson
You know I like you, do n’t you ?

Spoken Ola Ray
Yes .

Spoken Michael Jackson
And I hope you like me the way I like you .

Spoken Ola Ray
Yes .

Spoken Michael Jackson
I was wondering if … you would be my female child .

Spoken Ola Ray
Oh, Michael .

( They hug passionately. He takes out an battle gang, and places it on Ola ‘s
feel. She holds her hand astir, and sheer happiness ) .

Spoken Ola Ray
It ‘s beautiful .

Spoken Michael Jackson
nowadays, it ‘s official. I have something I want to tell you .

Spoken Ola Ray
Yes, Michael ?

Spoken Michael Jackson
I ‘m not like other guys .

Spoken Ola Ray
Of course not, that ‘s why I love you .

Spoken Michael Jackson
No, I mean I ‘m different .

Spoken Ola Ray
What are you talking about ?

( suddenly, the full moon appears. Michael begins squirming around, queerly. Ola
Looks confused and concerned, until Michael falls to the grown in severe agony ) .

Spoken Ola Ray
Are you all right ?

Spoken Michael Jackson ( warped chilling voice )
Go away !

( Michael jumps up with kat eyes and sharp fangs. Ola scream in dead frighten, as
She watches Michael turn from homo to werewolf. She stands there, screaming
In horror, as Michael continues to transform into a cat-like werewolf. The change
Completes, as Ola runs off into the woods. The wolf goes after, and knocks
Down a tree with wax coerce. Ola runs and runs, as the wolf lets out a awful
Howl, and then last catches up to Ola, knocking her fown, compressed on her rear .
She stares at him in swerve panic, as he is about to strike. He strikes her, as
The people in the hearing in the movie dramaturgy scream with horror. Michael
And Ola sit in the consultation, with Michael enjoying the film, with Ola terrified ) .

Spoken Cop ( in film )
sheriff, he ‘s over here. God, look at that thing. LOOK OUT !

Spoken Ola Ray
Can we get out of here ?

Spoken Michael Jackson
No, I ‘m enjoying this .

Spoken Ola Ray
well, I ca n’t watch. Excuse me .

( Ola gets up, scared to death and a little click off at the fact that Michael
Showed no sympathy to how scar Ola is. He takes another bite of his
Popcorn, then hands it to person else, as he gets up and goes to console
Ola ) .

Spoken Movie Announcer
It ‘s scrolled in blood. What ‘s it say ? “ See you future Wednesday ” ?

( “ Thriller ” starts as Michael makes out to the front man of the movie field, to
Meet up with Ola ) .

Spoken Michael Jackson
It ‘s lone a movie .

Spoken Ola Ray

That ‘s not amusing .

Spoken Michael Jackson
You were scared, were n’t ya ?

Spoken Ola Ray
I was n’t that scared ?

( She begins walking ) .

Spoken Michael Jackson
Yeah, you were scared .

( Michael catches up to Ola, and the song very begins, as the two walk down the
Endless dark road, laughing and having a well time together ) .

Michael Jackson
It ‘s close to midnight and something evil ‘s ambush in the iniquity. Under the moonlight ,
You see a view that about stops your affection. You try to scream, but terror takes the
reasoned before you make it. You start to freeze as repugnance looks you right between the
Eyes, you ‘re paralyzed .

Michael Jackson
You hear the door slam and realize there ‘s nowhere left to run. You feel the cold hand
And wonder if you ‘ll ever see the sunday. You close your eyes, and hope that this is equitable
imagination. But all the while, you hear the creature creeping up behind, you ‘re out of
Time .

Michael Jackson
They ‘re out to get you, there ‘s demons close up in on every side. They will possess
You, unless you change that number on your dial, and now is the time for you and I
To cuttle close together, yeah. All through the night, I ‘ll save you from the terror on the
Screen. I ‘ll make you see .

