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It has been confirmed that work has started on a new Tool album, a follow-up to their last one 10,000 Days. While little is known about the Tool ’ s new album at this stage, this page is an incomplete collection of facts and rumours surrounding the album. current condition for those that don ’ t want to read the tilt below : Justin, Danny and Adam are still writing. Maynard doesn ’ thyroxine appear to have added lyrics even. No sign of them hitting the studio to start anytime soon. possibly a 2018 unblock, depending on what A perfect Circle do. Really, I should give up trying to guess…

New Tool Album Facts

  • Blair on Toolarmy – Adam and Justin started playing what I BELIEVE was part of a new Tool arrangement (NOT to be played on this tour), with what little I heard being somewhat reminiscent of “Wings”, having some fairly complex chord progressions.
  • July 2009 Adam at Doctors Without Border fundraiser – we are in the finishing aspects of the writing process for the new album.
  • January 2010 Danny mentions in a short Youtube interview (see 1:20) that they might start writing soon, but aren’t rushing things.
  • February 2010 Newsletter revealed that writing has commenced.
  • March 2010 Newsletter revealed that writing was still happening three days a week.
  • February 2013 In Rhythm Magazine Danny mentions “We have six or seven really good frameworks that we’re working on. We’re over half way in my opinion. The first tune is always hard to get polished off. It seems like on every record we have this big, epic thing like ‘Rosetta’, ‘Wings for Marie’ or ‘Lateralus’. That’s the one we’re focusing on now. Once we knock out that, the other songs fall into place around it. We’re right on the fringe of knocking that big one out. We’re all excited and it seems to have progressed really well.”
  • October 2014 Adam posts a photo on Instagram of the band (including Maynard) together in the Loft. The assumption is that Maynard is starting to actively contribute to the songwriting, which in turn suggests the process is nearing it’s end.
  • February 2015 Motorhead post a video of Adam in the studio (with Tool). Turns out they weren’t there to record a new album, but presumably working on something else.
  • February 2015 Blair mentions in a newsletter that the Loft is being prepared for Maynard to work on vocal melodies.
  • February 2015 Maynard posts on Instagram to tell us “things are progressing nicely”
  • March 2015 Adam speaks to Yahoo Music and confirms that the lawsuit has been settled, and suggest that Tool have “finished one yet-untitled track and have more than 10 songs in various stages of completion.”
  • July 2015 Blair suggests in the July 2015 Newsletter that Maynard is working on a couple of tracks “Maynard’s new vocals, which I believe that the band members have heard in some stage of development on a particular track or two?”
  • September 2015 In numerous Puscifer related interviews, Maynard tells us that he hasn’t written anything, as he doesn’t have any music to work with yet!
  • March 2018 Adam confirms that Tool are officially recording with Joe Baressi.  Maynard doesn’t sound super optimistic of a 2018 release though.  If there is it’d be quite late 2018 I suspect


  • Recording for the album seems unlikely to start until 2018
  • Don’t expect a release date until the second half of 2018 at the earliest
  • A post on Toolshed suggests that “Lots of rumors are being posted online about a new Tool record, but it is important to remember that in years past, there have always been interviews with band members saying “we’re writing some new music”, often more than a year before an album gets released. For what it’s worth, a recent conversation I had with one of them left me feeling that it might be a little while yet“.  From memory Kabir at Toolshed has mentioned he speaks with Maynard semi-regularly.
  • February 2010 Newsletter suggested that Joe Baressi might be involved again.

Old/Obsolete Updates

  • According to Toolband the ‘process’ should start later this month.  No confirmation what this ‘process’ is, however the assumption is that it’s songwriting.
Updated 8-April-2018

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