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2021 compilation album by respective artists

The Metallica Blacklist
Compilation album by respective artists
Released September 10, 2021
Genre Various






Label Blackened Recordings
Producer Giles Martin, Metallica, Eleni Psaltas, Marc Reiter, Grant Weil

The Metallica Blacklist is a respective artists tribute album featuring covers of every path from Metallica ‘s 1991 self-titled album ( normally known as The Black Album ). The collection was assembled in concurrence with the original album ‘s thirtieth anniversary. [ 1 ] Most of the songs are covered multiple times, with 53 artists participating. The album was released in digital formats on September 10, 2021 and in physical formats on October 1, 2021. [ 2 ]

background [edit ]

The Metallica Blacklist protection album is part of a larger celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of The Black Album, and was released on the same day as a deluxe remastered version of the original album. [ 3 ] The tribute album was envisioned as an illustration of how The Black Album influence musicians from many different genres, and was inspired by the being of respective previous tributes to the album, by artists in genres ranging from electronica to classical. [ 4 ]

In preparation for the project, Metallica invited some musicians who had gained notice for covering early Metallica songs in the past, such as The Warning, [ 4 ] The Hu, [ 5 ] and Rodrigo y Gabriela. [ 6 ] Metallica then invited artists from a kind of genres to contribute alone interpretations of the songs. [ 7 ] The tempt artists were permitted to choose which song to cover. [ 4 ] According to a argument made by the band, “ The Metallica Blacklist offers up new dimensions of the record whose gravitational pull foremost drew the mainstream to Metallica – and provides new insights into the cosmopolitan and dateless appeal that kept it there : the boundary-smashing influence these 12 songs have had on fans and musicians of all stripes. ” [ 8 ] For each sung on the album, half of the proceeds are donated to Metallica ‘s All Within My Hands Foundation, and the early half are donated to a charity of that artist ‘s choice. [ 4 ]

reception [edit ]

At Metacritic, which assigns a normalize rat out of 100 to reviews from professional publications, the album has an average score of 66 based on 10 reviews, indicating “ by and large friendly reviews ”. [ 9 ] The album received reviews that were broadly friendly toward the project ‘s broad diverseness of genres and frequently surprising survival of contributors, but with some qualms about its repetitive or inconsistent nature as a listen experience. Metal Hammer noted that there are excessively many versions of some songs, specially “ Enter Sandman “ and “ Nothing Else Matters “, but concluded that the protection album “ underscores how, unlike any other band in history, Metallica have transcended big alloy and emerged as one of music ’ sulfur greatest cultural exports. ” [ 1 ] Metal Hammer besides endeavored to rank all 53 songs on the album, concluding that the best is the version of “ Nothing Else Matters ” by Miley Cyrus, who was supported by Elton John, Yo-Yo Ma, Andrew Watt, Chad Smith, and current Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo. [ 19 ] Pitchfork besides gave the album a mix review, calling it “ enormous and spotty ” and criticizing some predictable covers by the hard rock and grave metallic element artists, but praising genre-jumping contributions like those by pop singer Rina Sawayama and Ghanaian-American musician Moses Sumney. [ 17 ] Rolling Stone made bill of some of the more eclectic covers, such as the contributions from jazz musician Kamasi Washington and punk rock supergroup Off ! [ 4 ] In a separate review, Rolling Stone concluded that the album is a appointment tribute to the ongoing influence of The Black Album. [ 18 ]

Exclaim! besides noted that not all of the 53 songs are in full hearty, but praised the plan for its contributions to charity while ranking Washington ‘s translation of “ My friend of Misery ” as the album ‘s best track. [ 20 ] Metal Injection called the album “ a complete reimagining of one of the most iconic records of all time. ” [ 14 ] NME called it “ a fitfully thrilling patchwork ” that forces the hearer to choose their own front-runner version of each birdcall, but concluded that the album is “ a antic protection to one of metallic element ’ mho sacred texts. ” [ 16 ]

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