Best Selling Albums Of All Time: Top 10 Countdown

We ’ ve whipped out the calculators and totted up the numbers to bring you music Gateway ’ s definitive best-selling albums of all clock !
Chances are you ’ ve got a personal top ten albums of all clock filled with the music that marked memorable moments and phases of your biography. Whether it ’ s the album that was playing in every clubhouse of your Fresher ’ s Week, the claim track of an album you had your foremost dance to, or the first album you bought on vinyl .
Let ’ s find out which album is the best selling of all meter. Did we get any of your favourites ? Standby for some surprises !

Top 10 Best Selling Albums Of All Time

indeed, are we ready ?

Introducing, the best sell albums of all time !

10. Life After Death – The Notorious B.I.G.

Although about beaten to the numeral 10 point by 2Pac ’ s All Eyez On Me, The Notorious B.I.G. secured a historic best-selling hep hop album of all time with over 10 million albums sold in the U.S. alone .
Both ‘ Hypnotise ’ and ‘ Mo Money Mo Problems ’ were nominated for Grammys for Best Rap Performance. With the double-disk album nominated for Best Rap Album. furthermore, the commercial operation of the album was great. Selling about 700,000 copies in its first gear workweek and was certified Diamond in 2000 by the Recording Industry Association of America .
Critics, evening now, wonder at the album ’ s ability to seamlessly express the vulnerable. equally well as dark sides of the knocker, the accessible with the hard-core. For the LA Times, Life After Death was noteworthy ; “ rarely has a rapper attempted to please thus many different audiences and done it indeed brilliantly ” .
Released in March 1997, only a few months after Tupac ’ s death in 1996, the album besides prompted controversy in some circles for cabalistic insults in ‘ Long Kiss Goodnight ’ towards the murdered knocker who had mentioned Biggie by mention in his music .
Biggie and Tupac ’ randomness gripe came to embody the 1990s West Coast- East Coast competition. The feud is arguably the most well-documented in rap history .

9. Abbey Road – The Beatles

The Beatles ’ 11th album struck gold with such hits as ‘ hera Comes the Sun ’, ‘ Something/Come Together ’ and ‘ Octopus ’ Garden ’ selling over 14 million copies .
George Martin famously produced the set ’ mho 1969 triumph. Which besides featured the iconic cover crack of The Beatles walking across the Abbey Road zebra cross .
The cover fritter became so celebrated that EMI Studios renamed itself Abbey Road Studios to mark the achiever of the record. Abbey Road became one of the top-selling albums of all clock. furthermore, it was at number one for 17 weeks in the US, while in Japan it was in the top 100 for 298 weeks in the 1970s .
contemporary critics disliked the use of the Moog synthesist with some calling the album ‘ inauthentic ’ and ‘ flawed ’. however, the tide soon turned. even in 2020, The Rolling Stones put Abbey Road at phone number 5 in their 500 Greatest Albums of all prison term .

8. Unplugged – Eric Clapton

Clapton ’ second 1992 live recording for MTV ’ s Unplugged TV read was performed for a studio apartment audience. It included heart-rending renditions of ‘ Tears in Heaven ’ and ‘ Layla ’ .
The blues album did fabulously good in the US, British, German, Austrian, and swiss album charts. equally well as receiving nine Grammy awards .
The incredible commercial success came at a painful time for Clapton who had equitable lost his son, Conor. additionally, the commemorate was the best-selling live album of all time and sold 26 million copies .

7. Kind Of Blue – Miles Davis

american jazz herald Miles Davis ’ Kind of Blue is still seen today as the blueprint for modal auxiliary verb jazz. It is wide regarded as one of the most influential studio albums of all time .
The figures are disputed for Kind Of Blue. however, the RIAA ’ s quadruple Platinum fink in 2008 indicated sales in excess of 5 million, and probably significantly more given regular success since its passing in 1959 .
The six consisted of instrumentalists at the clear of their plot. Saxophonists julian ‘ Cannonball ’ Adderley and John Coltrane, pianist Bill Evans, bassist Paul Chambers, and drummer Jimmy Cobb .
The album marked Davis ’ musical invention and a step off from his earlier hard bop to modal harmony .