( As the sung continues, Michael and Ola continue on their way and guide by a sinister
Looking cemetery, where all the dead corpses begin arising from their graves, like
right out of “ Night Of The Living Dead ” ) .

Vincent Price
Darkness falls across the down, the midnight hour is finale at hand. Creatures crawl in
search of blood, to terrorize y’alls neighborhood. And whosoever shall be found
Without the soul for getting down, must stand and face the hounds of hell and decomposition
Inside a cadaver ‘s blast .

( The zombies continue to arise from their graves, and leave the cemetery, where they
Find their way to the street ) .

Vincent Price
The foulest malodor is in the breeze, the funk of 40,000 years, and grey ghoul from every
grave are closing in to seal your doom. And, though, contend to stay alive, your body
Starts to shiver, for no mere deadly can resist the malefic of the thriller .

( As the song suddenly stops, Michael and Ola enter the streetside to find all the
Zombies surrounding them. They look around in bluff panic. They try to hold onto
Each other, as the zombies draw closer and closer to them. As Ola looks around in
horror, she turns to Michael and finds that Michael is now … one of them. The
Zombified Michael then leads the zombies into a dancing as the birdcall starts up again
In instrumental kind. The dance is spectacular, where they end the dance with a
Knee-walk, where Michael turns around, no longer a zombi ) .

‘Cause this thriller, thriller night, and no matchless ‘s gon na save you from the animal about
To strike. You know it ‘s thriller, thriller. You ‘re fighting for bouncy inside a killer, thriller .
Thriller, ’cause I can thrill you more than any ghost would date to try. Thriller night .
sol, let me hold you besotted and share a killer, diller, hair-raiser, thriller here tonight .
‘Cause this is thriller, thriller night. Girl, I can thrill you more than any ghost would
Dare hear. Thriller nox. therefore, let me hold you tight and share cause of death, thriller. Ow !

( As the sung continues instrumentally, Michael turns back into the zombi, and is
still fronting the remainder of the zombies, as Ola runs off from the zombies in horror. She
Finds and old-abandoned, apparently haunted, house. The sung fades out, as the
Zombies approach the sign of the zodiac, growling and moaning. Ola enters the living board and
Locks the door, while putting a nibble of furniture in front of the door. She backs up
To the window, where the zombies bust through. She screams, and then runs over
To the couch. She sits there, screaming in fear, as the zombies bust their way
Into the sign of the zodiac. Michael is the final examination zombie to enter the house, by busting in
Through the front door. He throws aside the furniture that is blocking the perch of
The door. He and the zombies approach Ola, but all Ola can do is sit there in
Sheer horror. Michael then grabs Ola, causing her to belly laugh. She looks up at
Michael, and realizes that she was equitable dreaming after falling asleep at Michael ‘s
House ) .

Spoken Michael Jackson
What ‘s the trouble ?

( Ola looks at Michael, however a little confused ) .

Spoken Michael Jackson
Come on, I ‘ll take you home .

( She smiles and gets up, relieved that what she just went through was alone a
Horrifying nightmare and nothing more. As they begin to walk, Michael faces the
television camera and smiles, as he eyes transform into the wolf ‘s eyes, sort of making
Us think, “ Was it a dream or was it not ? ” )

Vincent Price
Ah hour angle hour angle hour angle hour angle hour angle hour angle hour angle hour angle hour angle hour angle hour angle hour angle hour angle hour angle hour angle hour angle .

‘Cause this thriller, thriller night, and no one ‘s gon na save you from the beast about
To strike. You know it ‘s thriller, thriller. You ‘re fighting for be inside a killer whale, thriller .
Thriller, ’cause I can thrill you more than any ghost would go steady to try. Thriller nox .
so, let me hold you tight and share a killer whale, diller, hair-raiser, thriller here tonight .
‘Cause this is thriller, thriller night. Girl, I can thrill you more than any ghost would
Dare judge. Thriller night. so, let me hold you taut and share killer whale, thriller. Ow !

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( The show has ended, leaving the zombies to head binding to their graves ) .

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