A Look At Some Of The Odd Choices Eminem Made With His Latest Surprise Drop

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – january 30 : Eminem attends the ceremony honoring Curtis “ 50 penny ” with a … [ + ] Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on January 30, 2020 in Hollywood, California. ( photograph by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic )


It seems that just like some of the biggest figures in the industry, Eminem has chosen surprise-drops as his new favorite method acting of delivering music to his fans. The rapper has now released three full-lengths with little or no warning, with each one exciting his followers and shocking the populace when they arrived .

While his survive two surprise projects have enjoyed massive weeks on the Billboard charts as they debuted, his latest fails to make the lapp impression, but that ’ s not necessarily a reflection on the music. alternatively, it seems the rap titan made some concern choices with when and how to unleash the fix, and they may have cost him some major wins on the charts .
On Friday, December 18, Eminem released a new project titled Music to Be Murdered By – Side B, which, as its list suggests, serves as a follow-up to his recent album Music to Be Murdered By. That set appeared out of flimsy air this past January, and it was welcomed heartily by millions of listeners. It immediately went to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 the pursuit frame, giving the knocker his tenth chart-topper ( not including his work as a member of several groups ), which stands as one of the most impressive counts of all prison term .

According to Billboard rules, Music to Be Murdered By – Side B is not counted as a new album, but rather a deluxe edition of Music to Be Murdered By. All the sales and streams the 16 new songs salute on the second iteration of what has turned out to be a accomplished era are lumped in with the former drop, and it all counts as one entity. This week, Music to Be Murdered By rockets from No. 199 on the Billboard 200 to No. 3, and while that ’ s surely a noteworthy chute, returning to the top 10 with an older effort international relations and security network ’ t quite vitamin a impressive as earning a new one .
Had Eminem released Music to Be Murdered By – Side B as a standalone album ( possibly with a different diagnose and wholly free-swimming to his stopping point full-length ) and during a week when he wasn ’ metric ton going to be beaten by the likes of Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney ( who rank at Nos. 1 and 2, respectively ), possibly in January 2021, the knocker would about surely have collected so far another no. 1. At this indicate, Eminem has nothing to prove, but one more drawing card would have helped him in the all-time rankings, while this method acting of delivering modern music doesn ’ triiodothyronine .

His decision to unveil Music to Be Murdered By – Side B when he did besides hurt his chances of scoring more wins on the Hot 100, where Eminem is already one of the most successful acts ever, though recently he has been losing his tip to other stars. Of the 16 songs featured on his new project, merely one reaches the across-the-board list of the most-consumed tunes in the U.S., as “ Gnat ” launches at No. 60. typically, when Marshall Mathers delivers a accomplished album, many if not all of the tracks go right to the Hot 100, but not this meter.

This week ’ mho Hot 100 is inundated with Christmas hits, which not many smashes can compete with. tested seasonal worker favorites rack up excessively many streams and sales in December, and even the biggest wins from major players are forced down the ranking. Had Eminem released Music to Be Murdered By – Side B either before those holly, jolly boat cuts rose the ranks, or after they disappear in the next week or two after Christmas is gone, he would have had a much better opportunity at dominating the Hot 100, like he ’ second used to .
Thanks to “ Gnat ” appearing on the chart, Eminem has nowadays landed 90 solo placements on the Hot 100. If there wasn ’ thymine about arsenic much Christmas competition, which will be the case in just a frame or two, he may very well have upped that sum to over 100, making him one of entirely about a twelve acts to reach that milestone .
When an artist is as massively popular and successful as Eminem, there is plenty to be said for them doing whatever they like with their art. He credibly wanted to give fans an early Christmas present, and they surely loved what he had to contribution. It has besides become a park rehearse in today ’ s musical economy for hip-hop musicians to add 10 or more tracks to their recent releases, expanding them well with enormous deluxe editions. Eminem was merely taking function in this drift, but this launch does feel like something of a miss opportunity. His newest songs could have accomplished therefore much more for his record had he opted to wait, but it credibly won ’ t be farseeing before he has even more to contribution .

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