6. Come Away With Me – Norah Jones

The soundtrack to more noughties quixotic comedies than you can shake a stick at, Come Away with Me was besides a discovery moment for jazz as a writing style .
Jones ’ heartfelt soundscape became the best-selling wind album of all time and is frequently credited with saving Blue Note Records. Cutting right into the mainstream, Come Away With Me sold over 27 million copies .
Released in 2002, the album is besides one of the more recent best-selling albums. It includes gems such as ‘ Don ’ thyroxine Know Why ’, ‘ Feeling the Same Way ’ and ‘ Come Away with Me ’ .
The lead-up to the album was marked by the rise of Napster and widespread music plagiarism. Despite album sales ’ decline elsewhere, Come Away with Me became a certify RIAA Platinum album the lapp year it was released .

5. Appetite For Destruction – Guns N’ Roses

The 1987 album was released with little ostentation or commercial interest. By the following year, however, its chart-topping hits, ‘ Sweet Child O ’ Mine ’, ‘ Welcome to the Jungle ’, and ‘ Paradise City ’ had garnered huge success .
The commemorate sold over 30 million copies. Making it the best-selling debut album of all time, with an 18 times Platinum from the RIAA .
contemporary american english critics were hostile to the “ sex, drugs, and rock and roll ” attitude which clashed with the polish of the Reagan-Bush administration. however, the rebellious punk spirit of the album was better received in the UK after rave reviews by publications like Kerrang !

4. 21 – Adele

The most recently released album in our top ten best selling albums of all time countdown, Adele ’ s 21 surpassed all expectations .
Intended to be an upbeat, feel-good album after the more drab grief of her first gear album, 19, the singer found herself facing another grief while writing 21, which channeled itself into her music .
Despite the tragic line of several songs on the album, 21 soon became the best-selling album of the twenty-first hundred. With Adele achieving the success of the greatest Billboard 200 Album of all time .
‘ Someone Like You ’, ‘ Set Fire to the Rain ’, and ‘ Rolling in the Deep ’ reached number one in over 30 countries. With Adele selling over 31 million copies and count !

3. Their Greatest Hits – The Eagles

Famous for tracks, ‘ Tequila Sunrise ’, ‘ One of these Nights ’ and ‘ Best of My Love ’, Their Greatest Hits was released in 1976, comprising music from the band ’ s last four albums form 1971-74 .
possibly surprisingly, the band had no order in the putting together of the compilation album. With bandmates complaining the Greatest Hits album was nothing more than a ploy to sell more without having to produce more music .
Cynical or not, the album had huge success. Becoming the best-selling rock album of all time with 41 million copies sold .
While not best please with the compilation album, the dismissal of Their Greatest Hits, allowed The Eagles more time to work on, arguably their best hit, ‘ Hotel California ’ .

2. The Bodyguard – Whitney Houston

Released in 1992, The Bodyguard soundtrack album featured six stand-out popular songs by Whitney Houston. Including a cover of Dolly Parton ’ s ‘ I Will Always Love You ’, Chaka Khan ’ s ‘ I ’ meter Every Woman ’, and ‘ Run to You ’ .
The incredible quantity of airplay kept the album at count 1 for 14 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100. other favored tracks from the best-selling album include the pop/dance track ‘ Queen of the Night ’ and gospel tune, ‘ Jesus Loves Me ’ .
The Bodyguard became one of the best-selling pop albums of all time. Raking in 45 million unit sales until number one knocked it off from the exceed smudge .

1. Thriller – Michael Jackson

last, the King of Pop has held on to the clear spot posthumously since 2009, selling over 66 million copies worldwide !
adenine well as the title, track, the album was packed with best-selling singles from ‘ Billie Jean ’, to ‘ P.Y.T ’, to ‘ Beat It ’.

Thriller has become a ball-shaped phenomenon. Jackson ’ s debut of the signature moonwalk was for a performance of Billie Jean from the album .
Released in 1982, Thriller was Jackson ’ s sixth studio album and the second album produced with Quincy Jones. By the end of 1983, it had already sold 32 million copies marking it out as the best-selling pop album of all meter .

That Was Our Review Of The Best Selling Albums Of All Time!

We hope you enjoyed our funky of the highest chart and top-selling albums of all time. But which was your favorite ? Who do you think deserved a place in the clear 10 best-selling albums of all time ? Let us know !
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