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Davy Kehoe

The Pilot Part One

Nine minutes of expansive Suicide-esque kraut make noise, ‘ The Pilot ’ is thrill-ride for its entire duration with nods to industrial, and minimal electro with a suspended roll rhythm that creates its own angles, a evacuate for the music and Kehoe ’ s howl to exist. Underneath, a buzz bassline and reverbed harmonica adds some maul rock ’ n ’ roll country twang to proceedings. apparently inspired by a trip to New Orleans, ‘ The Pilot Part One ’ is among the most expansive and brilliant pieces of music released from this country this year .




‘ Febreeze ’ is a sparkling slab of intricate bliss. ELLL ’ s attention to detail results in an changing, dynamic seven minutes of ethereal, mute storytelling that stands out as one of the Berlin-based Cork manufacturer ’ sulfur firm tracks to date .


Elaine Howley

Song for Mary Black

Wacker That by Elaine Howley Cork musician know for her solve with Altered Hours, Crevice and Morning Veils goes solo on a beautiful envelop birdcall built on an aroused ambient cringle from the recent Wacker That compilation .


Tebi Rex

Lotus Eaters

The best traverse from the Maynooth couple ’ second introduction album The Young Will Eat The Old. A moody, down-tempo lo-fi hip-hop cut complete with the voice of rain and an earworm hook shot .


7th Obi


An atmospheric output from under-rated beatmaker LHK powers 7th Obi ’ s most infectious and polished deletion to date. A predict pair to watch out for in 2020.



Would You Let Me In?

Lush and soulful, April ’ randomness ‘ Would You Let Me In ? ’ takes the hallmarks of bedroom start towards a realised, dressed focus. Fans of Frank Ocean will love this sparsely arrange downtempo modern pop song .



Why Can’t You Stay?

Shookrah by Shookrah A cool neo-soul R & B standout from the Cork band ’ s self-titled introduction record dripping in ease and desire .



Love Tonight (feat. C Cane)

‘ Love Tonight ’ was ineluctable this summer thanks to its primetime Love Island placement and it is good deserved. deliciously milled and infectious, this is the strait of a future major start star .




22 year-old musician and producer ’ sulfur ‘ Headroom ’ is a semi-autobiographical account about excuses and avoidance set to tuned-down begrimed guitar lines and thrashing drums. department of the interior : Site owner Niall has started managing Skinner since this tune came out .




scrappy and lo-fi, ‘ Mayday ’ is a taster of everything that makes Powpig so exciting. It ’ sulfur playfulness, witty and channels 90s riotgrrl into a at large and laidback package made for listening to whilst jumping around your bedroom. PowPig/Junior Brother by Out On A Strange Brew

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