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It ’ s the time of year when we round up the best wedding songs for 2020 ! At the beginning of every class, we sit down ( and let ’ s be real, dig through TikTok to see what dance craze are about to hit us ) and pull in concert a list of the songs that will get your dance shock moving for the year .
sometimes we hit the nail down on the oral sex a small besides hard. There was one year where we led our list with a Bruno Mars song I wasn ’ thyroxine superintendent adoring of… and every marry I went to that year started the dance party with it. At one point I turned to my husband, sighed, and said, “ I may only have my self to blame. ”
Our advice for picking marriage songs is this : Mix new music with old music. Remember that people like to dance to music they know ( not bands so cool they don ’ t exist so far ). Know your crowd—if your people like Country, hit them with Country. If they want to sing along in spanish, play that Latin music. And if there are children, play Old Town Road ( at least four times—for kids, that IS the best marry song of 2020 ). Plus, Beyoncé. here at APW, she is a principle in and of herself. Beyoncé inaugural, end, and with Lizzo. Because Lizzo basically is best wedding songs 2020, in a nutshell .
When it comes to getting your party started, set the stripe low, with easy to dance to numbers everyone knows. The cheesier the better. This is when The Wobble, The Cupid Shuffle, and yup, The Electric Slide will get people up and moving. You might think they ’ re dumb, but everyone knows them, and knows how to dance to them. And if there is one thing we know for sure, it ’ second that bodies in motion tend to stay in motion. Plus, TikTok tells us that the Macarena seems to be… back # blue. So feel barren to add that to your “ don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate play ” number for your DJ… or precisely give up and give in ( and make certain your DJ plays the clean interpretation ).

And as our friend—and best marriage DJ—Michael Antonio of The Flashdance says, “ Don ’ thyroxine worry about the words. Some songs that are very fun to dance to aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate about how in sexual love you are, and that ’ s okay ! When we ’ re talking about wedding dance songs, the words don ’ metric ton in truth matter. ” ( And if you ’ re looking for all-time best marry dance songs, drumhead over to check out 75+ The Flashdance ’ s go-to favorite songs. )

sol here is to best marry songs 2020 : the first dance, last dance, and every dance in between. ( And no, we didn ’ metric ton edit these to be all cockamamie sleep together songs. We picked for stuff that ’ s gon na make you wan na bust a act. )

The best wedding songs 2020

The Best Wedding Songs 2020

If you had to pick a few of the best marriage sung 2020, what would you pick and why ? What are you for sure playing at your marriage this year ? And besides : who ’ s getting married in 2020 ? Let ’ s do this !

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