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Since claiming to be the “ best rapper active ” on Twitter last week, we ’ ve seen an inflow in Tory Lanez dis tracks. Which was obviously predictable. Calling yourself the best knocker normally gets that type of answer. And frankincense was born what we ’ ve dearly referred to as the Tory Lanez Beef Saga .

“ You ToryNextDoor or Bryson Lanez ? ” – DreamDoll

But that ’ s precisely what Tory wanted, as he prepares to tour side-by-side early rival Drake on the competently titled 20+ date Assassination Vacation European Tour. He ’ ll be performing songs from his latest studio project, LoVE me NOw?, which he dropped in October, and his Latin stick out, El Agua, which will be out reasonably soon. The first track that ’ randomness been released and expected to appear on that album is “ Pa Mi ” featuring trap artist, Ozuna.

This is the tour poster for Assassination Vacation Tour featuring Drake and Tory Lanez; The Tory Lanez Beef Saga continues: Enter DreamDoll

Tory Lanez Beef: From Vancouver to New York

NYC rappers decidedly heard Tory ’ second challenge loudly and clear as a bunch of artists from the city have clapped back at the Brampton-native. And canadian rappers have besides stepped into the ring. notably, budding Surrey, BC pat star Merkules, who has received more than 275K streams on his Epidemix-produced “ Story Lanez ” diss. A bunch together of modern disses targeting Tory have been released since Merk inaugural unleashed his fiery response, but “ Story Lanez ” still remains my top pick from the pack. Merk ’ s independent focus doesn ’ triiodothyronine seem to be Tory Lanez though, but preferably his latest single, “ The Bad Guy, ” which was produced by Nigel Childs and released on Jan. 23 .
Don Q, known for his collaborations with A Boogie wag district attorney Hoodie, released the sinister “ I ’ megabyte not Joyner, ” with the accompanying artwork featuring Tory in a snare being hung off a bridge. Advertisement. Scroll to continue learn . The style references the Tory Lanez gripe with Joyner Lucas from a few months back which produced the diss tracks “ Litty Freestyle ” and “ Zeze ” by Joyner Lucas, a well as “ Lucky You ( Freestyle ) ” and “ Litty Again ” by Tory .
J.R. Writer of The Diplomats/DipSet fame was suddenly in the desegregate, quick to jump on Funk Flex to accuse Tory of stealing bars. He besides revealed his “ Head Shot ( Tory Lanez Response ) ” which was produced by SoSpecial Beats. No foreign to rap gripe, Writer famously came at his erstwhile label-head Cam ’ ron, Dame Dash, and Jim Jones in a freestyle recorded during his prison stint inside New York ’ s Ulster Correctional Facility .
Fargo last fired back—primarily at Don Q—on Jan. 28 with the “ Don Queen ” diss over Drake ’ s Pusha T-inspired “ Duppy Freestyle ” implemental primitively produced by Toronto ’ s own Boi-1da and Jahaan Sweet ( released May 2018 ). Billboard described it as five minutes of “ a beastly disembowelment. ” tory indicates that this will be his alone answer to Don Q, focusing now on Dreamville with hopes that J. Cole will come at him.

Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. Veteran New Yorker Mysonne released a dis of his own called “ If He Dies He Dies. ” The Bronx rapper teamed up with Luxury Music to warn Tory to stay in his lane. Towards the conclusion he makes a point of stating that the only reason Tory would dare go at emcees like Eminem and J. Cole—whom he targeted in the same Twitter rant—is because he knows they won ’ t give him the time of day anyhow therefore there ’ mho no risk of getting burned. He besides labelled it as a “ warm up ” when he uploaded the dis to YouTube, so there could identical well be more coming from him .
late on, Don Q dropped another Tory Lanez diss path entitled “ This Is Your King ( Tory Lanez Diss Pt. 2 ). ” The NYC rapper goes in Mobb Deep ’ s authoritative implemental for “ Burn, ” produced by Havoc and featured on Mobb Deep ’ s fifth studio album, Infamy. indeed far, the latest Don Q dis has received more than 1.2 million streams on YouTube alone, with Tory ’ s “ Don Queen ” presently coming in at 1.6 million. Both will probably walk away with newfangled followers on Spotify so it ’ s not heavily to imagine that they ’ re seeing promotional value out of feuding… as is the average .

Enter DreamDoll

I don ’ triiodothyronine think anyone was expecting another diss from Tory that like day, but another Bronx artist DreamDoll from Love & Hip-Hop New York decided she needed to speak up, after Tory rapped about sleeping with her on “ Don Queen. ” DreamDoll gives him a piece of her mind on “ On Ya Head. ” She raps : “ The lapp night I met Tory, had him eatin ’ my box / Eating my ass, he tried to suck my feet through my socks / Don ’ triiodothyronine ever say my name on a record you trying to get props ? Cause the day I feel disrespect I make you my opps. ” Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. She besides states that Tory is the only person she ’ mho ever slept with that ’ s request a trio involving two men and one charwoman, and delivers respective other big bars to drive her message home. “ You been beggin ’ for care, beggin ’ for a lynchin ’ / You mad I post a comment and say it in my mentions. ”

At this compass point there ’ s no telling how long the Tory Lanez Beef Saga will play out. But it ’ mho creating a meaning measure of coverage from leading publications like Billboard and Complex, and generating a jack long ton of free advertise for LoVE Me NOw ? in the serve, which could identical well have been Tory ’ s goal from the start .

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