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The Eagles’ Their Greatest Hits has become the top album of all-time in terms of copies sold. But which of the best-selling albums is actually the best?

This week it was announced that Michael Jackson ’ randomness Thriller is no long the best-selling album of all-time having been unseated from the position by The Eagles ’ Their Greatest Hits. While there ’ s some controversy to the news – is a “ greatest hits ” collection actually an album ? – the numbers don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate lie. But what the numbers don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate assure you is which is the better album. Let ’ s take a front at the 10 best-selling albums of all-time by ignoring the sales and focusing on the music. Which is the best of the best-selling ?
Be forwarned that these are just one person ’ s opinions and you ’ ll likely have your own top 10 list which you can share below .
note : “ Greatest hits ” collections are not included ( they ’ re not real albums ) .

10. Guns N’ Roses – Appetite for Destruction

Released : 1987

Sold : 18 million copies
Best track : “ Sweet Child o ’ Mine ”
There was a time when the heavy guitar rifts, bandanas and Axl Roses ’ screaming might have been considered edgy and cool. That time has long since passed .

9. Garth Brooks – Double Live

Released : 1998
Sold : 21 million copies
Best chase : “ Friends in gloomy Places ”
Something this list will show you is that country music has a following that might not necessarily be seen by the mainstream music lovers. Take for exemplify, Garth Brooks who is well-know, for sure, but among country music fans, he ’ s bigger than Elvis. Though it could be argued this is a greatest hits album of sorts, it gets a evanesce since it is newly recorded as a live version .

8. Hootie and the Blowfish – Cracked Rear View

Released : 1994
Sold : 22 million copies
Best track : “ entirely Wan sodium Be with You ”
This is probably the biggest surprise of the whole list. here I was thinking Hootie and the Blowfish were little more than a one-hit-wonder band, but stealthily they ’ ve got an all-time best-seller on their hands. A couple attention-getting tunes, but they are out of their league among some of the legends on this tilt .

7. The Eagles – Hotel California

Released : 1976
Sold : 26 million copies
Best track : “ Hotel California ”
While their Greatest Hits album got disqualified from this tilt, they managed to stay on with this, the immediately third best-selling album of all-time. But it ’ s silent a ways away from being the best on the tilt. The Eagles are massively popular with the baby boomer generation, but I ’ ve always found their music besides safe to be adenine concern as some of their peers .

6. Shania Twain – Come On Over

Released : 1997
Sold : 20 million copies
Best track : “ You ’ re still the One ”
Another area submission on this list – this time representing Canada. I knew full well that this album has extremely popular, flush if I didn ’ thyroxine know it was to this extent. This thing is fully of big hits that got ‘ around-the-clock play on the radio. And while this music genre is not my particular cup of tea, I can surely recognize the cross-over appeal it had .

5. AC/DC – Back in Black

Released : 1980

Sold : 21 million copies
Best track : “ You Shook Me All Night Long ”
AC/DC surely had their share of fans, and even those who don ’ metric ton regard themselves in that category no doubt have sung along to some of their more popular tunes. Credit where credit is due, this album contains a draw of those strike songs. But my judgment of AC/DC has always been this ; you ’ ve learn one of their songs, you ’ ve heard them all .

4. Pink Floyd – The Wall

Released : 1979
Sold : 23 million copies
Best traverse : “ Comfortably Numb ”
The concept album is a slippery thing to pull off in the music business. even some of the most achieve artists have failed miserably in this avocation. Conceived by Roger Walters during a trying time in his career, it tells the life story of a disenchant rock star from early childhood injury to eventual retreat from society. It didn ’ thymine work for everyone at the time, and placid doesn ’ t, but if you can get onboard with the journey, it ’ s a hell of a ride .

3. Michael Jackson – Thriller

Released : 1982
Sold : 33 million copies
Best path : “ Beat It ”
The former # 1 album from the King of Pop can ’ triiodothyronine wangle to get to the top of this list either. possibly a controversial decisiveness as it ’ s considered to be the best album of all-time by many. I happen to think it ’ s one of the most overestimate of all-time. That ’ mho surely not to say it ’ s a bad album by any means. But the project as a hale doesn ’ t quite catch to the heaps of prize throw on it. Maybe it ’ s excessively easy to forget what a game-changer it was at the time and it surely is still a set of fun. But stacked up against some of the other classics on this list, it falls shortstop of that top position .

2. Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin IV

Released : 1971
Sold : 23 million copies
Best track : “ Stairway to Heaven ”
One of the most influential bands who were responsible for bringing about the rock normality ’ axial rotation earned run average is deservedly included here. Out of their many musical achievements, this is Led Zeppelin ’ second greatest. A power station album with perfectly placed and complimentary tracks. Their flair is on full display and it all comes together to make a rock newton ’ peal masterpiece. Go revisit it correctly now and be blown aside all over again .

1. Fleetwood Mac – Rumours

Released : 1977
Sold : 20 million copies
Best track : “ The Chain ”
It ’ south identical nice to see that one of the best-selling albums of all-time is quite possibly the best album of all-time, time period. Though not quite a concept album like The Wall, this classic is however shaped from one specific reference. Due to respective affairs and infighting among the band, they were on the cusp of tearing apart. wisely, they put all that into their music.

Which of the best-selling albums of all time is your darling ?

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